Losers Run Businesses, Winners Run Economies


For many, the thought of running their own company gives them a rush of excitement. The power to employ people, make deals and the potential to profit far beyond a permanent job, are among the many allures of owning your own business. People imagine that as business owners, they have no boss, and are answerable to nobody but their customers. But this is simply incorrect. As a business owner you are still far down the food chain – there are a class of people above you who reap far greater rewards and enjoy vastly more power than you. These people are referred to as the money masters – the custodians of our economy, and the givers of money.

As a business owner, you merely run a low-level subsidiary of what the money masters call “the economy”. The economy is itself treated and run like a business. Like companies, which have quarterly earnings reports, the economy has quarterly GDP reports. Like businesses, which have managing directors overseeing departments and operations, the economy has central bankers who manage the economy for optimal growth and stability. Like businesses, which have executives, the economy has economists who formulate the best ways to structure the economy to maximize profitability. Like businesses, who have shareholders, the economy has money masters with shares in the central bank, primary dealer banks, and various top corporations, with the political influence and regulatory power to give themselves and their companies a total monopoly.

So how exactly do the money masters actually profit from owning the economy? Well, just like shareholders, who can draw salaries and dividends from their shares, the money masters can draw money from the economy in a variety of ways, detailed below.

Drawing Dividends From Their Federal Reserve Shares

The money masters own the Federal Reserve, and have control over what to do with the profits. They normally transfer the majority of the profits to the treasury to be reinvested in the economy, but they pay 6% of the profits every year to themselves as dividends. Unlike dividends from other companies, these dividends are exempt from taxes according to the law:

(c) Exemption From Taxation. Federal reserve banks, including the capital stock and surplus therein, and the income derived therefrom shall be exempt from Federal, State, and local taxation, except taxes upon real estate.

Lending Their Money to the Government

The money masters can create and lend money to themselves at low rates, and then lend it to our government at higher rates that we are forced to pay as tax payers. The money masters own these bonds personally, so they can access all of these profits themselves without being pestered by congress.

Acquiring Assets and Transferring Them

The Federal Reserve owns many assets, which despite the efforts of nutcases like Ron Paul, will never be exposed, because of the effect an audit would have on the independence of monetary policy. These assets can be secretly sold or transferred to other entities owned by the money masters, at which point the profits can be drawn upon. The money masters can also use the Federal Reserve to buy up their own liabilities, as they did during the 2007/08 financial crisis when they bought up “toxic assets”. This allows them to dispose of liabilities while acquiring profitable assets using the money that they create.

Drawing On the Profits of Other Companies

As you now know, the money masters own many assets and companies, not just the Federal Reserve, while possessing significant powers to regulate their competition, and lobby governments for policies that benefit their companies. They might, for example, own shares in Lockheed Martin, while lobbying for humanitarian interventions in the Middle East, a cunning way to grow their earnings. They might also own an HFT trading firm that has total visibility of the order book, the placements of peoples’ stops, the trading strategies people are using, and special fast connections to the exchanges, thanks to the money masters’ many connections in the financial industry. This would allow them to make guaranteed profits by front-running other traders and investors.

So, in conclusion, business-owners aren’t the top dogs by any means. If you’re working hard to make your business more profitable, you’re really just working for the money masters, who are going to take a portion of your earnings in more ways than one. While you’re working hard and inventing new things, they’re relaxing on a yacht in the Bahamas with a glass of champagne, profiting from your innovation. And in return, they give us money, the lifeblood of the economy. They depend on us for profits, and we depend on them for money. It’s a symbiotic relationship that has existed since the beginning of time, and the sooner libertarians and alt right freaks come to terms with it and accept things the way they are, the better.

Black Lives Matter

Jay Powell is going to be great. I’m disappointed that we’re not getting someone higher on the Oppression Pyramid, but he graduated from both Princeton and Georgetown Law, and Obama himself appointed him to the Fed. So you know he’s well qualified.


“Swampbreath” Powell? Dave Brat or anyone in Freedom Caucus would be superior.


Now that Missus Clinton’s been exposed by Missus Brazille, I reckon it DOESN’T take a village?



Is it true that president Trump is terminating the diversity lottery visa program (DV lottery visa), and if that happens would it have any affect on America’s economy?


Have you heard that Yellowstone Park is basically one enormous flat volcano and that when it erupts it could mean bye bye Uncle Sam?

That’s the sort of effect on the economy
we would see if Trump repeals this vital act.

Black Lives Matter

It would indeed be disastrous. Fortunately, Trump would need congressional approval, and it’s unlikely that any such approval would be forthcoming.


It would be horrible. We would have lost Sayfullo Saipov and his 23 relatives if not for this program. Imagine the countless africans we would have lost as well…it’s going to be an apocalypse to our economy if we cannot import diversity, which is our greatest strength.

No non-diverse organization has ever done anything. Only Organizations of Color have ever accomplished great feats.


The overtly racist Trump is such a detriment to diversity, do you think our economy will be able to sustain itself? Obviously, the single most important driver of the US economy is ethnic diversity. Without diversity, will the money masters be able to maintain economic stability?

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

No. Please refer to the comments on the Diversity Visa article. Trump’s economic impact from the abolition of diversity is likened to Yellowstone erupting. This is a big deal.