Flynn Pleads Guilty, Turns on Trump

Mike Flynn (left) and Donald Trump (right).

Washington, D.C. (Accredited Times) – It’s only a matter of time before the nightmare known as Donald Trump ends.  In bombshell developments arising early Friday morning, Mike Flynn — the former National Security Adviser under Trump — pleaded guilty in federal court in Washington, D.C. to one count of making false statements to federal investigators.  The guilty plea marks a significant turn of events in the Russia collusion probe led by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Under the plea bargain, Flynn agreed to plead guilty to making false statements to investigators in connection with conversations between Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December 2016.  In short, Flynn essentially told investigators that he hadn’t spoke with Kislyak about Russian sanctions when in fact he did.  According to the accredited media, Flynn is reportedly prepared to testify that Donald Trump ordered him to speak with the Russians.

The news spells certain doom for Trump.  Although it is technically not a crime to speak with a foreign government, the Washington, D.C. establishment has made clear that speaking with the Russian government is bad, unless you are already part of the Washington, D.C. establishment.  Trump is clearly not part of the Washington, D.C. establishment.  Therefore, what Trump did was criminal.

Trump is obviously guilty.  In his plea agreement, Flynn only acknowledged that he spoke with the Russian ambassador in December 2016, which would have been after Trump had already won the election — a fact that would tend to imply that Flynn did not engage in any criminal collusion with the Russians during the campaign.  However, progressives hate Trump, so Flynn’s testimony will undoubtedly be the final nail in the coffin for the orange bully.

The guilty plea against Flynn shows the success of Barack Hussein Obama’s aggressive surveillance tactics against political enemies.  According to reports, Mueller could tell that Flynn had made false statements because of spying by members of “U.S. intelligence agencies” led by communist John Brennan (CIA Director) and hard-core Trump hater James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence).  Under Obama, America’s intelligence agencies finally reached the high levels of competence seen by model intelligence agencies worldwide, such as the KGB and the Stasi.

The next step is now clear:  the establishment must impeach Trump for obstruction of justice.  As President, Trump has no legal role over the executive branch, such as the Department of Justice or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  As a result, Trump clearly was not allowed to make any suggestions as to how those agencies should have been run, particularly with respect to costly, high-profile political investigations.  In addition, Trump clearly was not allowed to defend himself or anyone else by suggesting to subordinates that the allegations were unmeritorious or not worth pursuing.  That is textbook obstruction of justice, Loretta Lynch excluded.

It’s time for America to wake up from this orange-tinted nightmare.  It’s time for the establishment to impeach Trump.



Impeaching even Donald Trump requires gathering evidence and arguing back and forth. Can’t we just drone him?


If only Trump and his Russia ties was subject to this level of scrutiny, demonstrated by the New York Times:

What Is the Uranium One Deal and Why Does the Trump Administration Care So Much?

Is there anything to this?

There has been no evidence that donations to the Clinton Foundation influenced the Uranium One deal.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign spokesman, Brian Fallon, has said suggestions they did were “baseless.”

In 2015 the F.B.I., at several of its field offices, opened preliminary investigations into the Clinton Foundation. Agents wanted to pursue a wider investigation and conduct interviews and obtain subpoenas. The F.B.I. eventually consolidated the cases at its headquarters. Former officials said that career public corruption prosecutors in Washington concluded there was not enough evidence to move forward with a case.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Drone him? Trump has his finger on the nuclear button and if you drone him it will make his finger come off the button and kill us all.

We have to wait for the impeachment that is very close to occurring.
As other accredited media have reported, Obama is going around to all the countries right now.Why? you ask.

He is going around telling them ignore our crazy uncle Donald who was just here. He is leaving soon and Obama is taking over. Our coup is nearly over.
Obama is taking his rightful position back. Do you think he let Hillary run thinking she would win?

Trump has 43 million twitter followers, Hillary 20 Million Barack has 97 million.
Obama wins and is still our king.
Our Dreams have been fulfilled.
And I am pretty sure Obama is a shoe in for a Grammy this year too.


And there we have it folks. Trump ORDERED Flynn to talk to the Russians! Now if that’s not Russian collusion, I don’t know what is! This is DEFINITELY grounds for impeachment. It’s ILLEGAL for Trump or his administration to talk to Russians! You can collude with Israel and Saudi Arabia, you can collude with the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations, and you can collude with corporations to write the TPP and TTIP in secret, which create international courts of law above any elected government that allow accredited corporations to sue governments. But Trump CANNOT, under any circumstances, collude with RUSSIA, on any matter, no matter how benign!

On the other hand, what is up with this nonsense about Hillary and Uranium One?? That’s a conspiracy theory if I ever heard one! We shouldn’t even look into that – we should just dismiss it without a second thought. She didn’t do anything wrong!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

If you saw the updated CNN apple video you would know that Hillary and Uranium One is a pair of chattering teeth.


Please provide your credentials, starting with law degree and birth certificate. Thank you.



BLM is our LEGAL EDITOR you fool! He has a degree in law and African American studies from PRINCETON and got a college football scholarship!


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“ABC Retracts Bombshell Flynn Story.” It appears AT has relied on fraud to print this story. Since your reporters have their heads up their arses 10x Lyin’ Ross, I expect no correction or retractions. Prove me wrong, Commies.