Check Your Privilege – A Poem for White People


A history of sin, against your brothers, against your kin. It washes over you, grips your heart and begs you to repent, to amend, for the past evils that you lament, for the blood of color that you have spent.

Golden towers of infinite luxury, lavish palaces of jewels, line the cities of the West, but underneath lies a chest, of broken bones, of blood and tears.

You hear a chorus of cries, a million voices of desperation, begging you to hear them, begging you to see their pain, to feel their sadness. The voices cry louder, howling a haunting chant of grief and sorrow.

You cannot take it any longer. You look around yourself with renewed vision, and observe the world for what it is. You freeze and gasp at the horror of what you see. Piggish Neanderthals in business suits roaming the uptown cities, smirking as they stamp over the remains of crushed souls. The children of those crushed souls wallowing aimlessly, consumed by the rage and hopelessness of their ancestors.

You see it now, how privileged you are. The guilt washes over you like an electric shock, paralyzing you, devastating your sense of pride. Defeated, you stammer and struggle to utter the words … “so … so … sorry”.


  1. Very powerful indeed! I just fear that most of the racists I see on the other posts here lack the intellectual stamina to really understand what it means. Maybe you can add more details about the countless white atrocities (Slavery! Hitler! Trump!) lest we forget about them. In either case, everything that reminds us of of white privilege deserves my support. God bless you and God bless this accredited poem.

  2. Is it racist to say “black men have larger penises than white men” If so, why?
    I figured you’d be the guy to ask….

    • I think (if this argument were true) just goes to show how much blacks suffer under the oppressive regime of the white bullies that govern the world. Thanks for pointing that out for us.

  3. Just as I figure that a lot of goyim hate Jews due to envy, so I think a lot of people of color hate white people out of a similar envy and resentment at seeing other people achieve and build and accomplish so much more than they ever yet could. Why instead of emulating white people do the non-whites go out of their way to act the opposite? If white people work hard, save their money, invest in the future, and assess their risks prudently, why do non-whites act lazy and consume their money and live in the present and take untoward risks? I think white people accomplished more because they acted like Jews, and non-white people need to act like Jews too if they want to get more out of life. What do you think of them apples?

    • It’s in the nature of white people to oppress humans of other ethnicities because they hate them so much. So of course it is impossible for a black person to archieve the same standard of living. This has nothing to do with hard work or wise investments. Besides whites are only where they are now because their whole culture is based on genocide, opression and racism. See for example the crusades, or more recently, slavery.
      I don’t see how our Jewish friends are related to that topic.

      • I also find it ludicrous that neo-Nazis try to claim that the Jews were somehow instrumental in the slave trade. Jews have always been victims of oppression, and most notably by whites in Germany and throughout Europe. Don’t these right-wingers ever watch the history channel?

      • The deck was stacked against Jews and they achieved great things and accomplished a lot anyway despite the bigotry because they worked hard and acted the way anyone needs to act if they want to get anywhere. Any person of color who thinks they are a destitute stupid loser because white people keep them down is never going to be anything else besides a destitute stupid loser even if white people cease to exist. The problem is people not being willing to take personal responsibility for their own existence. Doesn’t mean oppression is good or doesn’t matter. What it does mean is that once the oppression is removed you’ll still be a stupid worthless loser unless you get up off your fat lazy ass and work for better things, and it also means that even if there is oppression hard work and taking responsibility can still improve your life and make it better. Hey, does it ever occur to the stupid idiots that overthrowing oppression might be hard work so that if you’re a lazy SOB you’re never going to get rid of the oppression in any case?

        • Yes, I think we can all agree that the Jews archieved marvelous things over the years. Even though much of the deck (aka. white patriarchy) is stacked against them they still manage to live in a peaceful and progressive state. They are an example on what everybody can archieve. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Then why has slavery been abolished in europe and america, but is still practiced in africa (where it has existed the longest)? Slavery has existed since the dawn of humanity, and your ancestors (who are everyone’s ancestors) are just as guilty. White people stopped slavery, while blacks in Africa continue to enslave each other. Unlike you, I don’t believe this is genetic, but rather cultural. But if you are right and it is genetic, you’re implicating black people with a love of oppression, not white people.

        Check your history man.

        You and I both have ancestors guilty of slavery, but some of my ancestors fought and died to free your forefathers. White people didn’t invent slavery, but during the civil war half the white people here in this country put their lives on the line so that you could be free.

        Think about that–white people went to war with each other to end the enslavement of a different race. Have you or your ancestors ever fought and died to free people other than yourselves? If you were in Africa instead of America, you might very well be a slave today, living in constant fear of actual genocide.

        If you want to fight oppression, why not go back to our motherland and risk your life to end the slavery and genocide that still exist there TODAY, instead of using the relatively short history of slavery here as an excuse to oppress and blame people of other ethnicities for your own choices and actions.

        No one owes you shit, man.

    • There’s not much point in working hard if the whole system is stacked against you. It’s near impossible for people of color or women to do well in western countries because white people are the gatekeepers of success, and they discriminate viciously.

  4. I think that if white people had larger penises than black people they would not be so envious and be so inclined to oppress. If you are looking down at 8″ while peeing you’ve got to have enough confidence and self worth that you don’t have the need to try to take everything over.
    BTW… were the 40 million people Stalin staved out white people?

    • Or, maybe black people don’t accomplish much in life and are dirt poor and ignorant because their large penises give them sufficient self satisfaction. So if your theory holds water then having a small penis helps a race take over the world and build great things and achieve the ability to push those with bigger penises around and make slaves out of them and humiliate them. And you forgot that superior intelligence has given white people the ability to build penises as large as they want, bigger than black penises, bigger than elephant penises…Oh the wonders of science and technology.

      • Well, I personally have quite a nice sized penis. I have yet to try to take over the world, and I have accomplished much in my time on this earth. I’ll admit that as much as I detest them, I’m a white guy.
        I’m wondering how that happened?

        • You can’t be white, you’re toofa king stupid. I don’t believe you. And I don’t believe about your genitalia, either.

  5. There once was a honkey from Nantucket
    Who kept all his gold in a bucket
    But his slave, named Nan,
    Ran away with a man,
    And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

  6. The only person that can do anything about your life, regardless of who you are, is you. Self pity never helped anyone.

    If you could dress up like a white person for awhile, you would find that there is little, if any difference.

  7. Many of the comments here are blatantly ignorant and racist, but so is the poem to which they are responding.

    Slavery has existed throughtout all of human history, beginning in Africa. Of the cultures that once practiced slavery, Europeans were the first to abolish, followed by Americans. Africans still practice slavery. If a proclivity for enslaving others is determined by race as you suggest, black people would appear to favor enslaving others more than white people. (I don’t agree.)

    No American alive today has ever legally owned a slave, nor been a slave. You are no more a slave than I, and I am no more guilty of owning slaves than you. How self-righteous you are, to demand repentance from others without offering your own. We are equal, you and I–either we are both to be held accountable for our ancestors’ sins, or we are both to be absolved. We are both guilty or we are both innocent. Our ancestors are the same.

    You will not hold me responsible for your burdens in this life, as I do not blame you for the burdens in mine. Everyone has their hardships to bear; neither of us can demand others bear them for us.

    There are many groups of people who suffer oppression in America, not just you. Many oppressed people–blacks among them–have achieved remarkable feats. Neither of us will be among them if we do not own our experiences–both the good and the bad, the voluntary and involuntary.

    I used to feel white guilt, but I see now I have no reason to feel guilty. You’ve shown me the truth–that I owe you nothing. I sincerely thank you–you’ve set me free.