“The Art Of Joyless Living” – An Exclusive Extract From The Forthcoming Book Release


I’ve had less time recently for writing articles as I work on an exciting new book.  Publication is scheduled tentatively for Autumn 2028 as I’m super demotivated, which is one of the themes of the book in fact.  Here’s an exclusive extract.


By Pbier

This book is dedicated to the memory of Karl Marx, who continues to inspire me in all things


MANY books have been written to inspire, motivate, empower or otherwise enhance the reader’s self-discipline/ mindfulness/ positive-thinking. Examples in this genre include Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, Anthony Robbins “Unwaken the Giant Within” and Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman In The World.” Let us not forget either The Art Of Attraction, which posits that if a blind beggar with leprosy in downtown Mumbai is in the condition he is, it’s because he’s not sending enough positive vibes to the Universe.

This book is somewhat different.  It is in fact the entire antithesis to the above and has a different readership in mind.

Whereas Robbins, Covery and Mandino wrote for the motivationally-privileged in society – life’s “winners” who barely need to be reminded of their privilege let alone have it enhanced – this book is dedicated to the people life left behind.

Whether you call us Social Justice Workers, Socialists, Left Wing Activists, Communists, Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Anti-Fascists etc. all these are just labels to describe the ranks of those of us devoid of all joy in their lives.  It’s not that we Progressives aren’t capable deep-down of experiencing joy in our lives, it’s just that we do everything in our power to suppress it.

We’re not selfish, however. We suppress not only our own joy, but that of everyone we meet.

First, let us define what is meant by joy:

Reading through the list of synonyms, the average Progressive will recognize perhaps three or four of these at the most:

  • “Glee” refers to the American high-school musical drama involving a bunch of gay, transgendered, disabled singers.  Their antagonists are many, including a couple of Christian students who serve to remind Glee viewers how hateful/ homophobic their religion is.
  • “Ecstasy” is an unaccredited drug, since it is not produced by any of the pharmaceutical giants worthy of our trust
  • “Rapture” refers to the discredited Christian notion that when Hillary or Obama are finally revealed as the anti-Christ, millions of Evangelical Protestants will disappear in the blink of an eye and avoid the tribulation.
  • “Happiness” is an entirely inappropriate state of being.  How can anyone be ‘happy’ when there is so much injustice, oppression and intolerance around us? Only a cocker spaniel who chases after a ball on a long beach has any right to feel ‘happy’.  If you want to be a cocker spaniel, that is your Allah-given right, but we progressives have a whole world to put right so don’t get in our way while you chase that ball.

With the possible exception of ‘Glee’, it’s clear to see that joy has no place in our lives.  Joy bestows on people an artificial sense that ‘all is right’ with the world; it is responsible for fools saying the most idiotic of things. Only when we strip all joy from our lives do we finally see the world for the terrible place it is.

Let us now consider the following expressions , for example, and see them through a joyless lense:

the sun will come out tomorrow”  – The Joyless Reality (“TJR”): let us hope not, for all sunlight is carcinogenic unless one is wearing factor 50 protection

Smile, it’s the weekend tomorrow!” – TJR: And, after that, it’s Monday morning again…

I choose happiness, success, and abundance in my life” – TJR: Hey, check your privilege!  You didn’t earn that success and abundance, you stole it from a person of color.  Watch this inspiring and not remotely contrived 5-minute video on Facebook/ LinkedIn to show you how your privileged upbringing gave your unearned advantages.

In this book, we will show you how living a joyless life, and inspiring others to do so, can change the world for the better.  Remember that progress has only even been possible when it is forced through by self-righteous individuals with a heightened sense of moral superiority, who create an atmosphere of fear and self-loathing wherever they go.  Without such people we would never have discovered, for example, that there are in fact at least 72 genders.

Without our Progressive mindset, we would deal with people of color with humanity and on an equal basis instead of patronising them and seeing them as permanent victims incapable of doing anything for themselves; we would live and let-live, instead of trying to tell other people what to do; we would fail to take offense on behalf of other ‘victim groups’ who might, at a stretch, be offended by an innocuous comment meant in gentle humor.  Worst still, men and womyn might get together as homophobic Nature intended and bring up stable and loving families.

