Boycott Thanksgiving!


Today, as you know, is what privileged white Americans call “thanksgiving”, on which self-congratulatory white people actually celebrate the fruits of their perceived hard work and “give thanks” for their privilege. Meanwhile, historically, all of the riches these white Americans are giving thanks for the proceeds of slavery, colonialism, racism , for which they shouldn’t be “thanking” anyone, but instead PAYING REPARATIONS! So wipe that smug smile off of your face, put that fork full of murdered turkey down, hold your head in shame, and give thanks that people of color haven’t yet exacted justice on you for what your ancestors did!


I’m thankful cankels isn’t Pres. And neither will frankels.


Black Lives Matter

Listen up, whites. Either you pay reparations willingly, or we take them ourselves. Either way, you are paying reparations. You might as well pay up voluntarily and apologize for what you did. We want our money NOW.


What’s your damn hurry??? You should know reparations will not be made “on demand” of an accredited nut. Laws must be enacted. The government must set up a $500 billion bureaucracy. 100,000 pages must be printed in the Federal Register. Negros must be required to certify and notarize all kinds of stuff on a 200 page questionnaire, which requires copies of all birth certificates from the 18th century and then verification and audit by government authorities. Then your claim goes into the “prompt payment” system which allows the government to pay interest after the six year delay. By the time all that happens you are dead. So be realistic about your demands, and don’t worry. Be happy.

On the other hand, you could continue to be a petty pickpocket to meet your cash-flow needs and supplement your $70k annual welfare benefits.


Black Lives Matter

“Accredited nut”? Your racism is disgusting, and you’re ignoring the fact that the United Nations has already spoken. International law requires reparations now. Once Trump and Pence are impeached, and Michelle takes over, she can start writing checks directly from the U.S. Treasury. The money belongs to us. We’re coming for it, and you can’t do anything about it.


Is it Michelle or Michael Obama? I am still not sure.


Missus O will lead a charge… to somewhere. Too bad she’s a rebel without a cause. #SAD


We today give thanks:

To the inventors of color like Nikla Tesla who created stuff we white can use, exploit and basically give no thanks back to said inventors

To people of color everywhere who invented rap music, twerking and modern sanitation, maths,mane all that is good

To Muslims worldwide who invented the very notion of ‘peace’ despite the instinct of the white man to wage war whenever he came across a ‘foreign people’

To Everyday Feminism, for injecting a dose of reality into our daily lives

To womyn, without whom nothing would be remembered, especially our transgressions

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Too bad I did not see this article before the Holiday.
All the other Liberal Media told me to go and bring up Trump every chance I could. It made for an uncomfortable environment for all but ended well
My family knows that I am on a strict vegan diet and I had asked then to honor it.
They really had me upset when they brought out the turkey and another argument ensued.
After further discussion my dad explained to me that it was fine.

This particular turkey identified as a pumpkin and thus met my strict vegan diet.

It was quite good.