Why Being Fat is NOT Unhealthy


Unlike conservatism, which celebrates “strength” and “achievement”, progressivism celebrates weakness and victimhood. Being disabled is something to celebrate, being transgender makes you a victim of people who don’t want to teach your lifestyle to children, and being fat makes you a victim of fatphobia and thin privilege. Originally, progressivism only considered attributes that weren’t a choice, eligible for victimhood, such as race and gender. But since then we’ve discovered that these attributes are in fact choices, and that race and gender are social constructs. Despite this, race, gender and all victim attributes newly understood to be choices, remained victim attributes, revealing that lack of choice is not a prerequisite for victim status. This opened up a whole new realm of new victims, from bronies to furries to perhaps most importantly, fat people. 

Fat people now make up a whopping 40% of the American population, making them one of the largest victim groups in the country. But despite their vast representation, the media and magazines almost exclusively still portray thinness as the standard of beauty. How can a standard that is only a fantasy to 40% of the population be held up as the standard for beauty in America? It’s simply unrealistic to expect women to be thin in this day and age, with so many delectable foods available in every supermarket, and so many adverts ticking our senses with mouth-watering images of desserts, burgers, fries and stuffed-crust pizza. How can one ever expect to live up to the barbie and ken images of human beauty put forth by magazines, when the foods we have fallen in love with make us look so different?

Achieving the physiques advocated by the media would require discipline and deferral of gratification. It would require prioritizing physical beauty and attracting others over indulging in food. And we all know leftists are opposed to creating value for others. We are about doing whatever we want and taking whatever we want while avoiding consequences and personal responsibility. Why should we aspire to “attract” the opposite sex by meeting the media’s unrealistic standards for beauty? No! Other people should be FORCED to find us attractive! Just like corporations should be forced to pay us a $15 minimum wage, even if they don’t think we’re worth that much! People who don’t find us attractive are FATPHOBIC! There is no “biological” attraction to thinness wired into us. Biology is a social construct.

One of the most pernicious lies of all is that being fat is somehow “unhealthy”. Excuse me? Who are they to tell us what is and isn’t healthy? Health is ALSO a social construct! Health is what works for me and what works for you. It’s subjective. If I’m happy at a larger size, then it’s healthy for me. There is absolutely no evidence that being fat increases your risk of any particular disease. The fat acceptance movement hasn’t recognized any such claim as scientific, and until they do, why should anyone believe these fatphobic bigots? 

So, don’t listen to thin-privileged scientists or doctors who tell you that fat is unhealthy. If you feel good, and you enjoy eating, then good for you. Keep indulging yourself, keep thinking short term, and don’t worry about the “consequences”. The consequences can be explained away with arguments like the ones above. You should do whatever feels good in the moment, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re making a bad decision – if it feels good, it’s the right decision.

Black Lives Matter

Weight is a social construct!


FU. That’s right, FU.
I’m longstanding supporter of Fatties United.


Other important arguments

1) Have you ever seen a skinny person twerk convincingly? Miley Cyrus has disproven the notion that they can. The Bolshoi Balet is strongly considering firing all its skinny classically trained ballerinas and importing America’s finest twerkers.

2) As the saying goes, never trust a skinny chef.

3) In a dystopian world of food shortages, fat people have plenty of reserves to live off. Skinny people will be the first to die.

4) In African and Arab tribes, a well-rounded womyn is seen as ultra sexy. In Mauritania, where big is beautiful and stretch marks are sexy, young girls are encouraged to eat a diet of up to 16,000 calories a day.

5) Delayed gratification simply means that you have lost a few minutes of your life that you will NEVER get back.

As the Beatles once sang, All You Need Is Cake.


What an inspiring article and accompanying pictures.

I recently saw an article on inappropriate Halloween costumes, and can you believe that they had a fat (I don’t use the word “overweight” because it normalizes skinniness) ballerina costume??

I am lobbying our city council for common sense costume laws – in hopes of having an offensive costume ban in time for Halloween 2018. Our federal grants for law enforcement are drying up due to Drumpf, so we’ll be seeking funds from Governor Brown to assist in enforcement.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

This year SI had a Plus sized model and Playboy has a mis-gendered female.
Thin challenged people have always had recognition in media like Plumpers.

I have begun rallying Sports Illustrated magazine to feature each of the 73 genders and one person from each of the victim groups in their next swim suit edition. Please join me in protesting their advertisers until they agree to these terms.
These other groups need to be recognized for their beauty and no longer ignored.