Ivanka Trump’s Dream Men


Although Trump may be a racist bigot, his eldest daughter is another story. Ivanka Trump grudgingly goes along with Trump’s fascist agenda, but deep down she is a budding progressive, and dreams of a fuzzy, soft world with no conflict and no mean things, just like we do. Ivanka Trump, like most liberal white women, is heavily involved in charity and helping those in need, even as third world populations explode into the stratosphere, and white countries start to collapse under the burden of mass immigration, welfare, taxes and regulations to make things “fair”. Ivanka believes in helping people, and she’s not afraid to admit it.

Coming from a privileged life and rubbing shoulders with celebrities, pop stars, Hollywood and the fashion industry, Ivanka knows what is in and what isn’t if you want to be high status in society. If you want to be cool, you need to reject bigoted right-wing beliefs, and you need to embrace progressivism in all of its forms, from feminism to diversity to humanitarian interventionism to a compassionate welfare state. And as a socially conscious woman, Ivanka is down with all of these things. Unlike men, women don’t reason from first principles to work out what is true or false, or right or wrong. They judge these things by looking at what society believes, and in particular what high status, cool people believe. That is what is right or wrong – whatever they believe. And celebrity culture has made it very clear that the cool kids are progressives.

As a progressive, Ivanka Trump doesn’t like overly masculine men like her dad, and certainly not highly aggressive right wingers. She likes soft, manicured, beta male gentlemen of the Hugh Grant variety. Take her husband, Jared Kushner, for example.

Jared Kushner – the ultimate Jewish gentleman.

Kushner has all the markers of an aristocrat – cleanly shaven, well-moisturized skin, gelled hair, and an impeccable formal dress code. He also has many markers of low testosterone, such as a low facial width to height ratio, indicating that he is soft-hearted and kind. All traits that Ivanka admires tremendously.

Now let’s turn to another one of Ivanka’s crushes, Justin Trudea, the ultimate male feminist, and metrosexual gentleman extraordinaire.

Male feminist and metrosexual icon, Justin Trudeau is every modern woman’s ultimate fantasy.

Isn’t he just adorable? Justin Trudea’s low testosterone teddy bear look is enough to make any modern liberal woman blush. He almost has an air of royalty about him, with the slender, weak physique of a prince who doesn’t have to do any manual labor.

Here are two more gentlemen that Ivanka probably admires:

Manicured, soft and from the most elite of backgrounds, this fine gentleman resigned after the racist white working class Brits voted for Brexit.
Another beta male leader of a white country, this president does as he is told.

Contrary to what right-wingers would like to be true, it is beta males who run the world, not alpha males, and if you just happen to be one of these well-mannered, dashing, white knights, then I’ve got good news for you – you were born to run the world, and Ivanka Trump might just have a crush on you.

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What disturbs me about this otherwise excellent article is the total lack of black faces looking back at me. Trudeau, Kuehner, Macron, Pig fan Cameron…all à whiter shade of pale. As a progressive, Ivanka is ideologically attracted to black men in addition to the natural physical attraction all womyn feel for them. And yet we are supposed to believe Ivanka would prefer Macron over Wiz Khalifa.


Black Lives Matter




Another avant-garde story of sexism disguised as political correctness. Why not cover the possibility she’s a carpet muncher? Come clean commie. Admit it!!

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

What is the difference between a cockroach and a progressive?

A cockroach doesn’t flaunt its stupidity and like to hide in walls.