Introducing The Accredited Times Global Intersectional Oppression Index (ATGIOI)


Economists, social scientists and academics have long used ‘indices’ in order to produce objective measures of how countries are performing relative to one another. To take a couple of examples:

  • Transparency International, a global non-government organisation, whose aim is to fight corruption, produces an annual ‘corruptions perception’ index.  This index ranks 176 countries across the world according to Transparency International’s perception of corruption endemic in those countries.  In 2016, Denmark was deemed to be the least corrupt country, whereas Somalia was perceived to be the most corrupt of all 176 countries profiled.  For those interested, Guineau Conakry was 142nd in the list.
  • Index of Economic Freedom – the Heritage site provides an index of 180 countries, ranking them between those it deems to be free (a score between 80 and 100) through to those least free (labelled ‘repressed’, with a score of below 49.9).  In the 2018 index, Hong Kong was deemed to be the world’s most economically free country, whereas North Korea earned the ultimate insult by propping up the rankings with a score of just 5.8). Guinea Conakry was labelled a ‘mostly unfree’ economy and sits at a lowly 146 on the list.

In addition to the above examples, there are a plethora of indices having to do with GDP, inflation, unemployment, sports prowess, educational achievements, alcohol consumption, cofee consumption, meat consumption…the list is virtually endless.

Alas, despite looking high and low, our research team (H/T to Mohammed Al Jihad and Precious Elijah) was unable to find any index that sought to compare countries based on intersectional oppression.  There are (rare) examples of oppression against individual groups, such as people of color, LGBTQ, womyn, the Muslim Community etc., but to our knowledge no organisation has stood back and sought to compare countries’ intersectional oppression.  We have no idea why this is, but it is a sad fact.

Whilst there is arguably some (limited) value in comparing economic or educational performance across nations, in our opinion, what is the point of dealing with an economic giant like the United States if the country’s record on intersectional oppression would rank as ‘repressive’?  It is simply evil to turn a blind eye to Trump’s Islamaphobic, racist, sexist, homophobic policies and speeches in order to win a lucrative $10 billion contract in Amerikkka.

Until now, Trump has largely got away with his shocking behaviour because no index has been compiled to call him on his intersectional oppression.

With this important background out of the way, the Accredited Times is proud to announce the launch of the first index of its kind – The Accredited Times Global Intersectional Oppression Index (ATGIOI).

Using state of the art algorithms, in-depth research, interviews with oppressed groups, feelings, and informed speculation, over the coming weeks, the Accredited Times will compile the information it needs to produce the ATGIOI.  Our methodology will be quite simple and yet state of the art: we will produce an index based on an intersectional basket of oppressed groups with weightings determined according to the oppression pyramid.

We will release choice extracts for free on this site, although in-depth analysis will only be available to paid subscribers.  We believe that all banks, financial institutions, government bodies, NGOs, corporations etc. worldwide will want access to the ATGIOI before deciding where to do business. No doubt, accredited banks like Goldman Sachs will launch derivative products around the ATGIOI.

In time, it is our hope that the ATGIOI will make the world a less oppressive place for all minorities.  Watch this space!

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Wow this is so exciting. Finally an index that countries of color can do well on, and which white and east Asian countries will do terribly on. The ATGIOI will allow international governing institutions like the UN and World Bank to decide how to allocate the world’s resources and which countries to tax due to their privilege. The measure of a nation’s success should be based on social justice and how victimized their population is. i’m sick of countries doing well on the basis of things like “freedom” which are not even as important as security and safety.


Yes, it is critical to have these kinds of lists when all we see are memes where white countries have clean streets and black countries are full of trash. I know the reason these countries have so much garbage in them- it’s because the OTHER countries DON’T have so much garbage. Zero-sum, like a true progressive.

Bill Gated
Bill Gated

People all over the world stop doing whatever you are doing now, this includes doctors doing surgeries. Hop into the nearest AT outpost, and answer all questions that are required to build ATGIOI. You will be tracked by your unique ID, and anyone who continues with his work and doesn’t spends the rest of his lifetime providing data will be immediately jailed.
Data for good governance is more important than useful work.

Don’t you love home grown biometric unique ID?

Black Lives Matter

This should leapfrog the Accredited Times over U.S News & World Report as the most accredited ranking publication. Huge news.

Jimmy the Greek
Jimmy the Greek

I’m betting on Venezuela rising to the top because they are just bread for it.


How about an ASSWIPE indicator for annoying stories like this one?


Accredited Slimes Story Watch Imminent Pusillanimous Expectation

Stick Your Proof In My Pudding
Stick Your Proof In My Pudding

I think this is great and all, but we need to remember that kids in America suffer too. 3% of teens in Minnesota now identify as non-binary.

But yet, kids in America still have to deal with transphobia… and Trump… and the patriarchy… and bullying… and Trump… and racism… and body shaming…. and Trump… and Islamophobia… and sexual harassment… and rape culture… and Trump.

Life is tough. Buckle up and medicate. Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline.

Bill Gated
Bill Gated

What about teens who don’t identify themselves as male, female, or trans , non-ternary? What about the non-quaternary?

Is Glaxo Smith Kline medicating everyone through drinking water?

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

I believe that a more relevant index would be the ASSOIN also know as the

Allah’s Supreme Shin Oppression INdex

It has been narrated (because all of The Great Mo’s companions were illiterate, as was he) that once Allah reveals his Shin all who see it will be forced to bow down before it.

Another word for oppression is force.

I believe that pretty young women (preferably platinum blondes who are the most white of the whites and therefore the most heavenly) expose their shins, in order to see how susceptible a person is to exposure to Allah’s shin, in order to create a Pseudo ASSOIN or

Pseudo Allah’s Supreme Shin Oppression INdex

to be mislabelled PASSION