Why It’s OK for Boomers to Rape People

Kevin Spacey (left) and Harvey Weinstein (right).

Washington, D.C. (Accredited Times) – Sexual assault allegations are the scandal of the day.  The dam initially broke when dozens of womyn accused Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.  Then over a dozen men accused LGBT superstar Kevin Spacey of sexual assault, even though he heroically came out after the initial allegation arose.  Then allegations hit Louis C.K and Roy Moore.  Now scandal has even enveloped Senator Al Franken (Democrat – Minnesota) and Sylvester Stallone.  Most shockingly, various womyn have accused Bill Clinton (!) of sexual assault.  Congressional staffers even allegedly have a “Creep List” of high-level elected officials who routinely assault staffers and interns.

Throughout all the coverage, however, the corporate media seems to be forgetting one very important fact:  all of the accused are Baby Boomers.  Harvey Weinstein — Boomer.  Kevin Spacey — Boomer.  Al Franken — Boomer.  Louis C.K. — Boomer.  Boomer, Boomer, Boomer.  All Boomers.  Technically, Louis C.K. was not born in the Boomer years, but he’s bald, so he clearly qualifies as a Boomer.

The Boomerdom issue is critical, yet the media seems to have missed it entirely.  More specifically, why shouldn’t Boomers be able to rape people?  Boomers have raped people for decades.  To wit:

  • $20 trillion national debt
  • Redistributing income to Boomers via entitlement programs
  • Leading “non-profit” colleges to charge over $30,000 in tuition annually for lecture hall classes that could be shown on YouTube for free
  • Replacing jobs where people actually make things with jobs at Wal-Mart and in the food service industry
  • Turning America’s manufacturing facilities into scrap metal
  • Supporting wars of liberation in dozens of countries around the globe
  • Overwhelmingly supporting mandatory “national service” for young people, which would force them to work for Boomers free of charge or, better yet, fight in wars of liberation

As a progressive, I fully support all of this economic raping, though sadly I am not a Boomer.  Economic rape is progress.

Moreover, it’s clear that Millennials especially enjoy being raped.  Millennials gave Obama 60% of the vote and Clinton 55% of the vote.  Millennials love a good raping.  Most notably, “metrosexual” Caucasian Millennials clearly enjoy Boomers shutting them out of jobs and promotions based on de facto diversity quotas (“sorry, we have too many Caucasian Boomers in leadership already”), and they clearly enjoy higher taxes that require Millennials to turn over the meager scraps that they have to Boomer leaders in government.  They also clearly enjoy seeing Boomer elders, like Harvey Weinstein, grabbing Millennial bitches’ asses thanks to all the power, money, and coolness that Boomers have.

The #1 rule of modern liberal government is that everything is allowed, provided there is consent.  Do what thou wilt is the whole law.  Boomers like raping.  Millennials like getting raped.  It’s a textbook consensual BDSM relationship.

Consequently, Boomer rape is “kosher” in every sense of the word and is clearly OK.  So next time someone mentions Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Al Franken, or Bill Clinton, why don’t you stand up for the truth?  Boomers should be able to rape anyone they want.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Seems to me like a lot of the boomers prefer their victims in a state of semi consciousness. I am not a statistician so I can’t tell if it is a hard fact or are
Bill Cosby,George Takei and Al Franken just outliers?


Meanwhile, British boomers are gang-raping Millennials on the streets of Britain because the Millennials can’t even afford to buy their own homes (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/housing-avocados_uk_5a0db98fe4b0c0b2f2f869d8). Having paid off their mortages a week after beginning work, and then watched as 1970s & 80s inflation increased the value of their homes, boomers are literally laughing at the destitute Millennials.

UK ‘Communities Secretary’ Sajid Javid has CONDEMNED Boomers for creating a housing shortage in Britain. Nasty racists have suggested that recent infinite immigration might have been a contributory factory to the shortage, but this is plain ignorance.


Boomers also supported increased home prices with unlimited immigration, and now they unanimously support negative interest rates to support their home equity. It’s ok though, because they’re also advising Millennials to take out mortgages of 15X their meager incomes to “get on the property ladder”, on top of their student loan debt that they were also encouraged to take on.


I absolutely agree with this BLM. Boomers had the best job security, salaries, pensions and stock market returns, and the lowest taxes and university fees, and they left Millennials with the opposite – high taxes, massive university fees that boomer professors get to keep while students are left with the debt, and low-wage service jobs after they shipped all the manufacturing jobs to China with progressive trade deals. Boomers made the most progress any generation has ever made in the shortest period of time. And they weren’t interested in fighting for stinking CAPITALIST corporations in Vietnam either. Peace, love, flowers and mud orgies, not guns and capitalism!


Oh and the best thing of all that boomers gave us is open borders and unlimited third world immigration, to permanently transform the West and make sure their disgusting white children are hated and outvoted forever. Boomers brought back child sacrifice, which was very popular with accredited, victimized Aztecs. Very progressive.


the Aztecs were slaughtered for not giving Columbus the peanut butter they had invented.

Open borders are awesome and so are boomer do-good programs like food aid to africa as well as medicine to cure their diseases. The population in Africa has exploded, which is a great thing for the environment and for the future!

Once Africans take over, the Forbes 30 list will be run by an African editor who will have 24 Africans on that list.


This all takes me back to one of the AT’s very first articles:

What Do Older Americans Want from Their Government?


Great article.