30 Gifts That Boomers Left For Their Children


As the Accredited Times has covered since its inception, boomers are the greatest generation that ever lived, making the most radical changes to western civilization in the shortest period of time ever witnessed. And as you will see from their responses to criticism, are responsible for only good things, not bad things, even though they were the main voting block and force for political change over the last 50 years. They’re not responsible for anything bad that happened when they were in charge – it’s somebody else’s fault who wasn’t born yet or was deceased, or it was just plain bad luck. It wasn’t their responsibility to resist any negative changes that occurred – that’s young peoples’ responsibility. Boomers also recognize that their children are spoiled brats, who need to stop whining and start taking some personal responsibility, just like boomers did by making the below list of changes to the Western world, and relying on the government to pay for their retirements. It’s hard to believe that young people are now stabbing boomers in the back and complaining about having to pay for their retirements, when boomers PAID IN to social security for decades! Sure, they paid in less than they are due to receive, but so what? They PAID IN, as boomers who didn’t save for their retirements keep telling us over and over again. Have some sympathy for goodness’ sake! It’s time for young people to roll up their sleeves and get busy working in a low wage service job while dealing with unaffordable housing and crippling student loan debt, to pay for their boomer parents’ and grandparents’ retirements, while living with and paying for the enormous hoards of immigrants and new dependents that the boomers imported, who hate them, compete for jobs, commit crimes and want to tax them even more.

So without further ado, here are the top 30 things that boomers left for their children:

  1. Feminism
  2. Single motherhood
  3. Female entitlement and misandry
  4. The sexual revolution and promiscuity
  5. White guilt
  6. Diversity and multiculturalism
  7. The 1965 immigration act
  8. Open borders
  9. Easy monetary policy
  10. Unions
  11. Government jobs and pensions
  12. Astronomical house prices that make boomers rich
  13. Astronomical student loan fees that boomers didn’t have to pay, and that go to boomers who run the universities, while students are left with the debt
  14. The Great Society Programs and an unprecedented expansion of the welfare state
  15. Infinite aid to the third world, allowing their populations to multiply many times over
  16. Foreign interventions to fix and “bring democracy” to South East Asia and the Middle East
  17. Outsourcing
  18. Trade deals
  19. Trade deficits
  20. Trillions of dollars of government debt
  21. Credit cards and consumer financing
  22. High taxes
  23. Libraries full of regulations to stop young people from starting businesses
  24. New university subjects like Womyn’s Studies and Critical Race Theory
  25. Medicare
  26. Unions
  27. Gun laws and gun bans (peace and love, not war!)
  28. Anti Christian movements
  29. New age spirituality
  30. The new South Africa
Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work young people – these folks didn’t save for their retirements.
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

Government trade deals, multiculturalism, and a massive increase in college participation / tuition debt are my personal favorites.


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Black Lives Matter

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