10 Reasons Why it Rocks to be a Single Mom!


  1. You get to date many exciting men, instead of committing to one boring provider
  2. You become a hero, praised by the accredited media and Hollywood
  3. You don’t have to put up with any sh*t from any man
  4. You get to claim welfare
  5. You sometimes get a free house
  6. You can hang out with other cool single moms instead of spending time with your family
  7. You can protect your child from toxic masculinity
  8. You can spend nights alone instead of with a nagging husband
  9. You can have a baby with the genes of a physically attractive thug who wouldn’t make a good husband
  10. You don’t have to put up with boring family holidays or dinner parties, and you can spend Christmas day alone with your child
Aishas molested wardrobe
Aishas molested wardrobe

Black moms can cook their kids without anyone bothering them?


ATLANTA — An Atlanta mother accused of killing her two young sons put them in an oven and turned it on, according to an arrest warrant.

Authorities said that Lamora Williams called police Friday night, Oct. 13, and said her children were dead.

Authorities arrived and found the bodies of 1-year-old son Ja’Karter Penn and 2-year-old Ke-Yaunte Penn.


Who are you to criticize ghetto lobster???!?

You fucking white male.

Aishas molested wardrobe
Aishas molested wardrobe

Lobsters are Red, these boys were turned into ghetto MUSSELS. the BLACK kind.


Aishas molested wardrobe
Aishas molested wardrobe

How about you can get STD’s much more easily?

Think of it as collecting stamps or coins, or Pokemons, or even bronies.



Your download button is flashing. Does that mean it’s beckoning me to catch a virus? I recommend nobody download anything unless AT adds prophylactic protection from virus, worms and everything else.



In these days of Russian hacking, I’m as diligent about online security as the next person, but please cut out the speciesist remarks.

Black Lives Matter

Single moms have all the fun!

Aishas molested wardrobe
Aishas molested wardrobe

Being on welfare and living in a ghetto is the future

Black Lives Matter

I feel like the African-American womyn should be in the center of the picture. Putting the white womyn in the middle seems like a microaggression, unless she’s Hispanic or Native American, in which case I guess it’s OK.

Big Black Martha
Big Black Martha

She has a Dolezal quality to her. Or Nkechi Amare Diallo quality (as she is now known by her new Proud African name). I hope this fine African womyn is man-free. That child deserves only the best that life has to offer!


I like your schtick, MDB, but I want to give you something to reflect upon…

If women are to become adults *and* men are to get laid, pressing women’s shame buttons about being bad moms and staying with men who are losers doesn’t really help evolve them to become the adults that men wish they would be. There are single moms who did the right thing by waking up and getting away from losers.

Black Lives Matter

You go, girl. I hope you took that loser for everything he has. You deserve every penny. If only there were a way of identifying losers before getting pregnant — maybe like a series of dinner-based interviews or something. Unfortunately, with Trump in the White House, there is no solution.