Breaking News: Amazon Agrees To Stream Womyns’ Beach Volleyball For Next Three Summers


Christmas has seemingly come early for sporty feminists the world over. Sick and tired of asthmatic men dominating the world of televised sport, the sisterhood today rejoiced when progressive online retailer Amazon made an exciting announcement: Amazon has entered into a deal with AVM to stream womyns’ beach volleyball for the next three summers.

Womyn volleyball players celebrate the news of Amazon’s deal with the AVM

As the Accredited Times has previously reported, womyns’ sports is tragically underfunded and rarely gets a look-in on prime time TV. For some unknown reason, broadcasters seem reluctant to pay for the exclusive rights to show the excitement of a womyn runner trying to finish a marathon below 2 hours 30, despite such a runner being literally among the 20,000 or so fastest athletes in the world.

Sand gets everywhere: one desperate lunge to try to get the ball back into play

We were therefore surprised yet delighted when Amazon clinched an exclusive deal with the AVM to stream womyns’ beach volley ball. Often perceived as a minority sport, womyns’ beach volleyball clearly appeals to the sporting feminist enthusiast if Amazon is prepared to pay big bucks to broadcast it.

Assuming the position, and action!

The Accredited Times offices includes various ‘relaxation’ corners, including one space dedicated to the showing of womyns’ sports like netball, hockey, rugby, mud wrestling, and now beach volleyball. We will be sure therefore to tune into Amazon to support the sisters in their daily battle against invasive sand. Kudos to Amazon! Down with the patriarchy!

Knowing Black Lives Matters is rooting for me gives me strength says a transgendered volleyball player
Disciplining a team mate for poor tactics
Beach volleyball player of color
Black Lives Matter

Where are the African-Americans??? Is this a real sport?


Just like Lima (in an earlier article at AT), these womyn can have two paydays – one in showing off their fit, nearly naked bodies to male pigs and getting paid for that, and when they hit 40, complaining that they were exploited, and getting paid again! Womyn are so empowered!

Black Lives Matter

They are exploited. Playing volleyball is HARD. We need more professional athletes in Congress; they are so much better than everyone else because of the struggles that they go through. I’d love to see Colin Kaepernick run against that SOB Trump.


Trump is always boasting about how tough he is and how much he likes a fight. Colin Kaepernick would kick his ass!


The playing is the least of exploitation – having dirty men stare at their nearly naked, fit bodies is exploitation (but only when staring stops!).

Yuso Dum
Yuso Dum

Reporting from an secret nuclear test site:

We have Volleyball in North Korea and are actually quite good at the sport. We can even play at night as everything glows in the dark.

We were featured by our friends at CNN


Female mud wrestling? Do the telecasts include after-action interviews in and around the showers? Come clean!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I have submitted a Feminist Activism Award nomination for Pbier.
His support of feminism is to be commended and encouraged.

Black Lives Matter

Pbier definitely should win the award. I’m not suggesting anything, but I’d note that another accredited reporter has also taken a consistently pro-feminist stance:

Why White Bitches Ain’t Nothing

Why It’s OK for Boomers to Rape People

Why We Need to Redistribute Attractiveness

Charles Fourier: The Father of Feminism

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Sorry BLM you too are a strong supporter of Womyn.
There is just something about Piebers recent articles that seem to attract my attention.
While I can’t identify the exact thing that makes me like it I do know they all support feminism.
There was this article and Adriana Lima: Boldly Taking The Fight To The Exploitative Fashion Industry and The Misogynistic Underfunding of Womens’ Sports
They all caught my attention.

You had a strong showing with.
BOMBSHELL: Victoria’s Secret Models Caught Using the N-Word


I have to admit that I’m somewhat surprised that my feminist article didn’t garner the same feedback as Pbier’s:

What Everyone Needs to Know, But Is Afraid to Ask About Fat Sex

I can’t understand why? The cool thing is though, googling the article brings up the AT re-post above the original article. The AT really is fast becoming the dominant mainstream media outlet.

Black Lives Matter

This article was so inspiring. I love a womyn with claws, tats, and extra cushioning.

Black Lives Matter

You are right. Pbier really should get the award. I think it’s the bold progressive reasoning in the articles that makes them so good.


This is great news! For some reason there seems to be a lot more interest in this womyn’s sport than any other? It must be because of the incredible athleticism displayed by these feminist heroes.