Why Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech Is The Greatest Of All Time


When we recall the most memorable speeches in history, what comes to mind?  What is the recipe for a truly great speech? For starters, the best orators know precisely how to inspire their audience, how to move their very souls and instill in them the courage to act and achieve great things. The language itself may be simple, and repetition is one tool used, but the actual words employed, and the delivery command great power; speeches can literally change the world.

A few examples then of great speeches and speechmakers.

Most of us will remember The Gettysburg Address, Patrick Henry asking to be given ‘liberty or death’, and also Martin Luther King when he shared his dream with the crowds. Let us not forget a certain Winston Churchill inspiring a battered nation to defeat the Nazis with his vow to ‘fight on the beaches…fight on the landing grounds, we shall never surrender!’. Who can overlook President Kennedy entreating Post-War America to ‘ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’.  To the list of charismatic leaders and orators, we should add Caesar, Cicero, and General MacArthur (“old soldiers never die, they just fade away”).  Christian bigots might also argue that Christ’s ‘Sermon on the Mount’ merits a place in any ‘greatest’ list.

To this long list, we now need to add Oprah Winfrey’s stunning address at the Golden Globes in the past week. Far from being a stranger to the American public, billionaire celebrity, chat show hostess, progressive and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey moved the entire world with incredible wisdom, emotional depths and timeless (yet relative) truths delivered over several unforgettable minutes.

For the past week, the progressive/ liberal media has sung Oprah’s praises at every possible occasion, filling newspapers, blogs and other social media with millions of fawning comments, accredited articles and insights. At the very least, the liberal media now want Oprah to be declared president in 2020 in an uncontested election.  This would be a good start, but is it this enough?  Could she not be also declared a living saint? We certainly believe so.  Hers was a speech that a beleaguered world needed to hear; her words were like fresh oxygen to a deep-sea diver whose tanks had just emptied.

One white male who has been doing way too much diving and emptying of his tanks into the deep is Harvey Weinstein.  In the wake of one particularly disgusting allegation levelled at him, hundreds of millionaire actresses suddenly remembered that, they too, had been abused by the movie mogul. “Me Too!” they tweeted in unison, after having kept their silence for many years, in a way that could in no way result in these victims being labelled ‘enablers’.  One brilliant womyn then came up with the idea to combine the words “me” and “too” with a hashtag so that many other non-enablers could use social media to tell the world how terrible is the patriarchy and men in general.

In no way jumping onto a pink bandwagon full of pussy-hats, Oprah’s Golden Globes speech captured the mood of the #MeToo! nation.

As the potentially hostile audience of rich progressive celebrities waited to hear what Oprah had to say, she took an enormous risk and bravely launched into her oratory.  For several timeless minutes of history, the audience cooed and applauded as they were treated to descriptions of ‘a culture broken by brutally powerful men’ and Oprah’s declaration that ‘For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men, but their time is up.”  CNN Entertainment was there to record history being made and reported:

The audience rose to their feet and remained standing as Winfrey sent a message to “all the girls” watching her speech.

“I want all the girls watching here, now, to know that a new day is on the horizon! And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say “Me too” again.”

The obvious question also comes to mind: where does Oprah’s speech rank in any Top 10 list of greatest speeches?

Context is everything.  Churchill’s speech resonated because the Nazis seemed unstoppable, with it seemingly only a matter of time before Hitler declared victory over Britain. But, stirring as Churchill’s oratory surely was, we should be careful not to exaggerate or forget certain facts. The son of conservative peer, Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston was a highly privileged white male who enjoyed a life of luxury typical of the landed gentry.  He was also a near-alcoholic who consumed vast quantities of fine wine and port; so, he was probably drunk when he promised to take the fight to the Nazis.  He was also a white male as were Kennedy, Cicero and the rest.

