Why Progressives Should Read the Drudge Report

Matt Drudge.

Mention “Matt Drudge” and most progressives recoil in horror.  Media Matters — the accredited media watchdog financed by George Soros — has consistently noted problems with the Drudge Report.  Most notably, a 2017 Media Matters article notes that the Drudge Report shockingly “linked nearly 400 times to [Russia Today], Sputnik News, [and] Tass” over a six-year period, thereby becoming a “pipeline for Russia propaganda.”

Russia propaganda undoubtedly is a serious problem — and Media Matters is to be applauded for holding the media to a high standard.  That said, Media Matters’ report needs a bit of context for the average lay person.  Four hundred links sounds like a lot, but the Drudge Report routinely links to over a hundred articles each day, meaning that Russian articles constitute under 0.2% of articles linked.  That’s still too many, and the ideal rate, of course, is 0%.  We need total censorship of anything Russian.  Nonetheless, the Russian coverage is and has always been fundamentally de minimis in the grand scheme of things — and Drudge even seems to have responded to the criticism by cutting back on Russian links.  Go to the Drudge Report today and not a single article is from a Russian “news” source.

So which sources are receiving the other 99.8% to 100% of links?  The accredited media.  Go to the Drudge Report, and you’ll see link after link of articles going to accredited news sites, like the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, ABC, CNBC, and the Accredited Times.  On November 13, 2017, Matt Drudge noted, “I’ve linked to @washingtonpost over 10,000X in 25 years of doing DRUDGEREPORT.  I currently give them 37% of their referral traffic . . . . It’s a brutal business.  Not even a thank you.  Instead:  YOU’RE A RUSSIAN OPERATIVE!”

Drudge has a point.  The Washington Post constantly pushes for Trump’s impeachment — yet Drudge constantly promotes the Washington Post as an accredited news outlet.  Even before Trump became President, the Washington Post declared Trump a “fascist” dictator intent on bringing an “apocalypse” to America with articles like:

Although Trump has yet to disband Congress or ban opposition political parties, it’s clear that these articles are all accurate.  The Washington Post’s election coverage was also spot-on with polls that showed Hillary Clinton with insurmountable double-digit leads and articles like “Donald Trump’s Chances of Winning Are Approaching Zero” and “Democrats Can Stop Trump Via the Electoral College.”  Of course, thanks to the Washington Post, we know that Clinton was in fact winning by huge margins and that she only lost because of Russian collusion and Russian election hacking.

Drudge constantly links to articles like these from the Washington Post and other accredited sites.  He not only helps them propagate their message to the masses, but he gives their sites legitimacy and helps them win new customers.  If you visit the Drudge Report, you are essentially visiting an aggregation site of the most explosive progressive media reports, which often deal with scandals, especially focused on Trump, the news media, and Hollywood.

As a homosexual, Drudge is also one of the biggest promoters of LGBTQ+ rights in the world — and loves to post a flamboyant siren when a new gossip story or political scandal erupts.  During the recent Alabama Senate race, Drudge routinely posted articles from the accredited media attacking Roy Moore for allegations relating to teenage girls.  Not a single article attacked Moore’s progressive opponent, Doug Jones, for anything.  Before the election, Moore, of course, was most famous for his criticisms of gay marriage — which led to his suspension from the Alabama Supreme Court.  With Drudge’s help, Republicans either stayed home or voted Jones, helping the Democrat Jones win a shocking victory, even though Trump won the state by 28% last year.

Importantly, Drudge also grew up Jewish in the most liberal denomination (Reform Judaism).  He is also a strong supporter of Israel, America’s most important ally.  In light of the Holocaust, it’s especially important for the few Jewish voices in media to be heard — and for everyone else to listen.

So, progressives, don’t fear the Drudge Report.  The Drudge Report is our report — an aggregation of articles by progressives for progressives.  Of course, we need to hold the Drudge Report accountable, but any site that links to hundreds of thousands of progressive articles is a good one.  Don’t feel bad about reading the Drudge Report.


Fantastic article BLM, but I’m having some apprehension about going to his site when he might be working for the Russians. We first need to investigate Drudge for allegedly speaking to the Russians. That’s treason, and there might be someone willing to testify against him. Who knows what kind of 3D Chess he could be playing on us. But whatever you think about Drudge, the one thing everyone can agree with him on, no matter where you stand on the complex spectrum of political ideologies, is that Israel is our greatest ally, who should have total say over every one of our policies, especially regarding immigration, monetary policy and foreign policy. No matter where we may differ in our beliefs, we can all be reasonable at the end of the day and agree that this little region far away in the Middle East and its alleged descendants should have total reign in America, which after all was built by them, just as much as it was built by WASPs.

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

Did you know that there is only one non-white hate symbol? It is the logo of the New Black Panthers, because they are anti-Semites. See them all here, and call out these racist crackers when you see them. Be especially wary of anyone that uses numbers.


Make my votes count
Make my votes count

I have a deep fear that BLM has been hacked and this article posted by Russian agents under his pseudonym.
Yes Drudge has many links To Washington Post and to the NY Times but it is a trick.
Both those sites are behind a paywall that most non progressives can’t get to.

Someone please stop BLM’s office where you will probably find him duct taped to his chair.
Hurry before They start trying to direct us to ZeroHedge or Breitbart



When apologists for Drudge say ‘but only 0.2% of links are to Russian sources’, I like to quietly pour them a glass of water before handing it to them to drink. As they sip and then finish the drink, looking bemused, I like to add the following:

“go ahead and drink, it’s quite safe. It only contains 0.2% of Polonium 210′.

The look on their faces then is priceless…lol!



I always induce vomiting after drinking water at guests’ houses for this specific reason.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Reporting from a secret tunnel in Kaesong

All our news comes from DPRK or TMZ. There is the occasional propaganda drops from the south. Since the leaflets don’t cover Dennis Rodman or the Kardashians most people don’t even read them.
Sources reveal the Supreme leader is most interested that Tupac murder weapon has turned up. I fear another General may disappear soon.


The North Korean people have been lead to believe that Dennis Rodman is the president of a foreign nation. Are they correct in believing this?

Yuso Dum
Yuso Dum

Reporting from under a hidden snipers nest:

Yes MDB we are taught he is a great leader from a non aggressor land.
He is also mentioned in Men in Black Movie as possible alien.

Foreign press sources report that Ambassador Rodman is quoted as calling Leader for Life Kim as “probably a madman”. Intelligence has confirmed he was referring to antagonist war monger Trump.


Well luckily North Korea is the most powerful country on earth who routinely has battle victories broadcasted by the NKBC. There’s no reason Dennis Rodman couldn’t work with NK to negotiate some kind of peace deal though.


I don’t visit Drudge often. It can’t be much good without links to the Accredited Times.