How Secret Societies Create Inspiring Leaders


With the rise of fake news and conspiracy theories, the idea of secret societies and satanic rituals has become rather unpopular, and many high profile politicians have been scrutinized for their partaking in such things. But the reality is, respected politicians have always been selected from secret societies, which have consistently weeded out the best and brightest leaders from George Bush to John Kerry to Bill Clinton. All of these people belonged to one secret society or another and attended many rituals that ordinary Americans might find alarming, but which are perfectly normal for high-ranking officials. 

Take Skull and Bones for example. Both Bushes, and John Kerry were part of this prestigious club at Yale University. The number 322 in the Skull and Bones logo is believed to refer to chapter 3, verse 22 of the Book of Genesis, detailing Adam and Eve’s choice of evil over good. Why should this be upsetting to common American folk? It’s in the bible! Skull and Bones are also known to perform homosexual acts and satanic rituals, which are also mentioned in the bible, and are therefore Christian.

Skull and Bones’ Christian logo

Bohemian Grove is also a popular getaway for senior politicians, in which they also perform homosexual acts and burn effigies for fun. A perfectly innocent way to spend one’s free time. Here’s a video of one of these splendid holiday campfire getaways:

Seems perfectly ordinary to me. It’s perplexing that right wingers have a problem with this. 

We also know that Hillary and John Podesta were very much into spirit cooking, which has been shown to greatly increase one’s mental fortitude and strength of character by exposing you to gruesome and horrifying sights and sensations. Why would anyone object to having leaders with greater mental strength? 

Secret societies have consistently groomed and conditioned the best leaders in American history, allowing us to reach new heights of prosperity and enlightenment. Secret societies like the Bilderberg Group continue to formulate global policy for the betterment of mankind, and their consistency in promoting progress shows that they are a force for good in the world. It’s time for conspiracy theorists to admit that there really isn’t anything wrong with these societies or rituals, and that the moral character of the leaders who have emerged from them is an indication that they share American values. It’s time for secret societies to come out into the open and admit that they exist, because progress enough has been made now, that they are likely to be welcomed by modern Americans with open arms, instead of denigrated as they used to be by far-right Christian bigots.


Nice Halloween-themed story. Where’s Jim Jones when we need him?


It greatly upsets me to see the You Tube video “Bohemian Grove…caught on tape” or even the so-called PigGate incident involving David Cameron reportedly inserting a ‘part of his private anatomy’ into a pig’s mouth, which came to light when some Tory or other brought this to the public’s attention..

The whole point about secret societies is that they are supposed to be secret. Why can’t people respect others’ wishes to privacy/ secrecy? Especially the lives of accredited leaders who slave away on our behalf. Is nothing sacred any more?

Black Lives Matter

Secret societies have done so much for society. Think about all the good that has come from Bilderberg. We wouldn’t even have an EU without Bilderberg!

Anon being a Nonce
Anon being a Nonce

Does the neo-Communist ANTIFA group count as a secret society?

Black Lives Matter

ANTIFA is HERE and QUEER! Get used to it!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

These secret society’s really are not a secret. They have just not received media attention and then are misinterpreted by the uneducated masses. Not long ago The New World Order was considered a secret society and Dingbats like Alex Jones were discussing it like it was a bad thing. Just last week 2 former presidents and John McCain stepped up to defend the NWO publicly. It is a good thing.
What about UN Agenda 21. Clearly not a secret but uninformed people read it and think reducing the population is a bad thing.
Dumb white people will always over react.
If you don’t believe me just bring up FEMA camps or chem trails, they always think the government has a bad intentions or are so shocked by it they refuse to believe it exists.
They are so stupid, ON 9/11 the BBC informed us about Building 7 coming down even before it happen but a lot of them still think just 2 towers fell that day.

Black Lives Matter

The people who oppose a NEW order are people who support the OLD order:

– slavery
– segregation
– imperialism
– racism
– sexism
– homophobia
– furryphobia
– transphobia
– Islamophobia


Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

Yes the favorite 2 letters of us progressives is “un” – our NWO and secret societies cleverly place it everywhere in the English lexicon.

-Kim Jung Un

Black Lives Matter

I hope Kim Jong Un teaches that American cowboy in the White House a lesson he’ll NEVER FORGET.

Black Lives Matter

Black people can’t be racist. Racism is white privilege.

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

No tag or mention of the Illuminati?



Expiring “leader”


Shakedown cowBOY.



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