The Haka And The Evil Of Cultural Appropriation

The ‘Haka’ dance, intended to intimidate the opposition. A shocking example of cultural appropriation

Of all the many crimes committed by white people against other cultures, cultural appropriation is up there with slavery and genocide in terms of wickedness. Cultural appropriation is of course the act of using or taking without permission aspects of other cultures for one’s own personal gain. It robs a culture of its own identity for no compensation, which is what makes this crime so insidious.

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Why It’s Time To Confiscate Gold


In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 “forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold buillion and gold certificates within the continental United States“. The effect of the Order was to criminalise the holding of gold by private individuals, associations and businesses. Patriotic citizens duly turned in their gold bars, coins and certificates, receiving payment equivalent to $20 per ounce. Whilst these individuals may initially have been reluctant to give up their shiny metal, one can imagine their delight in receiving real money in the form of crisp bank notes.

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How To Spot A Russian


As reported earlier today on AT, thanks to PropOrNot, it is now possible for hard working Americans and their families to surf safely online and avoid being propagandized by Russians. These protections did not always exist. Many innocent people have inadvertently read an apparently harmless, well-written, balanced and properly-sourced article on Russia Today without realising they were being brain-washed all along. We regret the harm caused to these poor victims, who are now convinced, for example, that white people are responsible for most of the world’s major advances in science, technology and culture. There is no helping them.

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Brave Norwegian Progressives show that the future is in good hands

This video really gives me tremendous hope for the next generation. Too often, we worry that our youth is overly materialistic and is concerned only by banal social media and cat gifs. Just when you despair about the future, along comes a video that truly inspires.

Ignore the derogatory description of the video and just admire the passion, the collective intelligence and the voice of Norway’s youth. This is our future and we can be very excited indeed.

Still Looking Great!


We don’t usually do ‘puff pieces’ in Accredited Times, favouring instead weighty subjects like family audits, globalisation and the wisdom of the fractional reserve banking system. These matters are central to how we make progress and rid the world of unenlightened parenting, narrow-minded ‘local’ focus, and barbaric relics respectively. They are all topics that deserve  our utmost attention and discussion.

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