Three Things Trans Soldiers Worry About On The Front Line Of War


Austin, Texas – (Accredited Times) – As AT readers will be well-aware, in July this year, the fascist President Trump hatefully announced the end to transgendered people serving their country in battle.  For now, however, transgender troops will remain exactly where they are, pending the results of a survey to be conducted personally by James Mattis.

We caught up recently with one of the brave troops, whose career hangs in the balance, in order to find out what life is really like for a transgendered soldier fighting on the front line.  Primrose Kent, 33, who previously identified as Butch ‘The Assassin’ Kent, kindly gave me an hour of her time. Our interview focused on her very first day as a woman soldier. Note: for security reasons, we are unable to disclose Primrose’s actual location.

Primrose: I remember being full of nerves that morning on my first day at the front line after my gender transition. I’d been waiting for this day for a very long time. I had woken up two hours early to get ready, making sure my makeup was perfect and my dress was ironed.

At the time, my job as a sniper required me to be on my feet for 8 hours every day. So, as I slipped on my heels, I made sure to pack flats as well. While walking down the stairs to the armored vehicle, I quickly re-evaluated and concluded the heels weren’t a good idea after all — I ditched them in the tank.

Out of all my memories of my first day, that’s the one that always sticks with me. Though I had spent plenty of time as my true self before my transition, I couldn’t help but be nervous about a full day on the front line.

Would my fellow-troops misgender me by accident? Was I dressing appropriately? These were the thoughts running through my head as we drove through the desert.

The sad truth is that too many trans people never experience a first day as their true selves. Whether they’re afraid of being fired (or fired upon, in my case!), or worried about not getting taken seriously, many trans people decide to wait until they leave the army to transition.

As I shucked my heels for more practical flats, I thought about the day ahead of me. Here were my 3 biggest worries on my first day on the front line:

  1. Did we miss anything in planning?

My transition took 4 months of planning. When I first came out to the colonel, he had a total deer in the highlights look. I could tell that he didn’t know how to support a transition. I was the army’s guinea pig for gender transitions.

I was also incredibly lucky that the army’s HR team took my transition seriously. The HR director called several of her professional contacts to see if anyone else had administered a transition before. Their universal answer? “We haven’t, but please let us know how it goes!”

HR ended up administering diversity training sessions with a focus on common trans issues to all army officers. Additionally, we had an evening question and answer session at the barracks that ended up a great team building activity.

  1. Will my fellow troops fully accept me?

I was coming into an unfamiliar battalion with new social dynamics in a new gender. One thing that a lot of trans people can struggle with is gendered social cues. Lacking a cis female socialization, I was worried I would do or say something out of place or inappropriate.

A week before starting at the new battalion, we held an after-drill pizza meeting that was the first time my co-troops had seen me as Primrose and it had gone really well.  I had been concerned before for sure. Even with a fully supportive HR department, I was worried about how these subconscious biases may creep into my army life.

As a result, for the first few months, I took special care with my makeup and appearance. It felt like my appearance, work ethic, and mannerisms were the only things I had complete control of when it came to making an impression on my co-troops.

But once freed of my gender dysphoria, I became a much more productive sniper and the work ethic took care of itself. Despite becoming a much more efficient killer, however, I became acutely aware of the loss of whatever male privilege I had before transitioning.

  1. How do I handle being treated as the woman soldier I always knew myself to be?

It took less than an hour to experience overt misogyny. Of course, I knew it would happen eventually, but not with my first kill.

The Arab world is fiercely conservative and the enemy soldier I was engaging right then looked horrified at my appearance.  I had him in my sights, was ordering to drop his weapon, but he just looked at me aghast as though I was some sort of freak show. I dropped him right there, putting a bullet through his bigoted brain.

Looking back on it now, having personally experienced hundreds of acts of misogyny since transitioning, that one sticks out to me.

