Disruptive Government Programs


The last five years have seen a rise in the number of exciting tech startups coming out of Silicon Valley. Tech and business enthusiasts speculate about how new startups will change the world and help us create a better society by disrupting established industries and methodologies and replacing them with faster, leaner and smarter ways of doing things. But what is often unseen amidst the startup hype is the revolution in government efficiency. The startup world may be innovating and becoming leaner and smarter, but government is also experiencing a paradigm shift in the ways it tackles social problems. The lean government revolution is making government faster, more efficient and more effective than ever before. This article looks at some of the exciting new innovations in government and how they are going to change the world.

Agile Legislation

Congress and our president are making use of new tools to improve legislation throughput and legislative efficiency. One method congress has used to achieve this is outsourcing. Instead of spending weeks and months writing complicated legislation, congress has started to outsource this legislation to lobbyists and advisers with specialized knowledge and industry experience. Congress is also spending less time reading legislation, and more time passing it, which is allowing government to get legislation to market faster. The key with legislation is to get it out there as fast as possible so you can get feedback on how effective it is and start passing new bills to patch up the mistakes. Our presidents are also starting to use special tools like the executive order to bypass legislative bureaucracy altogether and quickly pass important bills. By tightening this legislative feedback loop and outsourcing legislation, congress is able to continuously adapt to our changing economy.

Public Private Partnerships

Governments are learning that by working with key corporations they can deliver services faster and more effectively. Congress is now starting to make use of private security companies and mercenaries to improve our national security and national defense. Supplementing our security and defense capabilities allows our government to dynamically scale its efforts domestically and abroad. In addition, our government is now working extensively with health insurance companies to make healthcare more affordable for Americans as part of the Affordable Care Act. By partnering with established and reputable insurance companies, our government is helping many Americans afford health care that would otherwise be far too expensive, raising healthcare standards for Americans across the board.

Green Technologies

Governments are now investing heavily in green technologies in order to deliver smart innovative solutions to climate change. Our government has funded some wildly successful green startups over the last five years, many of which will play a vital role in the coming green revolution. Our government is also working closely with established financial institutions to devise sophisticated carbon offset trading schemes that allow businesses to compensate for their damage to the environment.

The Future for Government Innovation

At the rate at which government innovation is advancing, some economists believe that we are rapidly approaching an economic singularity in which economic prosperity grows at an unprecedented rate, dwarfing former economic advancements and launching us into a new golden age of wealth and abundance. Government innovation is transforming the planet for millions of citizens, and progressives are thrilled to see their dreams of a prosperous and equal society finally becoming a reality.


  1. Surely this was written as sarcasm..one need look no further than the Obama-care train wreck to see the result of ‘out-sourcing’ the writing of legislation.

      • When there is a train wreck …. that is exactly when …. socialized medicine …. is at it’s best …. when there is no money to be made by greedy Capitalist doctors !

      • as usual, you don’t go far enough…aren’t those who don’t work entitled to the same paycheck as those who do?? Minorities have far higher UE rates, therefore we must conclude they are denied access to jobs because of racism. And this demands redress. Those who are working can afford to share and spread a bit of the wealth around.

  2. Although this article is attributed to the estimable MDB, I suspect it was written by someone else who lacks his customary eye to detail.

    For example, “to dynamically scale it’s efforts domestically and abroad” suffers from both a split infinitive and an unnecessary apostrophe. “By partnering with established and repuable insurance companies” – really? “repuable”? I fear that the person who actually wrote this is not, in fact, accredited.

    Therefore, no matter how noble the sentiments expressed, and how cogent the thoughts, this article must be dismissed as drivel. In our ‘hurry-hurry’ modern world, moving as it does at breakneck pace, one simply cannot spare the time for opinions offered up by the non-accredited. I am confident that the editors will save us from the dangerous thoughts of the crypto-libertarians, but I implore them to be equally vigilant in sparing us the irrelevant meanderings of the non-accredited.

    • Polarbear you are right to criticize my slack grammar. I admit to posting before proof reading, and for this I sincerely apologize and leave my accredited status open for review. I hope you can forgive my slackness and accept my new commitment to maintaining the highest grammatical standards here at the accredited times.

    • Persnickety Capitalist grammarians …. nit pick the working class miners …. to keep them down in the pits …. with their picks and shovels ! Shame on you Polar Bear …. using grammar as a weapon …. against those who have been denied a private prep-school education !

  3. I call it “Fractional Socialism” …. the benign Keynesian stimulus …. empowers greedy Capitalists into productive channels …. then uses the newly created wealth …. for the common good ! The “Socialist Snail” …. is on the “Capitalist “thorn” !

  4. Social Capitalism was the norm in the USA.I practiced it all my biz life and I was rewarded with employees who cared.
    Now capitalists have turned into every ones nightmare.They are determined to destroy this country by financial suicide.
    Screw every one is their motto.
    At least they do not discriminate in their hate.

    • Damn right! These wall st bankers are suicidal maniacs! They create all these so called “bubbles” and leave the poor and middle class holding the bag of dooty! At least this president, elizabeth warren and nancy pelosi’s of theworld have our backs! These damn teabaggers want to take us all back 100 years where white majority rules and women are barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen children have no rights as there working 18 hours everyday in a sweat shop. It makes me angry these jerks