Harry’s Shaving Company Educates Its Customers About Toxic Masculinity


Recently, Harry’s Shaving company posted a tweet educating its male customers that they need to redefine themselves as men, and that what we once thought were biological markers of masculinity expressed universally across the animal kingdom, are in fact social constructs that should be wiped out. The day on which the tweet was posted, believe it or not, was “International Men’s Day”. I kid you not, there is actually a “men’s day” as well as a womyn’s day (even though men have given us nothing but sexism, racism, rape culture and electricity). What next? A “white history” month to celebrate slavery, racism, Antisemitism, cars and airplanes? The tweet rightfully expresses shock that there is even a day to celebrate men, and then goes on to educate men about their toxic masculinity, and the need to be soft, apologetic and weak.

Allah bless Harry’s and its beta male customers! If I had facial hair, I’d be shopping with them every week!

Black Lives Matter

Real men:

– Vote progressive/socialist
– Support feminism
– Collect welfare instead of being so-called “breadwinners”
– Talk with a lisp or a high-pitched whine
– Wear skinny jeans
– Aren’t afraid to wear makeup
– Understand that heteronormativity is violence against womyn
– Support womyn being their leaders at home and work
– Voted for Hillary and will vote for Elizabeth Warren or Michelle Obama
– Watch CNN and MSNBC
– Read the Accredited Times daily

Geraldine Ferraro
Geraldine Ferraro

This is a fine list, but please add that Real Men also know to keep their mouths shut in the presence of a woman so they don’t commit the sins of mansplaining (I’m so glad my iPhone didn’t autocorrect mansplain or mansplaining(!))


Shave clubs are a great way to project alpha. everyone knows that a REAL man overspends on niche shaving products, imitating women’s cosmetics purchasing habits. It’s actually rape that society expects women to wear makeup, but also rape that a Russian made MakeApp to programmatically remove their makeup with AI.

So buying shave club cosmetics is how REAL MEN in Current Year behave.

Male Man Male Bag Male Box Male Bomb
Male Man Male Bag Male Box Male Bomb

Look at all of those mean men on that Twitter attacking Harry’s. Bunch of bullies I tell ya.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

After reading this article I had hoped to throw some business to them as a reward for their progressiveness.
Unfortunately they really have a limited inventory.
I had hoped to get some wax supplies for my weekly brazilian.
The lotions selection is limited and beside peppermint face wash I can’t tell which scents they are.
I don’t imagine that it is my preferred jasmine and honeysuckle.
They really are too masculine for my tastes so I took the money I would have spent and sent it into the Clinton foundation.

Cenk Uygur
Cenk Uygur

As I am one of the good men, I take testosterone blockers so I don’t need Harry’s products to keep my body supple and hair-free. I do however commend Harry’s for giving those who refuse to use testosterone blockers a way to make their bodies look more smooth and feminine.



Due to their privilege, every day is Men’s Day. There is no need to waste a day of the year on designating a “Men’s Day” when we can have a Government Worker Appreciation Day to complement Public Service Recognition Week in early May.

There are only 365 days in the year, and men already have Father’s Day – which is not an inclusive holiday at all! Please don’t waste another day on men. I just want to puke up my lavender infused soy latte just thinking of an International Men’s Day… Gross!


I do realize that not all fathers are men, and my comments were misguided and offensive. I sincerely apologize for my blatant transphobic remarks. I will rip up and destroy 8 carbon credits to atone for my actions.

home biscuit
home biscuit

I’m disappointed in the hyperbolic tone of your author; at times, I sense that you’re playing a double-game here

It’s pretty clear who generates violence & abuse- the individual male

While only an appropriately centralized gov’t can fully contain male anarchy, I’d suggest a Harry’s Androgenization Kit be dispensed upon puberty to make a head start