Our Top Investment Tip For 2018: Short White Men, Go Long Transgender Clinics


Flush with the proceeds of your Bitcoin sales and wondering what to do next? Whilst Bitcoin may yet go to a six figure valuation in the next few years, we urge caution.  If you are still long cryptocurrencies, our recommendation* is to forget about waiting for the ‘greater fool’.  It might be you, after all.

Our accredited recommendation is to sell Bitcoin now and invest in something even more exciting, namely transgender clinics.  In this article, we argue that transgender surgery is THE go-to sector for outsized returns in 2018 and beyond.

Overall sector outlook

Ten years ago, the then-miniscule transgendered community was generally pitied by the world at large. Gender dysphoria was a term not yet invented; if such a concept was even discussed, you would hear references to ‘mental illness’, ‘psychologically disturbed’, ‘freak show’ etc. People seemed comfortable with what now seems quaint ideas of masculinity & femininity; moreover, the so-called ‘settled science’ argued that if you had an X and Y chromosome you were a male whereas having both chromosomes as X rendered you a female.  In 2017, we look back to those ignorant times and shake our heads in bewilderment at what then passed for mainstream thought.

Thanks to improved educational standards in our schools, colleges and universities, our youngest and most vulnerable people are more informed about transgender issues than ever before. Whereas kids would previously snigger at men wearing dresses, these days everyone looks up to and admires role models like Caitlyn Jenner, Lana and Lilly Wachowski (of ‘The Matrix’ fame), and Fallon Fox, the firsly openly transgender MMA figher in the history of the sport.  All of this means that children as young as four are encouraged to complete their natural transition to their ‘true’ gender.

In short, we are experiencing a general increase in demand for transgender surgery.

What any analysts have failed to price into the transgender surgery market are some specific demand factors. This Guardian image tells part of the tale:

The UK Government is far from alone in mandating ethnic and gender diversity targets. All around the liberal West, employers of all types are being urged to reverse the results of historic oppression. Right now, white, educated males occupy a disproportionate number of the top-paying and most skilled jobs. This is to the general detriment of unskilled, uneducated people of color and womyn, who need to replace such males through a policy of positive discrimination.

Not only do we anticipate all employers being encouraged to set hard quotas for gender and ethnic diversity in their hiring process, we expect governments to introduce white male taxes so to penalise employers who resist social engineering.

What does all this mean for the ranks of the soon-to-be-unemployed white males? The only economically rational thing for such people to do is to become transgendered womyn. Since diversity is the most valuable thing any organisation can have, transgendered womyn can expect to be highly remunerated. To summarise the above, there will be shortly a massive increase in demand for transgender surgery.  Our best forecast is that around 150 million white male Americans will elect for reassignment surgery between now and 2030.

Supply factors

Whilst the number of clinics offering transgender surgery has increased in recent years, there is nowhere near the required supply to be able to cope with the likely strong demand for gender reassignment surgery.  This is reflected in the astronomic cost of the surgery itself.  According to one health care provider:

“The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, for instance, lists menus of procedures for both male-to-female transitions and female-to-male that total well over $100,000.

Although access to gender reassignment is a basic human right from birth to death, the painful reality is that costs are sky-high and the waiting lists are far too long. Since it takes many years to train a surgeon, it will be a very long time before the supply of clinics rises to meet the expected demand. It follows that the valuation of existing gender reassignment surgeries will go through the roof.

For these reasons, gender reassignment clinics offer even greater investment returns than the sale of body parts from aborted babies, which Planned Parenthood has been doing for the past 15 years at least.

Our recommendation is therefore go long on transgender surgery, go short on white males.

*whilst we are fully Accredited in a general sense, the Accredited Times bears no responsibility for any losses you make from your Investment decisions.  This article is for progressive purposes only and is not an Investment recommendation


Great tip. Do you know if Obamacare covers gender assignment procedures?

What is the spread on F2M transitions vs M2F transitions? Is there an arbitrage opportunity in the “parts” exchange market?


Wow that’s a really interesting question Bureaucrat. I’m interested to hear Pbier’s answer. I know that a many traders are making a lot of money in baby body part spreads, on the planned parenthood exchange.


Those aren’t babies, they are MYBODYMYCHOICE.

A woman can sell HER body if she wants, except in prostitution in which she is empowered AND victimized.

Also, it’s very important to remember, that according to EF, women can have penises!

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Bureaucrat, You are a financial genius. I never gave the “parts” exchange any thought.
The second I can find a lender who is willing to give me a 4th mortgage on my wheeled manufactured home I plan on going all in. 1% here I come.

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

According to Trump, Obamacare is no mas due to the constitutional, pro-American individual mandate being repealed. Now, nobody has any incentive to buy insurance and insurance rates will go through the roof due to no demand. So nobody will have health insurance, and somehow I believe that this also means medical bills will soar through the stratosphere. Pbier’s recommendation may not be so great. Individuals will have to suffer with their birth gender until we can get Trump out of office.


Wow Pbier this article makes a lot of sense. And with your background as head of diversity markets at a top tier investment bank, your investing wisdom really shows. There really isn’t much of a future for white males, and the few of them who are straight are increasingly finding their womyn quite butch and repulsive in more ways than one, so changing their gender is certainly a better option than settling down and having a family. And with the limited number of places at medical school, and the skyrocketing demand for gender reassignment surgery from graduates of our progressive education systems, the price is only going go up, and so are profits. This is pretty much a guaranteed investment.


finding a woman repulsive is sexist and bigoted

Maurice Miner
Maurice Miner

Not necessarily trav777, not necessarily.

We have a prime example of someone (a womyn) who has accused Charlie Rose of racism, because he didn’t sexually harass her like all the other womyn.

See: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/12/black_female_excharlie_rose_staffer_suggests_racism_because_he_didnt_harass_her_.html

Clearly, sexual harassment of womyn is the high-point of the white male patriarchy, and failing to acknowledge a person of colour as an addition to your hit score is quite frankly appalling. It just oozes racism…


Like I said, it’s simple for men:

if you go to work with your dick hanging out and a womyn looks at it, you are sexually harassing her.

If she goes to work with her tits hanging out and you look at them, you are sexually harassing her.

If you sexually harass her, you are an ogre, a sexist. If she’s a womyn of color, then you are also a racist because you’re white and using white power and whiteness to impose your entitlement on her to black lives.

If you do not sexually harass her, you are a racist for not finding her attractive because of whiteness and white supremacy.

Concurrently, if she has a penis, then you are transphobic for rejecting her because of her genitals. If she’s cis, you are a sexist for objecting to her making everything about her vagina.

The problem is not the logical irreconcilability of any of this, the problem is WHITE MALES.


Minor correction, Trav –





MDB, why such anger? Did you forget to take your daily testosterone blockers?


Shouldn’t that be womyn?

and I personally find the ones imitating hypos to have extremely bad acting skills, way past just plain old repulsive

As a start, they should be down of all fours, as they waddle around.


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Bad things like stopping the Muslim enslavement of Blacks (sadly starting up again in Libya), extending Black life expectancy by improving their hygiene (aka do not do the #1 and/or the #2 where you eat and sleep), raising their living standard above the level of turning over logs for worms and other crawlies, teaching them math above the one, two, three, many, many many, many many many level, and last but not least stopping Blacks from killing and eating each other for MOJO. A practice that slowly reduced their average IQ level, making them the stupidest gits on the planet.

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Missy Bo Pepys
Missy Bo Pepys

You guys should get out more often. I’m going short on white males!