Why Prison Is A Progressive Paradise


  1. Free communal housing
  2. Free health care
  3. Free food, water, clothing, and other necessities
  4. Extensive government oversight
  5. Heavy regulations
  6. LGBTQ+ activity is allowed and actively encouraged
  7. High levels of diversity
  8. Residents spend time staying healthy, including exercising and playing basketball
  9. Roommates!
  10. Cigarettes are banned
  11. Ready supply of drugs
  12. Plenty of clubs to join, such as MS-13, the Bloods, or the Crips
  13. No need to walk into another room to use the restroom
  14. Everyone is equal
  15. Everyone is innocent
  16. Everyone is eternally oppressed
  17. Services provided by caring government employees on a “single payer” basis
  18. Compliant with Islamic law on gender separation, yet open to moving non-binary offenders to the correct facility
  19. Great opportunities to spend time doing exciting things, like filing legal briefs to take down the system
  20. No need to get a job or work


Fake News Real Troll
Fake News Real Troll

Prisoners live in multi-million dollar facilities with total surveillance, just so that politicians can win their elections, by showing that they are tough on “crime”, and also take a cut from the prison-industry complex.

Terrorism is another big one, some politicians talk only about terrorism from dawn till dusk, so that the police and military get the latest equipment to fight “terrorism”.

One the other side – http://www.thehindu.com/society/ninetynine-per-cent-free/article17442096.ece

Just shows, if we remove all laws, surveillance and all law enforcement, we’ll have less crime, because the nature of people is to have a good life with empathy for others.

Marketing of surveillance, and military equipment requires crime, terrorism, and violence. Many equipment manufacturers have an indirect hand in all the violence and crime.


Wow I agree with this so much BLM! But we need to make prisons totally government-run, otherwise it’s the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! The PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is the worst thing in the world, which locks away people who commit crimes, and MAKES MONEY for providing this service! It has to be stopped! Nationalize prisons NOW!

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

Prison seems to work pretty well – but please don’t be white and use the figure of speech “inmates running the asylum.” When referring to the NFL. It is cool though if you are black and refer to the NFL as a plantation and the players as slaves.

Back to prisons. They work so well, I think it is proof that Universal Basic Income would work perfectly. In fact, the mayor of Stockton, a city with many ex-prisoners and plenty of gangs, is trying to push through UBI in Stockton. This guy is a genius, I mean what could possibly go wrong if just one city were to do this? I can’t think of anything.


Prisoners lack the freedom to misuse their own freedom. This is why progressives despise freedom and in favor of fraudulently supplanting it with costly government scams paid for with economic theories not unlike the depiction below.

This is what I call the OKL or Obamanomical Keynesian Loop.

Fake News Real Troll
Fake News Real Troll

When Richard Thaler finds that everyone uses their own judgement and wisdom derived from their own experience, and no one is allowing themselves to be nudged (dildo-less of course) toward a progressive ideal, then he’ll loop as in your picture, burying his head up his ass.


If the field of economics is the highest achievement in the social sciences, then Thaler’s prize demonstrates how sorry is the state of social science.


Top economists like Thaler are the managing directors of the economy, who invent clever ways to sheer the non-politically connected capitalist class and generate revenue for the wise owners of the economy in the Federal Reserve and primary dealer banks.


Keynesian multipliers are the key to economic growth.


As the picture above proves, Keynesianism is hermaphroditic. I suspect this is why you love it.

Fake News Real Troll
Fake News Real Troll

The article should actually be titled “Progressive Paradise is like American max-security prison”


Prison is a wonderful means for people to take a break, have quality time on their own, and get educated into how to be more efficient and skilled in the reasons why they landed in prison in first place.


And the best part of all is that Trump-supporting tax-payers have to pay for it.