Why Education is the Key to Creating a Progressive Society


A few hundred years after it’s founding and America is still a bastion of right wing ignorance. Our country’s shameful economic and social framework is still hostile towards homosexuals, women and minorities, and our backward healthcare system and bizarre gun loving culture are looked upon with smug disdain by forward thinking countries like France, Australia and Canada. Progressives have worked hard over the last 150 years to spread liberal values throughout America, but progress has often been frustratingly slow. So how can we make America a more liberal and progressive democracy? The answer lies in how we educate our children, and the exciting news is that many progressive principles have already made their way on to school curricula.

Until recently, children were still taught the bigoted one-dimensional view of sexuality and relationships; that love and sexual relations could only occur between a man and a woman, and that the roles of men and women were split according to a dogmatic patriarchal hierarchy. Women were portrayed as nothing more than child bearers, whereas men were endowed with role of provider, which came with all the freedom and material rewards of a long term career. Today children are taught about sexuality and same-sex relationships from a very early age, which allows them to appreciate the beauty and multiplicity of human sexuality. Children are also taught that women do not have to submit to the patriarchal family structure and that single motherhood is arguably a far more courageous and enriching endeavor than marriage. Children are now taught about the value of diversity and the evils of sexism, racism and homophobia from such an early age, that they are already able to answer sophisticated questions about sexual equality and social empowerment at the age of six. Schools are making children aware of the inequality in society, and that some people have it much harder than others, such as women and minorities. Innovative schools are also encouraging children to make suggestions about how our government can help disadvantaged members of society and make our economy more equal, and teachers have been impressed with their enthusiasm to make the world a better place.

Children are also taught about the environmental damage that humans are doing to the earth through climate change and over-industrialization. School classrooms are now covered with green literature educating children about how to be environmentally conscious, stop climate change and help save the earth. Today’s generation of children are undoubtedly more environmentally aware than any generation before them and will almost certainly come up with innovative political solutions to our planet’s pressing environmental problems. In addition, many schools are now teaching children about the dangers of firearms and why they need to be heavily regulated. Parents who let their children play with toy guns are given fierce warnings and reported to child protection services.

Although good progress is being made in public schools and national curricula, many lies are still being taught to children at home. Regulating what is taught to children at home is an area that still needs a lot of attention. Many children are exposed to bigoted views at home that are in direct contradiction to the principles of a forward thinking and equal society. If we are truly committed to creating a progressive society, then we have to regulate the family. How this is achieved is a question that should be examined by a social comittee appointed by the department of education, but the very first place I would look is home-schooling. Home-schooling is a completely unregulated form of schooling in which the curriculum is left entirely up to the family. Families that choose to home-school their children should be closely monitored to make sure that what they are teaching is appropriate. Family audits are another possibility, in which a group of educational professionals make regular visits to families to examine the home environment and make sure that children are not being exposed to backward or malicious views.

All in all, progress has been encouraging, but the family and other sources of unregulated information still threaten the innocence of our children. We as progressives need to do all we can to make sure that today’s generation of children have the knowledge, ability and courage to make our dream of a truly liberal democracy a reality.


  1. While you often mention Canada favourably, I have to admit in some of these areas, we are just as backward as the United States. For example, a few years ago, a progressive education plan was put forward that would have ended the monopoly of heterosexual education in primary schools. This bold new plan would have seen children in Grade 2 receiving instruction on the merits and dangers of all kinds of sexual activity, as well as learning the physical details of intercourse, fellatio, sodomy, and other activities. Naturally, the rabid conservatives denounced this plan,and even though the the Premier of our province is now an openly gay wymyn, the plan will not be implemented.

    It is unfortunate, because one of the key creators of that plan is now under attack because he supports removing the stigma and criminality associated with inter-generational love between young and older men. The crypto-conservatives are not content with only junking his education plan; they also wish to quash his most basic desires.There seems to be no end to the list of people on whom they will turn their hate. For shame!

    However, hope is on the horizon, as the federal Liberal party has chosen Justin Trudeau, whose father was a dynamic and progressive Prime Minister, to lead them into the next election. Trudeau’s many new ideas such as legalizing marijuana and.. well, I forget right now, but he’s got lots of them, and they’re all as good looking as he is!

    With a dreamboat like Trudeau leading Canada, we will soon be the envy of wymyn and minorities world-wide, and they will flock to Canada bringing with them new and diverse attitudes, customs, and bacteria. Then, Canada will take its place among leading nations, and we will help the progressive cause move “Forward!”

    • Thank you for bringing my attention to this. A country that rejects a piece of legislation which simply attempts to give young children an unbiased education about sexuality still has a long way to go before it can be considered a truly forward thinking nation. Thank goodness that the government in invented the internet so that we can educate the world about the virtues of a progressive society from this accredited site.

    • Benjamin Levin was wrongly accused and framed by Conservative troglodytes. We need to launch an information campaign to restore his good name.

    • These things you describe are inhuman in their barbarism…surely another Holocaust is right around the corner up in Canada. Only hate-filled bigots attempt to restrain the sexual impulses of children. It is good that our media corporations are owned and controlled by a highly diverse group of people, not an ethnic monolith or something like that, because the themes that they push are highly beneficial for the destruction of our patriarchal society. Remember, this is all about leveling the playing field and righting past wrongs. And, diversity levels everything in its path.

