The Inconvenient Truth (For Libertarians) About The NSA


A wave of controversy has engulfed the issue of national security in recent years. Until recently, the justifications for our government’s security measures have been well understood. Americans have felt a warm sense of safety in the knowledge that our government was doing everything it could to preempt and prevent acts of terrorism. It was never a controversial issue, but rather a necessary evil that people accepted as moral and justified. So what has changed?

The answer is that the controversy has two main origins:

1. The growing threat of domestic terrorism and its implications for national security

2. The growing influence of conspiracy theorists and ‘libertarians’ on internet-based media platforms

Domestic Terrorism

This topic is a sensitive one, because many Americans see it as an accusation. They feel as if any implication that an American citizen could be responsible for an act of terrorism, immediately profiles them as a potential terrorist.

This notion is misguided for two reasons. Firstly, America’s national security efforts have never excluded Americans from the set of potential terrorists. The idea that an individual should be excluded from the list of potential terrorists simply because they are an American citizen is a dangerous one. Simply being born in America does not make you a patriot. Patriotism is a badge of honor that has to be earned, and you earn it by supporting your country in its efforts to spread the values that America stands for: Peace, Equality and Justice. There is no “get out of jail free” card that allows Americans to declare themselves guilt-free without continuously proving their loyalty to this country.

The second reason that this is that arguably American citizens are actually more likely to commit acts of terrorism than people from foreign countries, especially with the rise of anti-government hate groups such as the ‘Tea Party’ and ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movements. Both of these movements were founded on unfair accusations directed not only at respected congressmen but also senior professionals in the finance industry, some of whom are responsible for advising not only our government but also our Federal Reserve. These violent protests have ignited a disturbing undertone in America’s social framework, presenting a clear threat to the peace and stability of this nation.

Conspiracy Theorists and Libertarians

Some might think it unfair of me to put libertarians in the same category as conspiracy theorists, but since the overlap between the two is significant and both groups present a threat to our national security, I believe it is an appropriate association. The rise of these groups is responsible for much of the controversy surrounding national security for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is that both of these groups accuse the government of wrong-doing, and while conspiracy theorists baselessly accuse specific administrations and government agencies of and atrocious acts, libertarians will indict the entire concept of government agencies. This has caused a virus of paranoia to spread across the internet to the point at which many Americans now fear their own government. A natural corollary is that these groups are themselves more likely to commit acts of terrorism. Put these two facts together, and you have an increase in national security focused on domestic terrorism, coupled with an increase in mistrust of government.


The cold hard reality is that the NSA’s national security measures are both necessary and justified, especially when the risk of a domestic terror attack is greater than ever. It’s time for us to start rebuilding trust in our government and start building a safer and brighter world for our children. Libertarians and conspiracy theorists want you to live in fear, but deep down Americans know better. They know that national security requires sacrifices, and that our democratically elected officials can be trusted with administering our safety. It is the duty of every upstanding American to reawaken this responsible patriotism and restore our nation’s trust in democracy and the constitution.


    • MDB is so right. Cracks me up with all that common sense. I can say first hand that the new NSA survelliance center here in Utah is so impressive, shiney silver windows and all. I know the good people of Utah will not question the efforts to thwart the internal terror threats we all face. Ive heard the new center is creating jobs. People like Snowden are not types found around here. We here in Utah trust people at the top. We’re told by our masters, I mean or church leaders, that us members proudly have the american flag on each lawn or our ward houses to show our respect for churchnstate. A really big flag is over there at the new cyber center building.

      • Everyone needs to read or rather may I suggest a book . U. of Chicago . Milton Meyers. .They Thought They Were Free .. The German People from 1932 to 45. THEY got LOTS of jobs out of the Third Reich ..along with other things not so pleasant like a growing POLICE STATE and a prison population that put dissidents in jail for THINKING bad thoughts about the Reich or ratted out by neighbors. At the moment the US has the largest prison population in the world over China and Russia. It’s fastest growing industry . if you can call it that are security state and prison systems . among our biggest exports however are . recycled paper and trash, chemicals, skins and hides, and the military. We are either the Roman Empire Part II or a banana republic on the edge .. Eisenhower warned us about it . the military, industrial, corporate, banking complex control everything and destroy everything in their path . worldwide.

  1. Is this article meant to be a joke ?

    If so, it misses its target.

    There is nothing remotely funny about a government that has chosen to trample the constitution and Bill or Rights into the dust, all on the age-old pretext – trotted out by every dictator in history – of protecting its citizens against an unseen enemy that supposedly lurks around every corner.

    As if any professional terrorist would allow themselves to be compromised by an unguarded and unencrypted email transmission !

    These guys (supposing they actually exist) aren’t that stupid, and there are numerous- albeit expensive- ways to communicate that are essentially non-interceptible by any surveillance agency.

    One can therefore deduce that the real target of all this wall-to-wall surveillance are interesting people of standing: e.g. judges, politicians, academics, business and religous leaders etc. who are all infinitely blackmailable.

    Wake up America. Wake up World.

    • Oh my god, thank you. I’ve been saying this for months now. Praise Bernanke that someone else with this type of common sense exists out there. You think the real threats to our security are running around using gmail accounts? Are you effing kidding me? You really think they’re sharing bomb plans using drop box? You really think they’re googling “pressure cooker” and buying them up by the dozen from Amazon? I picture some idiot terrorist signing up for Amazon Prime so he can get free 2-day shipping on all his fertilizer and pressure cooker purchases.

      If this sounds stupid to you, and you support what the NSA is doing, hopefully this turns a lightbulb on.

