Trump Destroyed Professional Sports — Most People Just Don’t Know It Yet


Donald Trump destroys almost everything he touches.  Marriage equality.  Transgendered rights.  The African-American community.  All have been destroyed by the monstrosity known as Trump.  Trump is an evil American Shiva, demolishing everything in his path as he gobbles two scoops of ice cream while guzzling twelve Diet Cokes.

Now Trump has yet another victim:  professional sports.  But shockingly most people have no idea of the harm soon to befall our progressive athletes and their liberal owners.

Hidden within the Trump tax law is a “poison pill”:  the longstanding tax deduction for “entertainment expenses” is now gone.

For decades, professional sports thrived on the entertainment expense deduction.  For decades, major corporations and other businesses purchased the overwhelming majority of sports tickets.  Sports leagues across the country, especially the National Football League (NFL), likewise demanded cities and municipalities to pay for lavish new stadiums, often costing over $1 billion.  Why? — because they wanted to add expensive luxury boxes for major corporate clients to entertain clients.

Businesses bought the tickets even though many executives often had little concern for sports.  The entertainment expense deduction, however, allowed them to deduct 50% of the expense, which they could then justify to the accounting geeks for client entertainment or at least as a fringe benefit for employees.

Now the deduction is gone.  Worse, businesses can still deduct 50% for client business meals, and many businessmen have already been grumbling about ticket inflation for years.  In the next few years, here is the conversation that is going to take place in every company currently holding season tickets:

Accounting Geek: “We can’t deduct sports tickets anymore.  We should use dinners to entertain clients instead.  We can deduct those.”

Businessman Who Likes Sports:  “But I use tickets to entertain clients!”

Businessman Who Doesn’t Care About Sports:  “Take them out to dinner instead!”

In boom years, many companies may still keep paying for the tickets.  But when a recession strikes, businesses will overwhelmingly eliminate the expense.  It is almost inconceivable that any manager or financial officer could justify a non-deductible expense in a difficult business climate, particularly when client meals are still deductible.  And professional sports teams are already seeing massive declines in TV viewership (roughly 20% for the NFL in the last two years) in large part because people are sick of watching ad-laced programming in an on-demand world.

The Trump tax assault likely is the major factor behind the “freeze” in free agency in Major League Baseball.  But teams likely have tried to keep the issue quiet to avoid liquidity problems and more expensive financing arrangements.  So a clueless media continues to blame extraneous factors, like the current collective bargaining agreement — which never caused a freeze in previous seasons.

As usual, African-Americans are being hit the hardest.  Trump made no secret of his disdain for the NFL and its largely African-American player base in his earlier comments on the racist national anthem.  Without seven-figure and eight-figure incomes, how will our star African-American athletes pay for the alimony that they owe or the large retinues of homies that they require for popularity purposes?

The Trump tax law is going to decimate professional sports.  Ticket prices could collapse.  And important corporate leaders attached to cell phones may soon become a thing of the past at stadiums — replaced by Trump’s deplorables and their disgusting white families.  If this doesn’t prove Trump is evil, I don’t know what does.

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It’s about time we remove negro entropy from within our GDP. Hollywood is next.



The good news is, that if New Mexico passes it’s proposed legislation we should be able to get more kids in college. More kids in college = more college athletes = more professional athletes.

“New Mexico may become the first state in the nation to make students apply for college”

The only downside of this proposal, at least according to the article, is:

“Zinth said schools in New Mexico and other states considering such a move would need to beef up their guidance counselor staffs and offer students more help in filling out applications, because the applications would probably not be of very high quality without proper guidance.”

That is the only “downside” of the government forcing kids to apply to college – at least according to the CNN article. I say it would be a positive thing to have more guidance counselor staff — it would provide more jobs.


Afrocentrism means that a college degree is like a talisman that makes a mercedes and a big house appear by magic. So erryone gots to has one to git dat loot


The number one problem with Africa is LACK OF EDUCATION!!

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

The number one problem with Africa is Black Stupidity.


Wow that’s great thinking by New Mexico’s state officials! Just look at the intelligence of the shrieking girl and the social justice warriors at Yale. If the Yale students act like that, then imagine how smart the students at the other colleges are. We must not stop until EVERY American has a college degree, at which point they’ll all get paid what people with college degrees got paid in 1980!


this is a salient article. If ratings for the NFL are falling it’s largely due to RACISM by white fans who are exercising white supremacy and white privilege to not watch the games!

White people have an OBLIGATION to support anything that has large black participation, regardless of how hostile toward them or their beliefs it is!


Trump is PURPOSEFULLY DESTROYING the NFL! He just can’t stand that those brave African American athletes stood up to racist white working class America who thinks that just because they pay their salaries that they can somehow offend them by singing that racist national anthem! The national anthem is fucking OFFENSIVE ok?? Fucking DEAL with it, America!