Top Afrocentrist Facts That Annihilate White Supremacy


With the election of Donald Trump and Brexit, white supremacy is on the rise across the Western world. White people seem to believe more than ever that they somehow invented the modern world and every piece of technology in existence. Far from checking their privilege, many of them are proud of what their ancestors did, and boast about how they “civilized” Africa and brought electricity and running water to a continent that hadn’t even invented the wheel. But these white people are so ignorant of the facts, and so indoctrinated with Eurocentric lies, that they’ll never understand how wrong they are. The truth is, Africans have always been superior, and Afrocentrism has revealed that Africans are superior to whites in more ways than we ever could have imagined.

Below are the top inconvenient Afrocentrist facts that lay waste to notions of white superiority:

Africans Were Kings in Egypt

As we covered in one of our previous articles, Africans invented the modern world in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians were categorically, absolutely black, and there are no two ways about it. Racist archaeologists have tried to disprove this fact with tricknology, but Afrocentrists have brushed these racist studies aside in favor of more objective, Afrocentric research, which examines Egyptian artwork showing people with dark or brown skin and sometimes with black skin. The black-skinned Egyptians were obviously the kings, while the lighter-skinned Egyptians were the slaves.

Blue Eyes and Low Melanin are RECESSIVE Genes

Genetic studies have revealed that signature white traits, like blue eyes and low melanin, are driven by recessive genes. Recessive sounds like submissive, so it must mean weak and less dominant. If you combine a dominant black gene, like the one for brown eyes, with a recessive white gene like the one for blue eyes, guess which one wins? The black gene! The black gene is the dominant one!

Life Began in Africa

It has long been known that life began in Africa, despite racist archaeologists recently trying to disprove this fact. That means Africans are the original humans! This means that white people are freaks who evolved to look and act un-human. Original is always better, like an OG (original gangster), or original flavor potato chips.

With these three facts under our belt, it’s a breeze to discredit pathetic white nationalists in YouTube comment sections. If they try to rebut your arguments, then the best thing to do is taunt them that white women like black men, because black men are strong and white men are pathetic. Racist statisticians have tried to disprove this with data, but the media still portrays white women with black men constantly in commercials, TV series and Hollywood movies, so it must be true. When will white people finally get that they are inferior? When will they finally hold their heads in shame and check their privilege? It’s time for a new age of black supremacy. White supremacists have had their time, and now it’s time for people of color to dominate formerly white countries and reclaim their dignity.


Great article, MDB. White males are literal parasites and have invented precisely nothing of value for the world.

But there is deception out there! I’m still trying to prove either that Nikola Tesla was black or, if he was actually white, that he stole ideas purported to be his from an inventor of color. This is proving quite hard.


Nikola Tesla was a black man with a heavy snow tan. Just like when crackers turn brown in the sun, black geniuses turn white if their family and ancestry has been in cold European countries for a couple of thousands years. Still black.


The recessive gene is the one that lays in wait, like a cobra or sniper. It is the metaphorical tortoise, and the dominant gene is the hare. Who wins that race, genius?


the hare outbreeds the tortoise; mammals dominate reptiles and blacks wuz kangz n’ sheeit, get it?


Here’s hoping a toothfull African crocodile eats yo azz.

Fake News Real Troll
Fake News Real Troll

The more one thinks of dominant and recessive genes, or chromosomes, the more we are misled into doing the wrong stuff.

Think of the feminists who think they have an extra, dominant X-chromosome, so they are better. They demand equality, want to reduce males to feminine wimps, remain unmarried, and die alone as unloved old hags.


Black Lives Matter

This article is truth. In fairness, whites did invent some things — most notably, imperialism, colonialism, slavery, segregation, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly why they owe us reparations according to every international tribunal, including the United Nations, to have looked into the issue.