      People are like pigs. They love their masters because that’s who feeds them. Every day, they line up and get a nice handful of oats…until one day their masters picks them up and leads them to the slaughterhouse so he can be a nice tasty dinner. Up until that very day, the pig had every reason to believe its master had its best interests at heart. I mean, why else would they be giving you food every morning?

  2. MDB

    Best of Luck on your new blog. Now you can entertain us from your own forum.

    An astute reader from ZH posted recently, “Dont let MDB’s dissimulation and feigned ignorance fool you. His well thought out use of Socratic irony is merely a ruse to frustrate and anger some readers and too amuse others, as well as himself.”

    Oh wait…that was me!!! 🙂

    All the best.


  3. You misguided young person. How can you say present day America stands for Peace, Equality and Justice? I have seen America’s ‘Defence’ budget, and trust me it isn’t for defence. As it is no other country would attack America, they generally are not war mongers who like to invade other sovereign nations.

    Equality, one of the most racist nations in the ‘developed world’ if it isn’t black/white it is Muslim bashing, or gay hating, not very tolerant for such a diverse population, where the cities are ethnically laid out, China town etc.

    Justice, Guantanamo, Zimmerman, Snowden, checks and balances? Constitution is only a piece of paper. Corruption in the financial markets and from there down. I’ve been to America, and seen some areas prosper while others are on a level reserved for 3rd world status. Detroit is bankrupt, the country should better take care of what goes on within its’ own borders before it tries to take control of the rest of the world.

  4. we the people decide what the values of our country are and should be, we are not mindless sheep that accept everything the obviously corrupted media tells us. We do not support the wars in the Middle East or the killing associated with it. Obviously we are tryign to set up a new world order and protect our global reserve currency status that every country in the world must buy oil in US dollars. MDB you are a traitor, but you have the right to your stupid-ass opinion so long as you remain peaceful, as do we.

    • THis site is drivel…. Goldran for 10 years asshole….. no mention there??? Of course a correction is not out of the quesation. It is also being manipulated but you ignore all that.

  5. Invisable, misguided dribel by someone without eyes,ears or conscience. Stick to Kudlow or just return your head to that whole in the ground like a good ostrich. G.Fawkes

      • *amazing*, people still don’t *get it*… one fine day soon, when justice & balance have finally been restored to this world (by the NWO), MDB’s work will be seen to be as important & accomplished in its own way as fellow ZH alumnus, Banzai7-san… Robert Anton Wilson called it ‘guerilla-ontology’, iirc… 😉

  6. best work so far by illustrious MDB…
    NSA spying must be encouraged..prisons must be filled….corporations have got to live too….
    i hate these pesky freedom loving Americans….after all ,their ancestors stole land from natives and murdered almost 100 million of them….

  7. Nice job, MDB. I didn’t read the article, because I know what it says from your comments at ZH. The funniest part of this are the comments here from people that think you’re serious.

    Way to step up your game!

  8. Did the author just state that our elected officials can be trusted ? Is this supposed to be a joke, or do some people still trust politicians ?

  9. Your schtick never gets old, MDB. And the goofs who take you seriously never fail to amuse……Go, MDB, go!

  10. The tragedy of a blog like this is that there are far too many who will read it and think it’s something they can believe because it’s billen as “Legitimate news from accredited writers.” Really? Accredited by Whom? The Josef Goebbels School of Propanganda Journalism?

    That said, the barriers to entry in the blogosphere are minimal, consistent with the First Amendment relating to free speech. No history degree is required. No familiarity with the Cee Oh eN eSS Tee eye Tee yoU Tee eye Oh eN is required. And no bona fides given are ever vetted…

    So, MDB, just keep on misdirecting your fellow citizens so that, when the day comes that they come for you, there will be no question that it’s you they’ve come to take away — as no one else will be left around you.

  11. It is sarcasm people! MDB is making a mockery of MSM. But like any good comedian, he always maintains character. Show the absurdity by taking it to the extreme is all he is doing.

    It is a joke people. And the joke is on the ones who do not get it!!

    • It’s not a joke. He speaks the truth. You just have to open your ears and have wider eyes to recognize it!

    • I am thinking that MDB is actually a student pursuing his PHD in philosophy, or maybe psychiatry, and his sarcasm, or satire, or whatever this stuff is, is part of his doctoral thesis project. Or……..he just likes to stir the pot.

  12. Great start to your blog MDB! And remember everyone, it’s easy being a patriot when your government’s right, the true patriot backs his government No-Matter-What.

  13. 1. MDB, I suggest that you add the Up/Down vote feature, just like on ZH.

    2. Suggest you also address the global OVER-population (by birthrate and by region). and how to reverse it. Fast.

  14. MDB you have done it again– wonderful logic and undisputed facts in the advancement of irresistible truths. You are sure to be the go-to-guy for the MSM in the future. With your grasp of world events and situations you could easily be tapped for a speech writers job at the White House. I see a rising star in you. By the way–great looking home page–

    Thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking but just don’t have what it takes to come forward.

  15. Genius trolling. Love it. You overplayed a little, but considering how dumb most people are, maybe that’s just me.

    • nope, ‘point, ain’t just you… still plenty of folks taking this seriously… – incredibly… 😉

  16. Let’s start with planting a microchip in everyone so we know where everyone is at any given time. Just think of all the conspiracy theories that could have been avoided by this. We would know exactly where Obama’s mom was when he was born, but then the conspiracy would be that the records were altered.

  17. J. Edgar Hoover had a lot of political influence (and did a lot of damage) with his pre-digital data base. This is the real issue with surveillance – it gives immense power to the ruling group.