Racist Movies that Subliminally Program Us to Oppose Immigration


By every metric, third world immigration since the 1960’s has been a stunning success for the West. New ethnic restaurants have sprung up in hip inner cities, jobs that white people just aren’t willing to do have now gone to new hyphenated foreign citizens, new religions such as Islam have grown in prominence, and support for left wing policies has grown dramatically. Whats more, high-birth rate foreigners are now set to outnumber whites in their own countries, which is really just white peoples’ fault for colonialism, and they should also start going on welfare and raising four kids at the age of 16 to keep up with them if they want to survive. White people shouldn’t be afforded the luxury of having fewer, higher quality children, like the Japanese are, who will be able to live amazing lives with all of the automation that is coming. If white people have fewer kids, they need to be replaced with foreigners to keep their population high and growing. You might be wondering why progressives are now advocating increased population growth, when we were fretting about overpopulation just years ago? Well, we’re just excited about the elimination of whiteness right now, so we’ll get back to population control once the West falls.

Given how right we are about immigration, and how angry we get with anyone who contradicts us, very few right-wingers dare to argue with us. But unfortunately, we have a far more sinister problem on our hands that has escaped our attention for a long time and done much damage to our cause. The problem is not fake news, the normalization of hate speech or five star reviews for conservative books on Amazon, although those are serious problems. The problem is that many movies that appear benign and fictional, are in fact painting a remarkably similar view of immigration to the one expressed by the extreme right. The following movies spring to mind:

Planet of the Apes

Does this scene remind you of poor refugees knocking down the racist border fence in Spain by any chance?

World War Z

Is this wall scene from World War Z a way to demonize smart, hard-working and peaceful immigrants who want to climb over Trump’s wall?

Unfortunately, this is a depiction of Israel’s wall, which is totally justified, because of Jews’ place on the oppression pyramid. If this happened in real life in Israel, they should be shot on the spot.

Lord of the Rings

Look at the stark contrast in how the oppressed orcs of color are depicted in this scene, verses the angelic privileged whites. All these orcs want is a better life on the earth’s surface!

These movies all have racist undertones, and are subliminally programming people with totally misguided ideas about immigration and diversity. It’s sad that after all of our work to educate people with facts and logical arguments, right-wingers have simply used silly fictional depictions of their political ideas to bypass our reason and evidence. Fiction they are, and that’s all they are. Just look at these amazing migrants in Rome, who are fed up with their inadequate accommodation and food:

These are the people we should replace white people with instead of using automation. Come on Japan, wake up and get with the program!

Black Lives Matter

I can’t even believe that Hollywood would call a movie with Michelle Obama in it “Planet of the Apes.” It’s racist!

freind of alot of russians
freind of alot of russians

uh, planet of the apes came out 2 years before the crisis.
and the lord of the ring prequel is based off a book from the 50s.

and I’ve had to deal with plenty of racist in my life. but none of them where racist because of “movie sublimes” in fact. I’d argue to say that this stuff is not racist until someone like you makes it racist.