Raheem Kassam – The Ex-Muslim Uncle Tom Who Wants to Deport Himself


As many of our progressive Muslim convert readers will know, the penalty for apostasy in our religion is death. But this hasn’t stopped right wing lunatic Raheem Kassam from not only leaving Islam and befriending the infidels, but also flaming the fires of Islamophobia with books like “No Go Zones: How Sharia Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You“. And as if that’s not enough, Raheem Kassam is chief editor of Breitbart London and a former member of the UK Nazi Party, UKIP. Words can hardly describe what a traitor to the left, Islam and people of color Raheem is, but I’ll do my best.

For the Islamophobic right, Raheem is a dream come true. Here is an ex-Muslim lending credibility to all of their Islamophobic lies, from a supposed “first-hand” perspective, while acting as the token person of color who helps them mend their racist public image. Raheem thinks of himself as British, and extols white British values and traditions, when really he should call himself a Muslim-Brit, who brings his parents’ diverse culture to Britain to displace British values and customs. The last thing in the world that progressives need is people who suck up to white people and make them feel unashamed to have a culture or a history! Raheem’s parents must be absolutely mortified that their son is now a leading advocate for British culture in Britain! Britain is racist and needs to fall!

Raheem Kassam likes to boast about how he honors the UK’s baby-killer soldiers by wearing the poppy, but Sky News caught him out when he wasn’t wearing one when he met Donald Trump!

Look at him stutter and struggle to answer the news anchor’s hard-hitting questions with lame excuses like “uhh … uhhh … I forgot”. You “forgot”? That is not an excuse! Brits all over the world demand an apology now!

All in all, Raheem is probably the greatest traitor to progressives who has ever lived, and should proceed to deport himself, just like wants to do to millions of other Muslim-Brits and other hyphenated Brits who practice a foreign culture. No go zones are FAKE, nobody wants to read your book, and Islam is a religion of peace! If you want to be a Nazi, then don’t complain when whites are lining you up with your brothers and sisters outside of gas chambers with oil tankers full of Zyklon B ready to commit GENOCIDE against people of color! You are a traitor to the nth degree, Raheem! Shame on you!

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Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

You should visit Mecca and enjoy Muslim diversity training.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

This no poppy wearing traitor needs to be lynched as an example to dissuade others from not wearing their poppies!
His not wearing a poppy was a dog whistle to Trump and his ilk who are trying to kill another 6 billion people.

Black Lives Matter

It’s disgusting that traitors like this make a living defaming the Prophet (PBUH). Islam is peace. Every country that converts to Islam is peaceful and prosperous. Shariah Police keep rapists like Roy Moore from attacking young girls —
just like the Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) would have wanted us to do. I don’t get what the controversy is here.

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

What can you say about a man who cleaned himself with water from the (sand monkey version) of the gutter.

Where is the hygiene I ask you?


Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

Sand Monkey hygiene

Sunan Abu Dawud 67—I heard that the people asked the Prophet of Allah: Water is brought for you from the well of Buda’ah. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual cloths and excrement of people are thrown. The Messenger of Allah replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.

Sunan Ibn Majah 520—It was narrated that Jabir bin Abdullah said: “We came to a pond in which there was the carcass of a donkey, so we refrained from using the water until the Messenger of Allah came to us and said: ‘Water is not made impure by anything.’ Then we drank from it and gave it to our animals to drink, and we carried some with u

Black Lives Matter

What does the Quran say about being a brony?

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

Nothing! The allwise, allknowing Prophet of the Sand Monkeys made no known mention of bronies

It is possible that these all important Koran passages were lost due to a goat eating them as is recorded happened to the passages on breast feeding men to calm their sexual urges.