Why I Don’t Care About Vanessa Trump’s Hate Mail

Donald Trump Jr. (left) and his wife Vanessa Trump (right).

Donald Trump and his family represent the worst of America.  They are privileged whites who relentlessly attack womyn, People of Color, and the LGBTQ+ community.

So when I found out that some idiot had sent an envelope with white powder to Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr., I frankly didn’t give a crap.  Although I personally reject violence, I don’t care about bullies.  And the Trumps are the biggest bullies of all.

Sorry, but it’s called being woke.  I am woke to the fact that the Trumps are the enemies of humanity.  I am woke to the fact that Black Lives Matter — not White Lies.  And I am woke to the fact that the Trumps are Rethuglicans of the worst sort.  The Trumps make Lindsey Graham — a conservative firebrand from South Carolina — look like he’s some kind of pro-amnesty progressive pretending to be conservative while actually servicing Latino dudes on weekends.  They even make John McCain look like a progressive, which is, of course, completely ridiculous.

Being woke means I frankly don’t care when the Trumps have problems.  Their problems are their own — not mine.  The Trumps do not deserve respect; they only deserve derision.

“Boo hoo,” you say.  Well, if you think that’s callous, here are my questions for you:  How many People of Color will die because of the welfare cuts that Donald Trump just proposed in his recent budget?  How many People of Color will die because of the cuts that Donald Trump has proposed to foreign aid, including completely eliminating foreign aid to Pakistan after giving it $33 billion over the past fifteen years?  How many State Department bureaucrats will lose their jobs from the cuts proposed by Donald Trump?  Pakistan deserves American money; People of Color deserve reparations; and we need more good-paying bureaucratic jobs in Washington, DC.  Real callousness is supporting Donald Trump.

Now, of course, we’ve learned that the hate mail caused no harm to poor little white Vanessa or Don Jr.  Of course, it’s good that no harm befell anyone innocent, like the postal workers who delivered the package sent by whatever idiot sent it.  But if the white powder wasn’t something nefarious, then what was it?  If I had to guess, I would say it was cocaine from a Trump drug dealer.  Although Donald Trump himself reportedly doesn’t even drink or smoke, I would bet a tofu dinner with salted broccoli sticks that the Trumps are all secretly cokeheads or druggies.  What else would explain their aberrant, non-progressive behavior and their embrace of extremist capitalism?

It’s time for a real leader in the White House, like Barack Hussein Obama — not some cokehead or pothead obsessed with dividing the country by race while spouting off meaningless platitudes.  We need unity — not the race card.  The Democrat Party must renominate Barack for a third term or nominate Michelle Obama for the Presidency.  It’s the best way to ensure that America wins in 2020.

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1.Wear your pink tu-tu.
2. Finish your love letters to Al Sharpton (you owe him.)


Republicans can’t even take a joke! We talk about assassinating Trump and his family all the time! We don’t mean nothing by it, we’re just playing. Why are Republicans so serious all the time?


Wait, I thought we were serious. In fact, certainly people are only joking after the FBI shows up


Yeah, we’re serious, but if we’re confronted about it, it’s a joke. Just like the kneelers in the NFL hate America, but when confronted say they love America and just want to bring attention to police brutality.

Hooray 4 Hollywood
Hooray 4 Hollywood

All in all, this is a pretty good article BLM. However, instead of pointing out the negative (which all progressives know we’d be better off if the negatives in the form of privileged whites like the Trump family would just disappear), how about focusing on the positives?

Other accredited media outlets like CNN, NBC and ABC are all aflutter over the cheerleaders for the North Korean Olympic Team as well as the head cheerleader for the NK regime, Kim Yo Jong.

ABC’s social justice warrior queen and Hollywood icon Whoopi Goldberg chastised the Priveleged Whitey VP for not showing deference to the North Koreans and Kim Yo Jong, who he was seated in front of:


Even the NYT exclaimed that Kim Yo Jong, “Kim Jong Un’s Sister Turns On The Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight”

So instead of focusing on the evil white privileged few that are on their way out, please highlight the ones like Kim Yo Jong that absolutely melt our progressive hearts and give us hope anew!


Kim Yo Jong, is so elegant and classy – she absolutely devastated Mike Pence with her resolve and dignity. North Korea really are a fantastically well-organized country.