Harvard Professor Explains How Hillary Could STILL Become President!


According to Newsweek, a prestigious Harvard Law Professor has confirmed it’s still not too late for Hillary. After having her dreams crushed in 2016 by a tidal wave of fake news, Russian hackers targeting John Podesta’s emails, the details of which are not important, and voter intimidation directed at minorities who might not be able to afford identity documents, Hillary has had to endure a year of utter humiliation and crushed aspirations. But according to Lawrence Lessig, professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard University, the most prestigious university for womyn and minorities in the world, there is still hope for Hillary, and the dreams she thought had been stolen from her, may in fact be just over the horizon.

The Russia investigation has been a long and treacherous one, fraught with rabbit holes leading to no concrete evidence, but flush with claims made by named and unnamed sources about the existence of evidence. The first piece of evidence is yet to be found, but the opinions of experts have nevertheless prompted government officials to spend large amounts of time and money investigating this potential scandal. Just because you haven’t found any evidence yet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend all of your time and resources looking for it. In fact, the fact that we haven’t found any concrete evidence yet, despite so many statements by experts saying that there is evidence, just makes this all the more suspicious and leads me and many other progressives to believe that Trump has a lot to hide. And the fact that known right wing extremist liars are now demanding the release of a confidential memo that could compromise this entire investigation, just makes me even more confident that Trump is about to get nailed once and for all.

But I’m not the only one who thinks that this is a strong possibility. Professor Lessig also thinks that this is a very likely outcome, and that through a chain reaction of events could lead to Hillary becoming president, just like she should have been. Lessig claims that if it does in fact emerge that Trump conspired with the Russians, “he’s got to resign, and if he doesn’t resign, then absolutely Congress needs to impeach him”. This impeachment would then lead to Mike Pence becoming president, who would then also be forced to resign due to the illegitimacy of the Republican administration, which would then likely lead to the appointment of Hillary, who won the popular vote and most likely the electoral college too.

I hope that Hillary is praying during her spirit cooking dinners that Trump is finally brought to justice, and cursing his voodoo doll with evil spirits.

Critics will say that progressives are delusional and too pampered to accept a loss with honor and good sportsmanship. But the fact is, we’re always right, and the accredited media tells us so every day. Every celebrity, every news reader and every Harvard Professor agrees with us, and there’s no way those people are all wrong or self-serving. We are always right, and we will therefore never accept defeat and never listen to our critics. We know we’re morally righteous and we know that we have the facts on our side, so right wingers better get out of our way and give us our government back, or we’re going to take back what is rightfully ours!


…and this proves donkeys fly.

Black Lives Matter

Sportswomynship doesn’t mean letting orange Nazis win!


I am certainly cooking my spirits as fervently as possible in the hopes that what now looks to be plainly obvious, that there is rampant and putrid corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, DOJ, and Obama administration, which appear to have severally conspired, committed multiple acts of perjury, sedition, and even high treason, by using not only a political hitjob memo to obtain FISA warrants for the purpose of damaging and inhibiting an opposition political candidate, but then when that didn’t work, actively engaging in a conspiracy to undermine and eliminate a lawful presidency…that all this ISN’T TRUE. CNN certainly isn’t saying it is, so I’m with them and HER.

I don’t see why Trump shouldn’t be removed by force like we were going to do with Assad- he won an election during the civil war, monitored by international monitors as totally legitimate, and with as big a percent of the vote in his favor as George Washington, but that hasn’t stopped bipartisan voices and the thankfully jewish media from calling him illegitimate, has it? So Trump is TOO, because, well, we progressives DON’T LIKE HIM. And that’s ALL that matters!

He is Hitler because we say he is. If you ask for evidence or proof, then you are Hitler TOO. Conspiracy and breaking the “law” is OK if progressives do it for a good cause and by good I mean one we support regardless of the law. So what if it appears to anyone with a brain that the Clinton Foundation was a massive money laundering apparatus for the sole enrichment of the Clintons; these are PROGRESSIVES and it’s totally OK for progressives to get rich by any means necessary. What is bad and wrong is for conservatives to be rich.

Hillary can still become President and this would be totally good for the country.

Yuso Dum
Yuso Dum

Don’t worry Trav777 there is no way that the FBI can be politicized.
During the 60’s Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders were only investigated because they were a threat.
During the 50’s Joe McCarthy was not assisted by the FBI at all.
Cointelpro was not really illegal.
Mr Hoover is just as respected as Mr Comey.
To assume Obama would use a branch of government to hurt his political opponent is ludicrous. The IRS acted as lone wolves against the tea party.
LBJ did not do something similar to to Barry Goldwater.

I guess about 2 more weeks our dreams will be fulfilled and we will have Hillary in place raising taxes, Implementing business crippling regulations and getting us back on track to globalization.


MLK hung out with a lot of known communist and was an avowed marxist himself. That must have been why the FBI was monitoring him…surely it wasn’t because of the hookers he was beating during orgies. They were just paying reparations.

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

When spirit cooking. only use high proof spirits as with low proof ones, there will be no alcohol left when it is time to drink it

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

Who would not this as president


Damnit isn’t page is entertaining. I actually thought I was reading comments from left wing clowns until about 5 seconds in. I give the sarcasm, wit, and accuracy of the comments below two thumbs up AND five stars! Keep it coming fellas.
I mean ladies and gents….



You are assuming our gender as one of 500+ possible. This is a disgustingly sexist assumption!!!