How Television Laid The Grounds for Modern Progressivism


Putting all of our challenges aside, there has really never been a better time to be a progressive. Ideas like teaching sex and transgenderism to kids, that would have been shunned by society 100 or even 50 years ago, are now fully accepted by almost everyone. Today, even pedophilia has been somewhat normalized for select progressives like Kevin Spacey, Roman Polanski and Woody Allen – an achievement that radical progressives could only have dreamed of a couple of decades ago. The question is, what in the world made all of these monumental changes in society and culture possible in such a short period of time? One of the key answers to this question, in my humble opinion, is television.

Before TV’s were widely distributed in the mid 20th Century, it was difficult for progressives to sway public opinion. Progressive were moderately effective, with compelling news stories about injustices towards womyn and minorities, but these were far and few between, printed words were never able to convince vast swathes of the population, or create any kind of significant change in culture. Radio was more effective, but not quite as time-consuming and enthralling as visual media. But with the advent of television, progressives finally had the ability to distribute incredibly powerful video footage to millions of people around the world, both fictional and non-fictional. Humanitarian crises were no longer just abstract descriptions that had to be imagined – you could now switch on the TV and see the chaos inflicted by dictators like Saddam Hussein and Assad, evoking strong emotions and reactionary moral outrage in millions of people. What people watched on TV became their reality, and would usually be the basis of what they discussed with friends and family. For the first time in history, progressives had the chance to spread their message to millions of people.

Once people became addicted to TV and visual media, progressives finally had the chance to literally engineer their perception of reality. Although TV’s may not seem as advanced as the Oculus Rift, they really are a powerful form of virtual reality. People are inference machines, who form their views of reality through observation, and by adopting popular opinion. By hooking them all into visual media, from the news to movies and TV series, we were finally able to control their observations and influence popular opinion thereby. What’s more, we could engineer the most convincing and emotionally-charged observations possible, with heart-rendering stories, despicable antagonists, and lovable, good-looking protagonists. By controlling peoples’ observations, and with a basic knowledge of human psychology, we were able to literally create whatever reality we wanted. It didn’t matter what was going on in the real world, because people didn’t see much of it. They got most of their observations from media, and from discussing media with others.

Interestingly, South Africa only got TV in the late 1970’s, and they remained the most backward country in the world, who found the views of American and European liberals quite bizarre, until TV finally changed their minds. Before they’d seen smart, good-looking and talented African American actors in Hollywood movies, South Africans were of the opinion that Africans were quite different from Europeans, and not at all compatible with western civilization by enlarge. But after seeing that they were just like us in movies and TV, and with pressure and moral condemnation from other TV-watchers abroad, they finally decided to become a diverse country, and are reaping the benefits to this day.

Today however, we have a problem. TV and Hollywood movies are rapidly giving way to new forms of internet media, which aren’t always controlled by progressives. Right wingers are now starting to use the same methods of reality-creation to convince the world of their ideas, that we’ve used for decades. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are desperately trying to stop them, but now they are starting their own alternatives to these platforms without progressive filtering. This is why we must act now with sensible internet regulations to quell this opposition. People should have to get a costly license to use the internet, or to have a server or URL, and licenses should only be handed out to a few select companies that can be trusted to spread our message. For the sake of our children, we must be vigilant, and take proactive steps to combat cyber-terrorism, and cyber-crimes now. The future of our children depends on it.


Modern TV series’ give especial hope to vulnerable teenagers who, quite understandably, worry whether their ‘minority’ sexual proclivities will hinder them in professional life. When they watch a truly progressive show and see that other kids, with the same ‘unusual’ inclinations, are actually really successful, this gives them hope that they too can make it.

Take the popular musical-drama series ‘Glee’, for example. In this show about a fictional music group called the ‘Glee Club’, 99% of the singers are gay. The token hetrosexual singer is there to make the point that if you are truly talented, not being gay is no obstacle to achieving your dreams. Glee is also to be applauded for the amusing way it highlights the hatefulness of Christians, as the show trashes the Christian characters in a relentless way that I find inspiring and oh so funny.

Black Lives Matter

Jeff Zucker, Phil Griffin, and Andy Lack should receive serious attention for the Nobel Peace Prize. No one has done more to fight Trump than them.

We should mandate that people watch CNN or MSNBC for at least two minutes a day while screaming at Trump and Putin. We could call it “Two Minutes of Love is Love.”

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

You finally got something right.


Here’s an unusual flag for you, with your favorite rainbow colors!

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

THE END (of Trump) IS NIGH!

Congratulations to the accredited media in bringing this fascist down. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Vive la Resistance!