Nike’s Amazing New Ad ‘Nothing Beats A Londoner’


Sports giant Nike has been accused of many things in the past. Operating sweatshops and exploiting child labor in Asian factories are just a couple of the accusations levelled against the company Phil Knight founded.

It would be impossible to criticise Nike, however, for excluding athletes of color from its marketing.

For anyone doubting Nike’s diversity credentials we present, as Exhibit-1, the corporation’s amazing new three-minute advert ‘Nothing Beats A Londoner’ which should shut up its critics for good.

The stunning advert showcases around 30 ‘typical’ athlètes, singers and other youngsters you might find hanging around London. We urge you to avoid the largely racist comments section underneath the YouTube clip, and enjoy the video for what it is – a salute to London’s diversity.

If I was being slightly fussy, I might complain that Nike is at risk of being over-inclusive in its bid to be politically-correct.  At 27 seconds, for example, we see a token white kid ‘in the hood’.  Fortunately, a few seconds later, the back-pack the white kid is carrying suddenly opens to reveal a far friendlier face.

Anyway, that’s enough spoilers from me. Enjoy!

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Do you watch commercials or wear the Nike’s? They overpriced, LOL.


Wow I’m really impressed with Nike for this progressive commercial. London, the landmark city of the English speaking world is now run by people of color. My only qualm is that there aren’t enough Muslim hyphenated Brits in there, as I believe they are far more represented in London than Afro Caribbean hyphenated Brits.

Lil\' Butchie
Lil\' Butchie

Well, their Nikes are piled up outside a mosque (no shoes during prayer). Just wouldn’t have the same level of ‘excitement’ as all the running and jumping shown in ad.

So glad that it was a white kid, and not one of our Muslim hyphenated brothers featured with the backpack. Who KNOWS what you’d find in there! They are such pranksters. 🙂


I am not sure if this is a real Muslim in the video with backpack


I don’t know, probably a toy clock that their genius son made at school? That’s one thing I love about Muslims – you never know what you’re going to get. White Londoners may get annoyed at the odd lone wolf attack or acid attack, but trust me, if Muslims were to all be deported tomorrow, they’d miss them.

Black Lives Matter

This ad needs some serious work in the diversity department. Where the hell are the Afro-Londoners or the Muslim-Londoners??? I didn’t see hardly any in the whole damn ad!!!


I agree. This would be like an advert for California without any undocumented Hispanic hyphenated Americans. It’s racist.

Wine Connoisseur
Wine Connoisseur

Sigh. I would love to be celebrating this commercial today, but I am saddened and outraged by this school shooting in Florida. I am a gun owner, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am turning in my guns and ammo. I will not be complicit in gun violence.

It is time for the semseless gun violence to end, turn a new page, and begin drafting common sense gun laws.


Standard Redneck
Standard Redneck

You know what is sad. Is that whenever something like this happens there are actually real people like you that want to use it as an opportunity to take away guns from Americans. Just look at these Twitter searches. Thousands upon thousands of people, or Soros-funded trolls/bots, that literally want to disarm Americans. The numbers are staggering, and I have difficulty comprehending that this many real people can be so brainwashed. Part of me thinks that Americans have been dumbed down this low, and part of me thinks that there might be something to this DNC/Soros conspiracy – where they create bots to spread this nonsense. It is a scary thought.



Your comment is highly suspicious and I’ve reported you to the FBI.


Wow you are so courageous, WC! You should make this a twitter campaign with hashtag #EnoughIsEnough, so that millions of other gun-loving Americans follow suit and do the right thing. This will really put some peer pressure on the hardcore gun nuts.

Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness
Mules! Proof of Allahs Kindness

Turning in your guns when threatened by other people with guns is an insane act

I recommend buying BIGGER guns.