You Didn’t Build That


Whites disgust me.  Whites love to brag about their accomplishments.  They love to brag about how progressive they are.  They love to brag about the progressive universities that they attended.  They love to brag about that one black friend they have.  Well, guess what?  We don’t give a crap.

Whites owe everything to White Privilege.  Look at the background of any white, and you’ll see exactly the same situation over and over again.  Somewhere along the line, the white’s ancestors (for example, a great-grandparent or great-great grandparent) moved to the United States from Europe.  The white ancestor then proceeded to:

  • Personally slaughter thousands of Native Americans with smallpox blankets, broken treaties, and broken promises;
  • Steal the land of the murdered Native Americans;
  • Rape beautiful black sisters and other womyn of color;
  • Enslave thousands of African-Americans to build their white cities; and
  • Leave millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains to their white offspring.

Today, the white offspring live off of the ill-gotten gains, never working and attacking innocent People of Color for sport.  Whites don’t earn anything.  They don’t build anything.  They steal everything.

In August, the Root conducted the “2017 World Wypipo Tournament” where African-Americans decided which white people (“wypipo”) they hated the most.  The winner?  “White allies” — and it wasn’t even close.

White allies.

“White allies” love to brag, but in the end, where the hell are my reparations?  Where is the money that I am owed?

So-called “white allies” need a reality check.  You didn’t build that — we did.


Whites never built anything! America was built on COTTON and COTTON ALONE!


Yes, the internet is MADE OF COTTON.

High bypass turbofans are MADE OF COTTON.

10nm CMOS semiconductors (shipping in 2017) are MADE OF COTTON.

From the South! Blacks built everything but EXCEPT for everything in California which was built by Mexicans and stolen. Mexico consequently owns the ENTIRE silicon valley industry AND Qualcomm’s CDMA technology.


Africans and Hispanics are particularly talented when it comes to semi-conductors, super computers and aviation technology. Why do we even need whites?? People of color have nothing to be grateful for!


They picked cotton after all, didn’t they? And mexicans, well…they picked something. Right now I guess they pick vegetables and fruit. Without them, we would not have any of these things. That’s right, before 1965 and the Immigration Act that year’s opening the floodgates to the South, strawberries WERE NOT PICKED and NO VEGETABLES were available because there were no mexicans!

These are jobs that wypipo simply won’t do. And never did.

Cotton is the reason we have anything, including software. Software is made of cotton.


Isn’t it time for you to get on your knee-pads and prostrate yourself to Allah?

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

With this being Dec 7th how can you forget to list Japanese internment camps ordered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The greatest Democrat to ever live.

I am pretty sure George Soros was not there at the gates of the camp to collect their wealth as he was in Hungary assisting the socialists party there.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

They did not have twitter in those days but here is a quote from a news paper:

We’re charged with wanting to get rid of the Japs for selfish reasons. We do. It’s a question of whether the white man lives on the Pacific Coast or the brown men. They came into this valley to work, and they stayed to take over… If all the Japs were removed tomorrow, we’d never miss them in two weeks, because the white farmers can take over and produce everything the Jap grows. And we do not want them back when the war ends, either


That was a good idea! If you’re at war with a group of people you don’t just let those people walk around freely in your country! Unless of course they’re Muslim refugees or ISIS members! That’s a different story altogether because they’re Muslim and far higher on the oppression pyramid than the Japanese.