Be Ready For Rape And Acid Attacks!


Following the comments made by London Mayor Sadiq Khan made in September 2016 that terrorism was ‘part and parcel of city life’ a wave of undeserved criticism and typically racist fueled vitriol emerged from the extreme right wing of the UK, which in these post-Brexit days, has been sadly revealed to be the norm for any place in the UK which is not London.

His comments last year cautioning Londoners to remain ‘vigilant’ and that living in London they have got to be prepared for ‘these sorts of things’ were met with just the sort of knee-jerk racism which one must expect from a country where racist white people are still permitted to live in large numbers.

Rapes and acid attacks are a normal part of the multicultural excitement of city life. Again we are not suggesting in any way that rapes, bombings and acid attacks bring any real cultural benefit or add to the vibrancy of a bustling capital but without doubt there is a reason young people from around the world come to London, from the sleepy towns and villages in their home counties, from the capitals of Europe which are usually yawning and ready for bed by 11pm. A certain sense of danger has always had an appeal within the popular culture, ‘life fast and die young’ was one of the great cultural memes of the post war period when young people. Without doubt, many people are indeed fulfilling the 50’s youth utopia of living fast and dying young, stabbed to death outside tube stations or having sulfuric acid thrown in their face.  People come to London for the excitement and unpredictable rough and tumble of city life.

London is home to 300 different and distinct languages and cultural values. This has helped the city to transform from a run down, safe, affordable national capital city, into the bustling, busy buzzing international megapolis which it is today that houses, feeds and employs people who are mostly from somewhere else in the world. It is no longer a mere national capital, but instead a capital and safe haven for the poor, uneducated and jobless, to find opportunity and a high standard of living, subsidized by the UK taxpayer in order to assuage his guilt for the cruel and oppressive British Empire, which brought an end to the international boon of slavery, forced transport infrastructure, jobs and education onto most of the known world.

Few Londoners would agree to lose their famous Brick Lane Indian restaurants run by Pakistanis, or their post pub kebabs, or their shops open all day on Sunday for when they run out of Rizlas and Fanta, where would London be without the excitement of rubbing shoulders with London’s gang communities? and if you’re lucky you might even see them engage in their traditional rites of stabbing up members of rival gangs.

There are few place normal pale white members of the public can get so close to the possibility of actual live gang violence and London here beats Europe. While the famously racist Europeans tend to confine such people to remote inaccessible suburbs where they can only beat burn and stab each other, in London uniquely are these vibrantly violent and ingeniously dangerous people fully integrated into the general life of the city where they carry out their indigenous ethnic traditional rites of passage within the framework of a modern busy megapolitan environment.

Former member of Hackney’s infamous Holly Street and Love of Money street gangs, gang member turned police advisor Gwenton Stoley has made the claim along with the Metropolitan police that that the recent spate of horrifying acid attacks being carried out across the capital are connected to  fruit of this cultural tradition of gang initiation, of the passage from the innocence of childhood to assuming the full responsibilities and duties of becoming a man. If we condemn such traditions then are we not guilty of racism and a sense of innate white superiority and the worst excesses of the times of the British Empire which subjugated, educated and created infrastructure for most of the third world?

We at the Accredited Times would like to champion Mayor Sadiq Khan and show our unreserved support and go one further regarding all the latest hullabaloo about gang rapes  and disfiguring acid attacks taking place within a multicultural context throughout the UK. This is by no means any attempt to make light of rape, after all, over a million rapes are carried out EVERY DAY by chauvinistic men raping women by opening car doors and raping away their strong female ability to be empowered by opening their own car doors, but sometimes in the quest for racial stereotyping and mass racist hysteria it is often the case that being too critical can be one step away from the Nazi Goose-Step.


Fantastic article once again Truthspoon. London is a wonderful multicultural metropolis that offers the fun and excitement of major diverse American cities like Detroit and Chicago. I can understand why Europeans from sleepy rural towns would want to experience the enrichment and fast-paced life of a city like London.


Even if you think explosions, rape, and acid in your face are bad things…the muslims bring MEAT ON A STICK which totally overshadows any supposedly negative aspect of their race or culture.

Meat. On a stick. Think about that. You have just been enriched.

Contrast this with white people who at one point practiced slavery like everybody else at the time, but who brought the written word, the wheel, multistory buildings, and eventually electricity, roads, cars, hospitals, indoor plumbing, telephones, aircraft, medicine, and electronics. We call this colonialism. And it’s evil.

These things DO NOT overshadow the slavery or the colonialism. I mean, how could they? They simply cannot compare to the enrichment of meat on a stick and white people owning black slaves is the 2nd worst thing that ever happened in history behind The Holocaust.


Agreed. When Hank Williams Junior was forced to apologize on The View for comparing Obama to Hitler, one of the panel members said that it would have been one thing to compare him to Stalin, but comparing someone to Hitler is NEVER ok, (unless it’s a republican like Trump). Hitler is 1000 times worse than Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot. Hitler killed and impoverished so many more people than they did.


Only Donald Trump is as bad. And GWB. And Saddam. And Milosevic. These people killed 6 billion jews each just like Hitler.


Very good article Truthspoon. And my message to the world is no more terrorism!
There are sickness, poverty, accidents, natural death or people can just die without somebody been hold responsible happen every day. And I think that should be enough for our killing but not us again turn against one another and kill one other for no reason. Why can’t they leave the poor people alone to struggle for their lives not worry about somebody else is coming to kill them, or is it that those weapons they are holding, can’t be controlled and put them away for good? I mean, how can we make weapons and start killing each other with it?


I completely agree, Abu. Why so much death and antagonism?

Where did all the love go? I don’t know, I don’t know. Can’t see the signs
of a real change a commin’ This is a time, full of fear full of anger. A hero’s exchange for a telephone line. Whatever happened to the youth of this generation? ‘Cos it still ain’t right.

Walking through town is quite scary. It’s not very sensible either. A friend of a friend he got beaten. He looked the wrong way at a policeman


You said well Pbier. I am totally agree with you.


People say all sorts of nasty things about Reggie and Ronnie Kray, but they had hearts of gold those two boys, loved their mother, and only ever hurt their own kind. Of course, the East End is no longer what it was; there’s Specsavers where the Dog n’ Duck used to be, I don’t recognise it any more I don’t.

Black Lives Matter

Sadiq Khan is amazing. England is Dar al-Islam now. SUBMIT.


Elections have consequences. Traveling to and living in big cities also has consequences – but it is so worth it – big cities are awesome!