Addressing The Myth Of A “White Cultural Legacy”


“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…” – Barrack Hussein Obama

The dramatic opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London took the world’s collective breath away.  Choreographed by film director Danny Boyle (credits: Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, The Beach, A Life Less Ordinary), the ceremony reminded the world of Britain’s past and present. In barely an hour, the appreciative crowd was treated to a history lesson on how Britain transformed itself from a land of ‘green and plenty’ (as depicted, for example, in one of Thomas Hardy’s upbeat novels) to a country which dragged the world into a new industrial age.  The genius of Boyle’s ceremony was not only in showcasing Britain’s much envied National Health Service but also in reminding racists that black industrialists are largely to thank for creating the nation’s wealth.

A typical group of captains of industry as depicted by Danny Boyle: 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

Not everyone appreciated Boyle’s choreography, however.  White supremist groups from Luton to London to Skegness condemned the opening ceremony as the ultimate in political correctness, and said that it was contrived in the extreme to imagine that there once existed black captains of industry.  Even observers from South Africa cynically described Boyle’s artwork as ‘oh so correct and cosy‘.

In reality, Britain (and indeed most countries) has always been a muliti-cultural nation.  We know from accredited BBC documentaries, for example, that a typical family in Roman Britain was black. Brave historians like Oxford University Professor Mary Beard have had to take the fight to evil racists like Nassim Nicholas Talib who have scorned her factual observation that ‘there’s plenty of firm evidence for ethnic diversity in Roman Britain‘.

As a public news organisation which is entirely funded by television licence fees, the BBC abides by a strict code of political neutrality and is required to ensure factual accuracy in all it reports.  For this reason, the presumption must be that ALL of the BBC’s output, including news, documentaries, and other programming is trustworthy, and backed by sound historical research.  It therefore follows that when we watch a typical BBC costume drama based on events in say 1500, 1600, 1700 or even later, what we see on the screen is no different to the experience an actual time traveller would have were xe to go back to the respective time. We can be sure, based on the BBC’s output, that Britain, France, Sweden, Germany…any country you choose to mention in fact, was multicultural.  If we cannot trust the BBC, then who precisely can we trust?

Why then does there exist certain group of ignorant, hateful, fearful Caucasians who hark back to a time of ‘racial purity’ when they were not inconvenienced by ‘darkies’ and those who do not ‘share their cultural heritage’.  Do these racists speak from fear, ignorance, blind hatred or all of the above?

It is a sad reflection of the human condition that some people will believe themselves inherently ‘superior’ to their neighbors purely due to their direct ancestors’ supposed achievements in the fields of say science, technology, mathematics, art, music, architecture, plumbing, medicine, engineering and travel.

Oh, we invented electricity, computers, discovered penicillin, created the Sistine Chapel, wrote ‘Ode to Joy/ Beethoven’s 9th symphony, installed modern plumbing‘ they will smugly claim, ‘whereas the backward civilizations were content to use witch doctors and cannibalize each other‘.

It’s time to address these divisive myths once and for all. We know from the Common Core curriculum that black inventors, writers, artists, scientists etc. were just as plentiful (if not more so) as their white counterparts. We also know that we have Islam to thank for much of modern mathematics and scientific advancement, including the use of the empirical method.

Let us be clear: there is not and never was a ‘white cultural legacy’.  We are all descended from a single (black) ape called Eve; if some of us are privileged to have white skin, this is simply a function of our ancestors’  travels during their gap years.

So, let us not feel superior because of some contrived idea of our genetic backgrounds.  If anything, our lives as white people should be defined by an overbearing feeling of guilt for all the travesties that have been visited on black people by our kind.


The London opening ceremony was completely historically accurate. They probably even hired top British historians like Mary Beard to make sure it was. Black industrialists dominated UK history, and built massive factories, buildings and machines. To say otherwise would be offensive and therefore incorrect.

Black Lives Matter

This piece is so important. There is a reason whites act like King Arthur did not exist. He was Black.

Oreo\'s RULE
Oreo\'s RULE

The White legacy is Uplifting the Black Man from an IQ of 70 to an IQ of 85 by denying the Black Man the right to kill off and eat his smarter Black brethren for Brain MOJO.

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