      Can you imagine for a second the oppressive times when children were taught hate facts such as math and (white) history instead of about racism and the many benefits of gay sex? It’s hard to conceive of how that former society was even able to function, as weak as it was from lack of diversity.

  2. Please include mention of trans* people in your articles as well. They are the most violently oppressed segment of society. As you should be aware, genders are being added all the time, but many have failed to be recognized. For instance, Otherkin. Otherkin can come in many varieties, some identify as animals, some fictional characters, and others inanimate objects. Some people have multiple headmates, an Otherkin can, for instance indentify as a dragon, an elf, Itto Ogami, form the Lone Wolf and Cub Manga, a teapot, and a 9th century viking warrior, occasionally possessed by Loki – all at the same time!

    The progressive community as consistently failed to recognize Otherkin, they are excluded from society and have retreated to their own locked discussion forums. Often they succumb to depression and even suicide.

    Human sexuality is diverse and wonderful, and all aspects should be celebrated equally.

    • a lot of these people, however, are gold bugs and libertarians. They should be very closely monitored for harboring anti-government opinions.

    • Thank you Cyndi for exposing my ignorance about the multiplicity of gender and the wide variety of sexual identities. We need to make sure that our children are educated about the full spectrum of sexual identities so that they can celebrate the beauty and diversity of human sexuality.

  3. Isn’t it uplifting …. the way the Jews rallied …. to put a stop to Pol Pot’s “Socialist Blood Letting” …. and the way American homosexuals …. risked their lives, their property and their unused condoms …. to intercede on behalf of Mormons …. imprisoned for following the Biblical teachings …. of having more than one wife ? There are still men in jail for polygamy …. where’s the ACLU ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad World Tour

  4. MDB hits another one out of the park: government regulation of families is CRITICAL for enforcing proper norms of thought and diversity.

    This is like a minivan commercial, where, on some roadtrip out in the middle of the Southwest, the white family always has at least one black kid in the vehicle with them. This element of diversity makes the family stronger, because diversity is a strength. Government should be giving a hard look to real-world families that don’t emulate this model. How can we be sure that an all-white family in their minivan isn’t teaching hate? Without diversity in the family, it’s effectively a guarantee that there is at least racism involved, along with sexism, homophobia, and a host of other intolerance emanating from the white male in the driver’s seat. And the little voices of the children crying out for liberation are too powerful to ignore. Government MUST be involved.

    If that means a trusted government bureaucrat assigns diversity to be implanted into a family, then this is what must occur for our society to be leveled completely. Mandatory adoptions could prevent the scourge of racism and especially and most importantly another HOLOCAUST from occurring. We must start breaking down the barriers to “access” by minorities to families. We can do this by forcing privileged families to adopt either children or even adults from disadvantaged backgrounds into their families to enhance diversity. Breaking down the families of the privileged should be goal 1 of government and especially large media corporations with their highly diverse and non-interrelated ownership and executive groups. Forcing inclusion and “opportunity” is the way fOrward.

  5. A few years back …. having sex with horses …. was not outlawed in Washington state …. that’s pretty progressive …. even for snotty Canadians …. well, a young man …. desirous of being fucked in the ass by a stallion …. went to a farm in Washington …. that provided such wish fullfillment …. unfortuneately, the young man …. naked and on all fours ….. was raised on the hydraulic mating table …. to be accessible to the stallion …. was disemboweled by the traumatic union …. and died …. with a ruptured spleen and torn liver …. and a gay, liberal smirk on his face ! Monedas 1929

  6. A few years back …. the government teachers …. in Oaxaca were having a militant strike …. paralyzing the entire state …. a young blond Canadian reporter …. who felt he had a special rapport with the Marxist thugs …. was shot in the belly …. at point blank (quemaropa) range …. by his Marxists “friends” …. they pulled down his pants (exposing his very gay, black underpants) …. ripped off his shirt …. and through him in the back seat of a volkswagen …. crammed with his tormentors …. they pretended to take him to the hospital …. but, they drove around for two hours …. while he bled out …. yukking it up …. then dumped him at some pathetic clinic …. he received quite a progressive lesson that day ! Monedas 1929

    • perhaps if he hadn’t spent his entire life being racist and denying them “opportunity” then it wouldn’t have come to that. His father should come to mexico, shake their hands and give them jobs.

  7. MDB, a thoughtful and prescient posting.

    It is frankly appalling that The Children are not being properly educated in diversity, and that the trans people (as Cyndi ably demonstrated above) are not represented in your putative diversification proposal.

    The most maligned and repressed sector of modern elderly white male-controlled society are the Rock Spiders. Just consider the societal approbation that the paedos have had to suffer in recent times, when in actuality, adult-child love (same sex or otherwise) has been embraced in Grecian and Roman near-history.

    It is surprising that the pillocking and derision towards this most natural of sexual mores has corresponded with the flowering of Christianity.

    Thankfully, the religion of elderly white male repressers is dissolving into insignificance, and once again, we can welcome the paedos into our diverse and multi-faceted sexual community.

    • Yes. Our society’s one-dimensional view of human sexuality simply has to end. Liberal film directors like Woody Allan and Roman Polanski are leading the way by making adult-child love acceptable, despite fierce opposition from the backward patriarchal media.