Oprah’s only real competition is nonviolent freedom fighter, Martin Luther King.  However, as a male, he sits just below billionaire Oprah on the oppression scale even though technically he was oppressed with extreme prejudice.  However, he was a male and there is no evidence of King transitioning to a different gender or no gender at all. On any objective basis, therefore, Oprah’s Golden Globes speech must go down as the greatest in herstory.  And, no, that is not a spelling mistake.

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Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

Oh hell yes. Ever since Oprah gave that speech I have played it every morning on repeat to start my day while I am spending 2 hours getting ready – brushing my teeth with fluoride toothpaste, carefully swallowing my numerous prescription drugs so I don’t choke, applying my facial scrubs, showering my body, moisturizing my body with lotion, applying my blemish treatments, blow drying my hair, carefully combing my hair, putting in my hair gel, sculpting the trendy combover/wave in my hair, and finally squirming into my skinny jeans.

Oprah is the shining light on the hill. Her Golden Globes speech – The. Best. Ever.

And no better platform to do it than the highly respected Golden Globes – where the idols of American culture are paid their well-deserved respects.


Black Lives Matter

Oprah goes to war! I am so excited that we will again have a real Commander in Chief in the Rainbow House. Putin will be quaking in his boots.

One major benefit is that Oprah will no doubt be just as good at ordering drone strikes as our First Gay President, Barack Hussein Obama. Plus, we can all have a good cry when the drones kill innocent people of color instead of old racist whites. Crying and drone strikes led by Oprah — what’s not to like?


Oprah will be such a strong leader. She knows so much about war, trade, law, history, economics, business, infrastructure and so much more from talking to a variety of guests on her TV show. Trump can’t even begin to understand these things.


I take even longer to get ready because I have to gel and comb my hipster beard which is oh so masculine, iron my checkered shirt, choose a bow tie, spend ages shining my pointy formal shoes and finally choose a fancy cologne or perfume before heading down to grab a 50cm soy latte from my local designer coffee shop.

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

Great fashion choices. I neglected to mention that I vigilantly apply Old English to my wood framed glasses each morning.


Fantastic article Pbier. Oprah Winfrey is so courageous to take a stand against rape. Rape is so ingrained in our society that few people are brave enough to speak up and say that it is wrong, and Oprah is one such person. We need a president who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power and say definitively that rape is WRONG and that white racism is WRONG!

Trump isn’t even qualified to be president, because he’s nothing but a REALITY TV STAR and nothing more! Oprah is so much more than that!


The Golden Globes are social cancer and Hollywood needs encirclement with crime-scene tape. Naturally I was occupied elsewhere during Winfrey’s rambling wreckage of breathless nothingness. Tell me this Mr. or Missus Peeboor: Do you have a U.S. birth certificate and what does Jim Crow have to do with Winfrey’s black privilege or the price of tea in China?


Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

What is the difference between Oprah and a cockroach?

The cockroach is Blacker!

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

In other news

Muslim rapes daughter to teach her not to sleep her her husband to be


In the fourth quarter of 2017, a district court in southeastern Norway has sentenced an Afghan man in his 40s to prison for four years and eight months for having raped his own daughter because she had sexual relations with her fiancé.

Make my votes count
Make my votes count

After reading the sexist headline I refuse to read this article,
Oprah is going to be our next president and for you to focus on her Globes is rape.
BTW they are actually brown, not golden.

Yuso Dum
Yuso Dum

Reporting from secret Launch Pad

Our great leader has given many speeches that were way better than hers.

Latest NK government sources indicate that ballistic recall function proved successful in today’s earlier test. Hawaii residents none the wiser.


Yup, she’s well-qualified presidential timbre: (1) demagogue, (2) negress, and (3) leftist kook. We demand she release all tax returns, NOW!

BTW, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s there to hear it…. Maybe the resident Apes heard….

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

and after it rotted, turned it over for worms and other crawlies

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

155 hits in 2 and 1/2 days.

A great milestone surpassing the ZERO views of the NOTHING articles posted here on many a recent day.