The Legacy of Apartheid Causes Cape Town to Run Out of Water


Cape Town, South Africa, the epitome of white privilege, is a city of have’s and have-not’s. In amongst sprawling poverty and shack ridden townships, white Capetonians relax with beers in cosy pubs as they watch the rugby, sip cocktails on the balconies of their luxury apartments, or relax on lilos in their swimming pools. All while people of color live in crime-ridden neighborhoods, where they struggle to make end’s meat, resorting to having five children per family as a last resort to enter the middle class. But the peace and tranquility of the white people of Cape Town’s privileged existence may soon be coming to an end. After centuries of white excess, and over-consumption of resources, the most valuable resource of all, water, is rapidly running out in Cape Town.

Racists will claim that this is due to lack of foresight, planning and appropriate allocation of government resources by the new government of color, but the truth is, this has been a long time coming, and can be traced back to the oppressive roots of South Africa’s dark, and blood-splattered history. Cape Town is the birthplace of the most racist country on earth, founded in 1652 by the racist Dutchman Jan van Riebeeck, who arrived in a land teeming with Bantu Africans, according to the new, revised Afrocentric history of South Africa. For thousands of years, the native Bantus of the Western and Northern Cape had learned to live at one with the land, consuming only what they needed, and limiting their birthrate, as Africans are known to do, in order to minimize their impact on the environment. But when Riebeeck and his Dutch thugs landed, they immediately started pushing the Bantus off of their land, and forcing them to work as slaves on white farms. The white farms used orders of magnitude more water than the Bantus had ever used per person in all of their thousands of years of existence in the Cape. Gallons and gallons of water were transported to farms, and new white industries to fund white peoples’ lavish lifestyles, as the Bantu people stood and observed in shock, as these foreign brutes tore apart their once peaceful and sustainable civilization.

Later, the French and the British arrived, bringing their own industries, from wine farming to mining, all of which consumed even more water in an already baron country. Damns, boreholes, water pipelines and desalination plants were built across the country to support white peoples’ insatiable demand for water. But when the cruel and heartless white government finally disintegrated after decades of social justice activism by Western progressives, the new Bantu government reverted to the sustainable ways of their ancestors, choosing to live off the land rather than build new structures to usurp excessive amounts of water from an already dry and depleted land. Consequently, after centuries of white exploitation of resources, and excessive Western lifestyles, the water in Cape Town is almost depleted, and is expected to run out in a couple of months.

The accredited media is giving the story minimal coverage, as it only fuels the narratives of racists, that the South African revolution was a disaster that flattened one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Just like Venezuela, progressives aren’t going to focus on this crisis like the right want them to. Instead, we’re going to focus on the next social justice issues, like importing Muslim refugees into Europe, introducing fair 70% tax rates on the rich, and teaching transgenderism to kindergartners. If there are any negative consequences that appear to arise from these new progressive initiatives, know that it is really the fault of conservatives, who laid the groundwork for those problems hundreds of years before. White South Africans are going to have to learn to live in harmony with nature, because their excessive, lavish lifestyles are simply unsustainable, and are not fit for an egalitarian, diverse, environmentally conscious era.


Saint Nelson Mandela will be turning in his under-watered grave, shocked at what has become of the rich legacy he had left. Someone needs to stop those racist rugby supporting white folk in Cape Town from drinking beer. Just because they can afford to pay for resources, does not mean that they should have access to them. The free market needs to be abandoned; only a government-led solution will get the water where it needs to be!

Black Lives Matter

They never should have let those white pigs remain in the Rainbow Nation.


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