Why the U.S. Capital Should Be Moved to Jerusalem


Jerusalem, Israel (Accredited Times) – Bombshells of controversy exploded in an epic fireball yesterday when reports surfaced of Donald Trump’s plan to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — and move the U.S. embassy there.  According to accredited reports, Trump is set to announce the policy change today at 1:00 p.m. Eastern.

Of course, Trump is up to his usual anti-Semitic antics.  Most notably, Trump’s announcement apparently takes absolutely no position on the Holocaust, thereby indicating that Trump clearly supports murdering the few remaining Jews left in the world.  Moreover, in light of the Holocaust, it’s clearly not enough only to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital:  Jerusalem must be recognized as the capital of the United States as well.

Important policy considerations strongly support moving America’s capital to Jerusalem:

  • The Holocaust.
  • Israel is America’s most important ally.
  • Many of America’s most accredited names in government, finance, and the media are Jewish, including Jeff Zucker, Andy Lack, Lloyd Blankfein, Sheldon AdelsonRuth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, and Bill Kristol.
  • Many important thought leaders have historically been Jewish, including Albert Einstein, Adam Sandler, and the Three Stooges.
  • Middle Eastern peace strongly depends on American-Israeli cooperation, most notably with respect to wars of liberation against Shiite-controlled regimes, such as Iran and Syria.
  • Jews deserve a home country for a Jewish majority — and a steadfast superpower that backs them against Muslim invaders, particularly in light of the Holocaust.
  • America and Israel share a common cultural background, particularly in light of the Holocaust.

Israel and America share a special bond.  For decades, America has funded Israel’s generous welfare and military policies and backed Israel in various wars of liberation in the Middle East.  It’s time to make Jerusalem America’s capital.


trav is going to love this article


He’s not done so yet. Let me do so on his behalf.

Making Jerusalem the US capital is a start, but it’s not enough
It needs to be capital of the world
Because 6 billion
Let us not forget.
6 billion!


Let us be constantly reminded.


Moving the capitol would explode the debt. This is a stooge’s idea. The capitol must be preserved as a museum. Thereafter all of Congress needs to assemble in a big chicken shack, preferably in Hank Johnson’s or Maxine Waters’ district to promote economic growth and to show the indigenous peoples how to promote sound pubic policy.



Excellent article BLM. I totally agree with this. Israel is more than just our greatest ally. Most of our foreign policy seems to entirely to their benefit and at our expense, and many Jews seem to believe that killing off whites would make them the new rulers of the world, which would be a good thing according to the oppression pyramid. America was built on Judeo-Christian values, not Christian values, as many of the founding fathers and authors of the Magna Carta, on which it was based, were Jewish.

The amazing thing about the Jews is that they have never done anything wrong in their entire history. Almost never do I hear a Jew, or any race other than whites for that matter, admit even partial fault for anything or take responsibility for even a minor obligation as a race. A race that promotes its own interests at the expense of others, especially whites, to this extent, must be totally guilt-free and therefore more deserving of ruling the world than privileged whites and Asians.



MDB, I am forced to flag your otherwise excellent commentary as Islamophobic. America was founded on Judeo-Islamic, and NOT Judeo-Christian values! Magna Carta ultimately derives from Vikings, who, as Pbier shows in xer recent excellent article, were Muslims.


Sorry, you’re right! I’m just about to read Pbier’s Muslim vikings article to find out why.


I thought he was a xi, a.k.a. 11.



the jews say judeo-christian, and at the top of the oppression pyramid, their word is simply law. It cannot be contradicted or disagreed with or else Holocaust. And Hitler.

Menachem Begin’s speech about jews being the master race is particularly illustrative. A good read for anyone to show just exactly how endearing jews are.


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