In conclusion, whilst I love the army life and serving my country, there is uncertainty ahead. If Trump gets his way, trans snipers like me will have to find other jobs. I love my country and I’m prepared to die for it, but it’s no longer up to me.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

While this daring solider is risking her life to defend us she is being attacked right here at home because of a highly accredited news organization. CNN came out with a new slogan that was supposed to attack that lair Trump It identifies an apple as an apple and not as a banana and states facts first. Now right wingers have turned that into an all out attack on trans people.
It has even brought out the pro-lifers. What a disaster. We know that facts are racist. Why would CNN do this. Have they gone pro Trump???


The trans you interviewed has a history. She was caught on tape by another accredited news organization being busted for shoplifting by Pittsburgh police. At the time she was identifying as Emily Howard.

I think Primrose Kent is a much nicer name for a trans army sniper!

Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter

Primrose is so courageous. It’s hard enough that she has to deal with sexism and Male Privilege without Trump firing her for being who she is. Trump makes me sick.


Wow what a courageous article Pbier. It sounds like this young trans-womyn had a really hard time in the military with all of that toxic masculinity. Trump is putting us at serious risk of a Russian takeover by not allowing trans or disabled people in the military. We must be the laughing stock of the Russian, Chinese and Saudi militaries! I’m so embarrassed to be an American!


I am personally thankful for the diversity we have in our military. And fire departments. Because diversity is a STRENGTH, these institutions are even stronger than before and will get all the more strong as we further diversify them.

A military full of black women would be the most diverse and therefore strong force possible to field. They would destroy anyone in their way.

It makes you wonder just how strong the War on Womyn is and the patriarchy, as well as white hatred for people PURELY for the color of their skin, just hating that skin color, that white nations wouldn’t field all black trans female armed forces. Think of how they would have dominated warfare. Basically Hitler lost to a more diverse army and the reason he lost was because his army lacked diversity. We should in a perverse way be thankful that the nazis were white supremacists because otherwise they could have recruited an army from Africa and taken over the world and this would have led to SIXTY billion jews getting gassed and incinerated without a trace of remains in a span of only four years, instead of just six billion. The Germans were so efficient that none of the ovens they used to process 1.5M people per year, or like 5,000 per day, ever broke down. They never ran out of Zyklon B or ever had any logistics problems. Day in and day out, gassing and incinerating jews without a trace to get to that number.

But back to the armed forces…diversity. It is known that EVERY general who ever lost a battle lamented his force’s lack of diversity as the cause of the defeat. General Custer’s last words were, “gentlemen, these savage filthy injuns have defeated us, but we die knowing that we held true to our white supremacy and refused victory because we would have had to give our destiny over to those who we hate for the color of their skin.” At Waterloo, Napoleon said, “arggg, I would have won had I had more women and blacks in my army!!!” Villeneuve at Trafalgar had a similar observation that his navy lacked homosexuals and people of Color and he blamed that for his defeat to Nelson. It’s very well-known that every military commander is desperate for diversity and homosexuals in their army. When Theo Roosevelt II stormed the beach at Normandy, he almost refused to go and only did so under protest because he was only leading white men, who everyone knows cannot accomplish anything because they are stupid thieving criminals, as we see ceaselessly on television. Only because the other side was even whiter did the invasion prevail.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Trav77, You are so correct in your post. History revisionist have glossed over the FACT that Douglas MacArthur looked around the Bataan Peninsula on the island of the Philippines and saw the lack of diversity. He left to recruit more people of color. After he left 70,000 American and Filipino soldiers captured there were forced to undertake a death march in which at least 7,000 perished
On his return 2 years later he gave a lovely return speech and the new diverse troops were successful in retaking the island.

Colonel Bin Login
Colonel Bin Login

Now listen to me press corps. It’s not my MO to pull rank, but this time you went too far. VA hospitals are full of seasoned snipers falling from trees and tall buildings. No room to house transsexual sniper recruits and complications arising from trans surgery. Period. OVER AND OUT.