Is Santa Claus a White Supremacist?


It’s that day of the year again – the day that progressives despise the most, and just can’t wait to be over. The day when racist white America smiles and celebrates its privilege with lavish gifts, glutinous meals and tops it off with jolly Christmas carols just to rub it into the faces of less fortunate people of color and offended Muslims and Jews. So as we all cower away in our lonely one room minimalist apartments, and try to pass the time and ignore the repulsive Christmas joy by posting angry comments on social media and “binge watching” Netflix, here’s a thought to ponder – is Santa Claus really the benevolent, kind old gentleman that he’s made out to be?

Given his fame and glory, Santa Claus is one of the few white males who seems to have escaped criticism for Slavery, The Holocaust, The Crusades and Rape Culture. It’s as if his whiteness is totally ignored and he is absolved of all guilt, simply because of his unearned fame as the self-proclaimed giver of Christmas joy. Unlike progressive white males, Santa Claus’s body language doesn’t give off the faintest hint of guilt or shame, as he walks around with a permanent smile on his face, projecting an almost eerie level of self-righteousness and self-satisfaction. Combine this with his whiteness, his beard, his reverence within the white Christian world, and his proclivity for inhabiting remote, cold and inhospitable places, and there is only one conclusion any objective person can come to: Santa Claus is a hardcore, bonified white supremacist.

In his excellent article, Pbier pondered the question of whether Santa Claus is a force for good or a force for evil in the world. Well, I believe my analysis adds some clarity to that question, and makes a very convincing case that Santa Claus is most definitely a force for evil, even though good and evil don’t exist and everything is relative.

Everything about Santa Claus screams right-wing pepper nutcase – the beard, the secrecy, the remote location, the obsession with “family values”, and his preference for Western white countries. Santa Claus most certainly voted for Trump, and his proximity to Russia suggests that he may even be a key player in the Trump-Russia collusion scandal, which is still the top story as the first piece of evidence for it appears more imminent than ever. Trump’s favorite colors are red, white and black, the same colors as the Nazi flag! Look, if it was just one thing linking him to white supremacy, you could brush it aside, but all of these pieces of evidence together? It really doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together to get “many” (African counting system) and work out that Santa Claus is practically a KKK grand wizard, just like Michael Harriot.

According to quantum progressive theory, everything progressives believe and feel is true, even when we contradict each other, because we all have our own truths, which trump the truths of right wingers every time. This is only possible because of quantum physics, so right wingers aren’t allowed to disagree with us about this article. If the Christmas joy is really getting to you, and you happen to be in the Portland area, then please PM me as we’re doing a spirit cooking dinner tonight. And to all lonely and angry progressives out there, I wish you a merry Kwanza and a happy new Soltice.


Mary Christmas America!
Our community is full of Christmas trees and light, very beautiful.


and for the non-religious

Happy winter solstice!


Your God, my God we all come one God.
(Generation Organization Dissolution)
The Law of Devine Oneness which everything is connected to everything else.


The God of the Christians ( or that of the Jews) does not have 3 daughters.

It is an undeniable fact of history that before Muhammed was born, the moon god “al-Ilah” (Allah) had three daughters named al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat. The first two were even named after their father. Each daughter had a separate shrine near Mecca, where Allah’s shrine was located.

Some claim that these verses were Satanic verses, put into the mouth of The Great Mo by Satan.

I say ALL the verses from the mouth of The Great Mo came from Satan.

Black Lives Matter

Why is it that whites are OK with that pasty white pig border-hopping into America from the North Pole when they want to close the border to People of Color from Latin America?

Deport Santa NOW.


The northern pig hoppers bring presents, the southern border pig hoppers take presents.

Even a low IQ Black Muslim should have figured out why one is welcome and the other not.

BTW: I tried to post a link (TWICE) to a site that sells mules, so you can get your hearts desire, but sadly the site moderators would not let it through. It is a sin and a shame when a Christian white male is barred from helping his dumb little black brother in getting what he wants.

The thought that you might get arrested for “molesting” the mule never ever crossed my mind.

Not even once!



Christmas is a holiday simply stolen from Kwaanzaaa.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

Racist = White Christmas
Sexist = I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Sexual Harassment = Baby Its cold outside
Bulling= Rudolph
Homophobic = Don we now our gay apparel
xenophobic = Home for Christmas
Capitalistic = 12 days of christmas
Holiday ever.

“Merry Christmas”, Hope you had a good one.



I had none of the above, so it was pretty good.


Merry Christmas to you Mr Anon!


and a good day to you Mr. Abu.

As one Great US Statesman once said, Thank the Lord we are Christians.

If it was not for Jesus the white race would have conquered and/or wiped out its intellectual inferiors.

So be very very glad that we have a religious commandment to follow the way of peace and not of war, because if we did not, the whole world would be a much whiter place. History shows that even when following the ways of peace we can be a right nasty bunch.

PRAY that we do not all fall to Satan’s wiles and either drop Christianity or convert to Islam.

Jesus Saves! Allah EN-Slaves!

Black Lives Matter

Islam is the religion of peace.


Only those of the idiotic persuasion think so.



I’ve never seen Eugene Terreblanche and Santa Claus in the same room come to think of it. Some say Terreblanche died in 2010, but there have been sightings of him in Lapland. Just saying…


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Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

B. Obama & H. Clinton most admired man and womyn in America in 2017. Santa didn’t even crack the top ten.

As racist and sexist as America is, at least this country produces the correct results with accredited polling.

Black Lives Matter

More proof that Trump stole the election.


The joys of blacks being governed by Jews

One-Third Of Increase In US Homicide Rate Because Of Neighborhoods In Chicago

The United States saw an increase in homicides by roughly 9 percent last year, and more than one-third of that increase came from neighborhoods in Chicago where just one-third of residents live, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal.

A George Mason University criminologist’s research, cited by TheWSJ’s authors, showed “that about 1% of city streets produce 25% of a city’s crime, and 5% of the streets produce half the crime.”

Black Lives Matter

What a joke. Chicago is leading the way on progress. Obama is from Chicago.


Cleaning out the welfare scabs like there is no tomorrow

and for some

There isn’t!


In other new

Baltimore catching up to Chicago as a black womyn libtard mayor, more interested in bleaching her skin then in helping out the city, ignores the daily death of her future voters.

However, there in no need to worry! Plans are in place for them to vote from beyond the grave.

Whether they want to or not!

Baltimore has now had 343 homicides in 2017, sets record for killings per capita

I ask you, Does that skin tone go with that snoz?

I say absolutely not.

The baking soda agrees!