A Marshall Plan for Africa


Lagos, Nigeria (Accredited Times) – When World War II ended, the victors did not seek to destroy the defeated.  Instead, they sought to help them through a strong economic stimulus package termed the “Marshall Plan.”  The Marshall Plan consisted of over US$13 billion in foreign aid for Europe — an astronomical sum in the late 1940s.

Like all Keynesian stimulus packages, the Marshall Plan worked.  Europe now has a vibrant socialist economy where important rights, like food, water, healthcare, and iPads, are readily available to the masses.

But People of Color are increasingly wondering:  where is the “Marshall Plan for Africa”?  Why do whites refuse to pay for an economic stimulus package to help Africans when they paid for a stimulus package to help Europeans just a few decades ago?  Democrats and moderate Republicans have made clear that they support “open trade and open borders” and that they strongly support helping people with governmental funding regardless of location.  Now it’s time for them to endorse a Marshall Plan for Africa — a multi-trillion dollar stimulus package designed to help People of Color in need.

A targeted Keynesian stimulus package would have amazing results for the African economy:

  • Trillions of dollars in solar panels and wind farms would ensure that every African has the energy needed to power xer MacBook and iPad.
  • Trillions of dollars in water fluoridation technology would ensure that every African has the clean, nutritious water that everyone needs.  And, by the way, fluoride tastes great with salted broccoli sticks.
  • Trillions of dollars in educational grants would ensure that every African can attend a progressive school and learn about the dangers of climate change and heteronormativity.
  • Trillions of dollars in healthcare spending would increase life expectancies, fertility rates, and quality of life while ensuring that transgendered Africans have the hormones and gender reconstruction surgeries that they need.
  • Trillions of dollars in military assistance would ensure that important allies, like Libya, Algeria, and Chad, could develop the military resources that they need so that they too can engage in wars of liberation, just like the United States.
  • Trillions of dollars in general governmental assistance would ensure that African nations can develop robust regulatory states that stimulate the economy, just like the United States.

Many have already backed a Marshall Plan for Africa.  Indeed, French President Emmanuel Macron noted that we actually need a “more sophisticated” plan for Africa — meaning that Africa should receive even more funding.  “The Marshall Plan was a reconstruction plan […] The challenge of Africa is totally different and a lot more profound; it’s civilizational today,” said Macron, adding that “we need to develop policies that are a lot more sophisticated than the Marshall Plan.”  Of course, Macron, as a white male, couldn’t help but throw in the racist remark about supposed “civilizational” problems, but if a cisgender white male like Macron supports a “more sophisticated” version of the Marshall Plan for Africa, then where is the Democrat Party?  Where are moderate Republicans, like John McCain?

A Marshall Plan for Africa would be wildly popular in the United States.  Americans would sleep well knowing that trillions of dollars are actually going to helping people in need rather than going to tax cuts for corporate fat cats or small business owners.

Democrats and moderate Republicans claim to believe that Black Lives Matter.  Now it’s time to put their money where their mouths are.


Anything which leads to infinity africans should be enacted immediately.

So much untapped potential as anyone who has dealt with Africans can attest. Now imagine infinity of them and you have an ideal progressive world!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

While the concept is good there are a few suggestions I have with your proposal.

1. George Marshall was a white male. How about we call it the Maxine Waters plan instead!
2. You refer to Trillions as the allocation amount. I would suggest infinity would be more of an appropriate amount.
3. There are parts of Africa where whites still exist. We need to ensure they don’t benefit from any of this assistance.
4. As part of the Military assistance we need to ensure they are given nuclear capabilities just like all the other highly developed nations have.
5. My biggest fear of this plan is what if it makes things so good there that people would no longer want to leave and help us diversify the USA. So we would need to ensure there are huge incentives for them to come here.



I favor a Hank Johnson plan. Dump something (not cash) on ’em till the continent tips over.


Crazy damn idea. Where the hell do I start? Terrorists live there. We give them money, they kill us and laugh. Would we carpet bomb them with cash??? Or give it to kleptocrats and wait till it trickled down to Lagos cab drivers and shoe-shine boys?? We desperately need this damn money for more U.S. prisons, police dogs and armaments, pepper spray and better aircraft carriers.



As much as I hate sound bites, Africa deserves a Marshall Plan, white people deserve martial law.

Great article, BLM. Keynes would be proud.


You are on point Pbier. It is good that Africa is now considered to deserve such a plan.


Absolutely; we all know the legacy of success that donation of money to Africa has produced!


It’s been hugely successful. The African population has exploded from 2 million to 40 million in South Africa in a mere century. That’s progress. We need to get that number as high as possible, and then higher yet. Then poverty will be officially “solved” … almost.


Poverty will never be solved until all the white people are gone and with them racist things like statistics and data analysis.


Wow I so agree with this BLM. We haven’t given nearly enough charity to Africa, or given them nearly enough technology. We need to give them a whole lot more, and get to work inventing life extension technologies for Africans and self-driving jetpacks for them to travel the world with. We need to invent virtual reality goggles for them to see vividly how great it is to live in the West, and we need to invent teleportation technologies to transport them all over the world.

There are going to be over a billion Africans on the planet soon, and many more after that, so we need to get to work building a clean, safe and tolerant world for them to live in.

I used to be against excessive population growth, but since I realized that all of the population growth is from people of color, I changed my mind, and now I’m all for it. Forget about all the stuff I said before about the environment and sustainability. There’s no limit to the population of people of color that the world can sustain. The world is going to become one giant Africa, and it’s going to be so, so awesome!


Is this a response to one of those Illuminati ads? I sent them the money too, and also didn’t receive anything. I was supposed to be made an honorable member of the Illuminati and be invited to Bilderberg, but they never got back to me. I think it’s a scam and the Russians are behind it.