Explaining Polytranspeciesism Through The Lens Of Pantheism


Talk about courage, I’m afraid to ask, but here goes…. What the H-E-double-toothpicks is polytranspeciesist curious? – Ted Cruz

Over the years I’ve learned not to react negatively to such ignorant questions as the one above. This kind of dialogue happens more often than you could imagine; I could be having a coffee, taking a break at work, or simply minding my own business, but the question is always the same. What exactly is a polytranspeciest curious? Before responding I check to see whether this is a genuine question, or if they are merely seeking to take the p**s.  Yes, I do get way too many unfunny jokes made in my direction but, lately, people really want to understand why I identify as transpecies curious.

My response surprises them. Have you ever read ‘Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, I ask? Inevitably, my counterpart answers in the negative, which allows me to educate them.

Conversations With God (“CWG”) is record of one man’s literal conversation with ‘God’. Finding himself unemployed and at the lowest ebb of his life, author Neale Donald Walsch does what so many people through the ages have done: they vocalise their frustrations about their life, their sufferings, the universe etc. Why ‘God’, he asks’ is my life so shit? As it turns out, the god Walsch spoke to suddenly responded, answering all of his questions. Walsch would ask a question and then ‘god’ would respond, using Walsch’s hand to write out the answer. Some Christian bigots would immediately interject that ‘automatic writing’ is demonic, but let’s just ignore these fools for now.

The end-product of this ‘divine’ dialogue was a best-selling book called ‘Conversations with God’, which was then followed up by several other best selling books. Here is a screen shot of his first book, which kicked off his series:

An accredited book about transpecies spirituality

Let us study the above for a moment because it has a bearing on the weight we should give to Walsch’s book. 2,755 people have reviewed this book and have determined it merits a score of around 4.5 out of 5. In short, it is an accredited book which needs to be taken seriously.

The relevance of Neale Donald’s Walsch’s book to this article is to do with some of the answers ‘god’ gives to his questions. Walsch wants to understand why there is so much evil In the world, who ‘god’ is, whether Hitler is in Heaven or Hell. Walsch is then surprised by ‘god’s’ response. Basically, Walsch’s ‘god’ confirms what so many of us have believed for so long: the nature of reality is that we are all one, that separation between people, species, all matter is but an illusion. This is referred to as pantheism: we are not separate, together we are´god’. Let us stop to consider the awesome implications of this!

As Walsch’s god explains: “we are separate in the perceived world by one in reality (axiom one); we create our own world (axiom two); truth is relative (axiom four); what works is true (axiom five); no one world view is right (axiom six); we are all one (axiom seven); the microcosm is the macrocosm (axiom eight); like attracts like (axiom nine) (expressed by Walsch in the idea that we attract what we fear and must believe we are successful to be successful); every action is an energy exchange (axiom ten); duality exists to understand opposites (axiom twelve); words have power (axiom fifteen)

Walsch’s unique insights have been takenup by other accredited authors who have written best selling books about the ‘law of attraction’ and how your life merely reflects the balance of your positive and negative thoughts. If you are multi-billionaire Bill Gates then congratulations on your upbeat approach to life; if, however, you are an impoverished leper in India then trying joining a gym and thinking positively for once. Loser!

What does all the above have to do with polytranspeciesm? Well, it should be fairly obvious given that we are all one. It means that we are lying to ourselves if we limit our own identities to cis-gendered human beings. We are, truthfully, ALL matter that exists on this earth. We are not just humans, we are dogs, rabbits, the cow that is milked, the hippopotamus that bathes in muddy waters, the salmon that leaps upstream, the mighty oak which searches the sky, the cloud which yields rain, the rain which make flowers grow, the soil in which the flowers grow, and even the ants which carry away the dead leaves.

One of my favourite story books as a child was the Jungle Book, followed closely by Tarzan. I could really identify as someone raised as a wolf/ bear/ whatever. Learning to adapt to one’s environment seemed to be the most important thing, rather than trying to be a human ‘at all cost’. I weep at zoos, seeing my fellow animals’ captivity and thinking ´there but for the grace of Allah go I’.

Yes, we transcend all species. We are truly polytranspecies. And yet, each day we live, breath, dress, love, work, eat as the humans we believe ourselves to be. But we are so much more. This is what makes us curious, polytranspecies curious.

Only this explanation can justify why I identify with all living matter (bronies excepted) at all times. I can only hope that others will awaken to their own reality.

Black Lives Matter

Furry Pride! Species is a social construct!


Everything is a social construct:

Everything Is A Social Construct

I don’t know about you but I’m geared up for another week of earth-shaking internet activism. Those right wingers better get their act together cos the Accredited Times is ready to rumble!


Reality is absolutely, objectively subjective. There’s no doubt about that. And spiritual leaders have all come to the conclusion that we are all one, so we shouldn’t take a moral stand about anything or disagree with anyone, unless it is against right wing FASCISTS who are against oneness and for HATE!

I’m non-binary so I understand oneness very well. When I filled myself with love and started getting in touch with my inner self, I realized that there is no such thing as gender or species or truth (except for the statements of truth on this site). We are everything and nothing at the same time.

New age spiritual ideologies have been so useful to us because they absolve us of all responsibility and immobilize our enemies who try to poke holes in our narratives with statements of truth, which doesn’t exist (except in this statement).


Yes…I am a black man who identifies as a white supremacist who has checked his privilege and now is a progressive but still has issues with cultural appropriation and racism due to attempting to re-identify as black despite already identifying as white. When your white identity is attempting to identify as black, it really creates problems for when that identity is trying to reform himself, because whites shouldn’t do that. This friction is causing the reemergence of privilege and whiteness and if that happens, I will never forgive himself. Checking his privilege was the best thing I have ever done for himself.

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Touchy-Feely, navel gazing and metaphysical goulash. But to each his own. There will, however, be no grants to support this on my watch!

Fake News Real Troll
Fake News Real Troll

Why do great leaders like you and Abu have no comment history?
Or should we simply let Pbier talk to himself using different IDs?

Space Goats are Allahs lawnmowers
Space Goats are Allahs lawnmowers

I believe that The Great Mo himself blocked off one road to “Polytranspeciesism Curious” by denying his followers the right to “molest” camels.


That still leaves sheep, goats, horses, mules, donkeys and of course, the occasional snake.

Molesting Space Goats
Molesting Space Goats

In other news

California Libtards smacks face first into reality

After inviting in illegals from all over the world, many of them disease ridden with a plethora of diseases wiped out in the US, dozens and hundreds are dropping dead.

On the bright side, most of them would have voted Democrat


Molesting Space Goats
Molesting Space Goats

Yet another mass killing by the religion of sand monkeys


The numbers of dead surged from 20 on Saturday night to more than 270 and counting, according to government officials. More than 300 people were injured.

Jitters Caretaker
Jitters Caretaker

I am the caretaker of a cat (not an owner because species cannot be owned!) named Jitters. Jitters has a vagina but clearly identifies as a homosexual male human. I know this because, after I use a raw salmon filet wrapped around my penis when masturbating (this is awesome by the way) Jitters jumps on me and finishes me off with an act of fellatio.

I feel awful for Jitters being trapped in a female cat body. Every day when I come home from work I fear that I will come home to a Jitters lying dead next to an empty bottle of pills. But xe persists and I love xim regardless of what xe identifies as.