And where would we be then?



1. Introduction – you didn’t earn X, it was stolen

2. Why the feminist revolution has only just begin

3. Life lessons we can learn from the Puritans

4. (to be completed)

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Black Lives Matter

Wow, this book looks amazing. How can anyone feel joy when the police hunt us like dogs on a daily basis? Allah forbids joyousness.


It’s great to see that we’re all working on side projects and other accredited books in addition to our accredited journalism. I’m also lacking motivational privilege, so I never finished my autobiography or my “Tricks of the Trade” book on how to be a Wall Street trader.

One of the things I find really annoying is that while we’re fretting about a plethora of social justice issues and wallowing in guilt, anger, pity and hopelessness, other people are enjoying life, taking action and proactively changing the world. I really hate that other people think they can walk around with smiles on their faces when there is so much wrong with the world. Sure, we may live better than even kings did 200 years ago, but so what? It’s not good enough. Oxfam says we have “global inequality”, which needs to be rectified with more birth rate-stimulating charity and foreign aid. And green peace says we need to protect the environment by filling natural landscapes with wind farms. Wherever I look, I see injustice and lack of progress. I won’t be happy until happy people are brought down to our level and made to feel what we feel every day!

Black Lives Matter

It is scientifically proven that monkeys, and therefore humans, excluding People of Color who can never be compared to any animal of any kind, HATE inequality more than anything else. Check out this experiment:

This video shows very clearly why everyone should be paid the same amount, regardless of what jobs they have or whether they choose to work or not.


Yes, this sharing part of their nature is the only part we should look at though. We should ignore their strict system of hierarchy with the alpha male bullies leading and protecting the pack, and the authority males have over females. These aspects of chimpanzee nature should not be emulated. We should only emulate the sharing part.


Nature? What is that? This is simply part of their CULTURE. As a white man (inherently lacking a culture), this is impossible for you to understand. There is no such thing as nature. These primates behave this way because of social constructs and because they were incarcerated.


OMG I apologize you’re totally right Trav. It’s their culture to do this. And even if they do have some cultural practices that I find reprehensible, it’s not for me as a white male to judge a chimpanzee of color.


That is a horrible example of the prison-industrial complex. Fortunately in the USA we have black people who do not throw the things they are given for free back at the people giving them.

We have put them in the School-to-Prison Pipeline, which is an actual pipe that is built directly from black schools to prisons in order to incarcerate hapless blacks who dindu nuffins.

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

Making fun of imbeciles is a growing trend.

Might even be life extending.


Dark stuff, maybe BLM can help. I would suggest you copy and paste Sartre to accelerate publication, except his joyous and hopeful views aren’t compatible.

James O. Eastland Democrat and Dixiecrat
James O. Eastland Democrat and Dixiecrat

Red hair. Goddammed communist.

Bill Gated
Bill Gated

If money, technology or power over others made people happy, then there would be lot less problems in this world.
A guy with money is unsatisfied with yet, and this paradoxically makes him want more money, and he becomes aggressive in acquiring money.
Same with technology, American aggression in the middle east and South America, can be traced to the lack of joy in producing and using all the military technology.
And power is all too familiar, people who lack character and power over themselves want to control others.
Watch the video of this guy claiming that he avoids Facebook, and prevents his children from getting on to it, because it is bad for their mental health.

It is very clear from the video, this guy, Palihapitiya is mentally ill, Facebook or not. And all those in the room watching him talk are mentally ill, but want his investment for some idea of theirs. They are there listening politely, just to get some money from him.
Or watch Sergey Brin trying out Google glass, he clearly looks like a drugged zombie. That was his state during initial testing of Glass, imagine his state after using it continuously.

The problem is not with those lacking money, technology or power. The problem is that those who “have” all the stuff (cargo, as Jared Diamond would have called it) are mentally ill, and have a strange need to control others, and tell them how to live.