Which State Is The Best To Live In?


As the world’s foremost accredited news source, the Accredited Times is often asked to rank items from most accredited to least accredited.  With millions of government workers retiring to lavish pensions, many have contacted us about which states are the best in which to live.  The question often arises from older government workers on the cusp of retirement around 39 years old.

The answer, of course, is simple:  the bluer, the better.  And by “bluer,” we mean “redder” — that is to say, the more socialist/progressive the state’s policies, the better a place it is to live.  In any event, without further ado, here are the accredited rankings as to which states are the best in which to live or retire:

  1. Hawaii
  2. California
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Maryland
  5. Vermont
  6. New York
  7. Illinois
  8. Washington
  9. Rhode Island
  10. New Jersey
  11. Connecticut
  12. Delaware
  13. Oregon
  14. New Mexico
  15. Virginia
  16. Colorado
  17. Maine
  18. Nevada
  19. Minnesota
  20. New Hampshire

All other states should be avoided at all costs as the possibility of being killed by a gun or SUV increases dramatically.


Colorado is rapidly moving up the list. The few ranchers that are left there will eventually turn their land into legal pot grows and join the progressive machine.

I fear Washington might be ranked a little high though. Eastern Washington is a really, really, really scary place and the state should be punished a bit more for that. Eastern Oregon is not near as bad as Eastern Washington – so I think Oregon deserves a higher ranking.


I can attest that Oregon is very progressive. I studied CRT at Portland Community College and had a fab time there.


Did you get distracted by a protest??? Clearly an unaccredited map. Where’s New England and the other missing states?


Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Washington DC, while technically not a state, should head this list. They voted 92% Clinton. They have had a Democrat Mayor going back to at least 1975. And the majority of the population depend on .GOV for their incomes.

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

While the Hillary vote disparity in D.C. is astounding (just goes to show you how unfit Trump is for the presidency given all of the government insiders in D.C.), at least if you live in California you know your state tax dollars won’t be going to a transphobic states due to the travel ban.

Some conservatives in California said “good” and argued that there is no need for state government workers to be traveling to other states to begin with – that it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Those conservatives are clearly unaware of the important seminars and conferences that happen across the country.

I’d put California over Hawaii for standing up against transphobia and keeping California dollars out of those states that disagree.

Standard Redneck
Standard Redneck

I bet California still sends their leeches to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. though. A leech can’t pass up on an overseas trip to learn about the latest trends in building architecture or urban forestry.


Excuse me? As a valued government employee in California I applaud the red state travel ban.

As a 37 year old rapidly approaching the government-employee retirement age of 39, I have had the opportunity to travel to all of the states and 22 foreign countries for various conferences. We bring back valuable information and knowledge from accredited sources that can add value to our constituents.

While I appreciate the list of progressive states, I am actually looking to retire in Texas, Utah, Tennessee, or Idaho in a couple of years. Us Californians are looking to spread the California progressive culture to these particular states, and I see that as a mandate from the California taxpayers that have paid my salary for the past 15 years. My service to Californians continues into my retirement by helping steer red states into a new millennium.

Once I get settled in, I plan on starting a tech blog.


Come to Austin! Austin needs more Californians! There’s a progressive revolution going on down there.


As a progressive, I live in a state of righteous indignation, anger, hostility to white males (I hate myself and my country’s history the most) and sanctimony. I vow never to leave this stage until reparations for all injustices have been made.



For the young, enterprising government workers among our readership, I HIGHLY suggest moving to a state such as NJ to settle into a comfy well-compensated government job where you can accrue a lifetime of benefits and income over 55% higher than the average greedy private worker. Make sure to work overtime in your last few years of overtime before retirement at 35 so that your pension gets locked in at a reasonable 6-figure annual sum. After that, you’re free to run off to a socially conservative coastal red state to begin a new leisurely chapter of the best years of your life.



Wow what a fantastic list, BLM! I hate the fact that Hawaii voted for Trump and not Jeb Bush though in the republican primary. But at least they have an overwhelming number of oppressed proletariat voters who voted Democrat in the final election from their beachside villas. The Democrats really are the party of the working class.