Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Is He The Most Evil And Dangerous Cult Leader On The Planet?


It is now over 24 years since the Waco massacre, and yet the name David Koresh still has the capacity to instill a primordial fear in those touched by the terrible events of April 1993.  For those too young to remember, Koresh was the charismatic leader of the so-called Branch Davidian group, a breakaway from the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Having ‘received messages from God‘, Koresh ordered his group to settle in ramshackle houses and dwellings on a Texan hilltop to await the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Whilst waiting for Jesus to appear, Koresh diligently got on with fulfilling another apparent commandment from God: to procreate with the women in the group to establish a “House of David” of his “special people”.  Following various public allegations involving rape and physical abuse of cult members, stockpiling of illegal weapons etc., brave agents from the FBI and the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) took swift action to liberate the group. The FBI and AFT were successful in freeing a full nine members of the cult from Koresh’s grasp but were sadly powerless to do anything about the remaining 76 members.

Today, many accredited commentators are wondering whether there is a new David Koresh on the scene. His name: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Lebanese-American academic, professor of risk and probability and perhaps most famous for his book ‘Fooled by Antifragile Black Swans‘, which despite the title has nothing in common with the popular childrens’ fairy tale ‘The Ugly Duckling’.

Taleb is most certainly an ugly duckling, however, not so much due to his physical appearance but in the uncouth way he attacks many highly accredited intellectuals who have had the audacity to criticize his wacky ideas.

Take famous historian Mary Beard, for example, who was brutalized by Taleb and his Twitter pack dogs for taking the time (at no charge) to educate people on the generally accepted premise that Roman Britain was enriched by cultural diversity. Certainly this is the world of Nero, Caesar et al that is authentically represented in BBC documentaries.

Despite having a background in (and limited to) Mathematics, Probability, Risk and Ornithology, Taleb nonetheless felt competent to swim outside of his lane and critique one of the world’s most respect historians:

No love lost here: Unlike Koresh in his time, cult leader Taleb will not be procreating wtih Mary Beard any day soon.
If this were a clean fight, Taleb would not have stood a chance against the supreme credentials of someone like Beard.  Alas, his willing army of Twitter henchmen took the battle to Beard on Taleb’s behalf.  They used ‘facts’, ‘evidence’, and insults to belittle the Oxford based scholar and disprove her case.  What basically happened was that Beard was raped with pixels. White male Christian pixels from across the Twittersphere. And it is precisely here that the danger of a malevolent cult manifests itself.
The list of charges against Taleb goes on:
  • He apparently believes GMO food production companies like Monsanto represent a threat to humanity and will shut down anyone on social media who dares question him. The reality is that we need efficient producers like Monsanto to address our global food needs
  • He has launched attacks against New Atheists like Sam Harris, who are pretty much the coolest people on the planet, claiming that they simply do not understand religion. Taleb fails to understand that atheists like Stephen Hawking has already explained how gravity caused the universe to come into existence.
  • He is criticized for wrting in intellectual gibberish, which no-one actually can make sense of. However, rather than admit to this, his disciples laud the new emperor without clothes and proclaim him as the new Isaac Newton

A full list of the concerns about Taleb are set out here.

All of these concerns would amount to little if Taleb was just a lonely eccentric in a park who drank whisky all day from out of a paper bag. The fact is that he has hundreds of thousands if not millions of slavish followers on social media. These people answer to no one but Taleb and stand ready to do his bidding. Who knows just what they would do if asked. Would they kill? Rape? Misgender trans snipers? Who can tell.

Taleb is allegedly THE black swan in society. He is thought to be highly dangerous and needs to be stopped before it is Waco all over again.

Black Lives Matter

He is so creepy. He looks like he wants to rape whoever he is looking at.

I understand that he’s some kind of Christian — I detect a strong scent of Islamophobia from his piggish comments.


Stunning exposé, Pbier, of this over-publicized narcissistic cult leader. The way he attacked the esteemed historical revisionist Mary Beard for her attempt to normalize Britain’s diversity is absolutely disgusting. Britain has ALWAYS been diverse! It has always been chock full of Muslim Arabs, Nigerians, and every color of the rainbow. But what else should we expect from a man who is lauded as a hero on conspiracy theory-peddling fake news sites like ZeroHedge?


The Romans were black!


He’s invading my safe space.


While unrelated to this particular brouhaha, Taleb is indeed a bit of a whackjob (albeit a very intelligent one). He’s got some serious chips on his shoulder, and it is hard to read his books without getting distracted by his insecurity that seems to ooze out of every page. Even in photo of the tweet above, you can see him going on about his citations. He’s an interesting guy, but he’s definitely got some issues.