Sandra Bullock’s New Black Baby


Hollywood, California (Accredited Times) – When a mother brings home a new bundle of joy, a common question arises:  Is it a girl, or is it a boy?  Most respond with “girl” or “boy” totally oblivious to the harm caused by gender-labeling a child before xe can even speak.  Now, of course, we know better — and actress Sandra Bullock has perhaps the best answer:  It’s an African-American, and we’re letting our baby choose xer gender for xerself, thank you very much.

According to accredited reports, Bullock, 53, the star of Hollywood blockbuster hits like Speed and Gravityis in the process of bringing home her third baby — or, to be more precise, her third African-American baby.  Bullock’s previous babies currently self-identify as an African-American boy and an African-American girl.  Bullock, who is unmarried, plans on raising the three bastards with her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, 51.

Like many Hollywood starlets, Bullock fears for her children in Donald Trump’s America.  Bullock apparently favors impeaching Trump:  “We are at a point now where if we don’t do something, we will have destroyed what so many amazing people have done,” Bullock said in an interview with Glamour magazine.  Although the interview took place in 2015 before Trump’s election, the star of Premonition obviously was referring to Trump.

“You look at women’s rights; it’s turning into a mad, mad world out there,” Bullock continued.  “But sometimes it needs to get really loud for people to say, ‘I can’t unsee this,’” apparently referring to Harvey Weinstein disrobing himself.

Progressives agree that Bullock is one of the best of all Hollywood moms — a white womyn who knows that her time is up and that it’s time to raise the babies of the future instead of the babies of the past.  Black babies, not white babies.

The need for white womyn to raise black babies is critical.  By the year 2100, Africa is expected to have more than 4 billion people — more than half of the world’s current population.  Nigeria alone is expected to have 1 billion people.  Someone has to raise those babies.  Obviously the biological parents can’t, given the damage to Africa caused by whites through racism, colonialism, and imperialism.  We need more womyn like Bullock to stand up and raise our future generation of rocket scientists, brain surgeons, and NFL superstars.

Many racists have criticized Bullock.  Bullock, however, remains undeterred.  Hopefully, more white womyn will follow in Bullock’s path and choose to forego biological parenthood to raise the billions of black babies in need.  Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s true heroes.


What a beautiful thing! They look just like her! Everyone around her must be very proud. Those kids look absolutely like future geniuses. We all know that with all of her resources, she can ensure they have “access” and “opportunity,” which are the things holding blacks back, as opposed to racist stuff like low IQ.

Data-driven racists point to the average IQ of 70 in Africa and chuckle with a retort that no amount of spending will make these chimps into productive members of society, but Sandra is undeterred, as are all progressives, by anything like facts or evidence. What matters is that she has moved up the progressive ladder from merely having dogs to having an even higher level of pet in her household.

Meanwhile, the Japanese are building robots. The smart, urban progressive brings in blacks to pay pensions and plan for our futures.

Infinity Africans NOW.

Standard Redneck
Standard Redneck

Are you suggesting that America and Western Europe will start getting left behind globally because they are spending too much energy bitching about inequality in their countries with equal rights for all, while other cultures and nations just trudge along? In other words, progress is getting in the way of progress?


The Japanese are totally insane! You can’t have a smaller population of highly-skilled people, with automation to take care of low skill labor. We need to outlaw automation and instead import millions of high-birth-rate brown people who are so great and hard-working that they all want to flee their own countries and come to places created by white people. White people are so much smarter than the Japanese in this regard. We recognize that we’re bad and need to die and be replaced. The Japanese should get with the program and get them some Africans. A population decreasing is an ABSOLUTE DISASTER! We need INFINITE POPULATION GROWTH! We should NEVER have fewer children ever! If birth rates go down, we need to import foreigners, who are equal to us in every way and totally interchangeable, which is why they are all fleeing the places they created to go to places white people created. Because they’re equal.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I would like for AT to do an expose’ on suspected cultural appropriation by babies and children on TV commercials.
As you have noticed advertisers now have mixed race parents hawking their products with light skinned mulatto children prominently featured.

Here is my fear. How many of these child actors are not mixed race but simply fairer skinned black children being passed off as Mulatto children.

This creates an unreasonable expectation on actual black children to try and emulate this artificial image purported by Hollywood.

Mulattos have become president. How can an actual black child ever hope to achieve that?


Exactly. Mulattoes think they’re so superior. Black people shouldn’t need to taint themselves with whiteness to be successful. Those adverts are promoting white privilege!

Standard Redneck
Standard Redneck

Do we know what she’s talking about when she says “women’s rights…. mad mad world”?

Don’t women actually have the same rights as men? Arguably more rights prima facie, given that they fall under a protected class?



Wow this white woman, Sandra Bullock, typifies modern white womyn. Yes! More people of color is exactly what the world needs. We just don’t have enough of them. Charity, welfare, foreign aid and white tricknology have created millions more people of color, and look at all the innovations and wonderful things they’ve produced. It’s a win-win-win for everybody. The future is brown, and Sandra Bullock gets that. She’s cleverly picked up on the prevailing progressive narratives that it’s kind, compassionate and hip to help out people of color, and she’s doing her part to make the world even browner, knowing that other whites are looking upon her with admiration and respect. Helping brown people over the last few decades has created millions more of them, who are equally poor. Helping one more will be a sustainable solution and solve poverty and inequality forever. White men were so right to give their womyn the vote – look at all the great things they’ve given us!