The Frightening Rise of Islamaphobia


In recent months, the west has seen an alarming increase in the number of hate-crimes against Muslims. Throughout Europe and the US, extreme right-wing political movements are gaining legitimacy with disenfranchised whites, who reminisce for the old days of segregation and white privilege. Many of these people are desperately looking for an outlet for their anger, and Muslims are an easy target. Attacks against Muslims are on the rise, including vandalization of Mosques, horrific verbal abuse, and the ripping of burkas from womens’ heads.

As the justification for their hatred, many Islamaphobes cite terrorism and ISIS, forgetting that the vast majority of Muslims will never commit an act of terror. In many cases, the term ISIS has now become nothing more than code for “I’m an Islamaphobe”. Trump’s call to ban all Muslims on national television, only gave further credence to these hateful segments of society, giving them a platform to promote and spread their bigoted ideas. The hateful rhetoric of the Brexit campaign and similarly vile movements in other European countries has made Islamaphobia mainstream, and undone decades of liberal progress in Europe.

Religious and racial hatred simply cannot be tolerated in a modern, tolerant, left-wing democracy. If we want to see multiculturalism and diversity continue to thrive in the west, then we need to set boundaries for right-wing extremists. Hate speech against Muslims, Arabs, or any non-white race should be outlawed and severely punished. The moment we allow hate speech of this kind, we set ourselves down the slippery slope towards fascism. And for the sake of our children, we cannot allow this to continue.

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  1. Yes, very true article indeed. I am always in shock (in shock I tell you) when I hear those racist fear mongers insult peaceful Muslim citizens after every other random terror attack in the west. Don’t they know that a couple of dead kids are totally worth the boons of living in a colorful multicultural society? Besides, even though 99% of all suicide attacks are being committed by Muslims, there is (at least) 1% of terror attacks that isn’t. One bad apple doesn’t spoil the hole bunch! Gee, common sense people.

    God bless Dr Angela Merkel and God bless Hillary Clinton for having the courage to stand up for that. I’m with Her and I’m proud to be soon living under the feminine leadership this country, nay world, needs to create safe spaces for everybody (except racists of course)

    • I detect a hint of sarcasm in your post. This is an accredited website, and snide remarks won’t be tolerated. A very small percentage of muslims commit terror attacks – we don’t blame all christians when one commits a crime, and neither should we blame all Muslims. #NotAllMuslims

      • The Christians who might be committing crimes are not doing it in the name of Christ or their Christian faith. The Moslems are committing terrorism in the name of their religion and justify it by citing their holy books.

    • “Hate speech against Muslims, Arabs, or any non-white race should be outlawed and severely punished.”
      You imply then that hate speech against whites is permissible. What hypocrisy. Let me give you a little education. Diversity is an insidious crime. It divides us by race, gender, sexual orientation, age. It is poison and it is intolerant. It is in the realm of those who are unable to think critically.

  2. for the sake of muslime children who r buggered by their fathers and brothers and then mutilated and murdered to preserve the demonic family honor.
    for the sake of muslime larvae who are shijismed by their fathers into their raped mothers holes to create the armies of suicidal maggots destroying mankind.
    for their sake ….. po sandnig slime

    • Looking at your grammar and expression gives a good insight into the quality of your thoughts. The next time you criticize our Muslims sisters and brothers: Think of all the inventions we have from the Arabic world. Think of all the nobel price winners with muslim faith. And please reconsider your stance on over 1.2 billion people. How can you live with so much hate? Thanks for giving another example on why we need tougher rules on thought crimes such as yours.

      • Excellent points David. Muslims invented algebra, which is the basis of Math and the modern world. Without the foundations laid by ingenious Arabs, civilisation would be impossible. But of course, Eurocentric history will attempt to discredit their achievements and promote the works of Newton, Euler, Mandelbrot and Fermat as somehow superior.

        • Ug, don’t get me started on Eurocentricism. I’m sick and tired of hearing old white man did that, or old white man invented that. Don’t they know about slavery or the crusades? Because those were also instigated by white males. Take that, racists! I think it’s time we remember and embrace the countless cultural and scientific enrichments the Arab civilisation has bestowed on us. Such as algebra. And many more.

        • The word “algebra” is derived from the Arabic. As a branch of mathematics, algebra emerged at the end of 16th century in Europe, with the work of François Viète.

  3. “Religious and racial hatred simply cannot be tolerated in a modern, tolerant, left-wing democracy” Well, does it occur to you that this is the reason why people hate Islam and they hate Muslims? Precisely because Islam is a doctrine of hatred and murder? Maybe people hate Islam and Muslims because they want to live in tolerant society and they see with their lying eyes that the most intolerant people imaginable. Maybe people all over the world are noticing that the Muslims in their midst don’t get along with anyone, especially when they reach a demographic critical mass, at which point they begin to violently lash out and attempt to subdue the societies they have infiltrated. Oh, I see, you want people to believe your words instead of their lying eyes, right?

      • As a Christian I am eligible to be allowed to remain alive in a Muslim controlled world, as long as I accept Muslim rule and pay my jizya tax and don’t try to proselytize anyone. But Pagans and atheists must convert to Islam or if they don’t they must be put to death. So it would be logical for pagans and atheists to hate Muslims a lot more than I hate them. Hey, maybe people are caring more about the truth and less about whether some nitwit calls them “hateful.”

        • Downvoted for ignoring to check your privilege. Did you even bother to read the article? It’s always the same with white men. You sound like Hitler, or worse, Trump.

          • Pointing out I’m a hateful white Christian male is not a logical argument. It’s called rhetoric. I’m happy to stand with the Hindus and the Buddhists and the Atheists who get viciously attacked by the creepy criminal Muslim terrorist wackos. I don’t care who calls me hateful, I only care about what is good and true and right.

            • David is right – you really need to check your privilege. It’s not ok for a white male Christian to criticize Muslims. Whites are the oppressive class, Muslims are victimized – learn the difference.

              • Ha ha. What you call “white male Christian” privilege I call “not a stupid drooling retard idiot” privilege. The more you accuse me of being a privileged racist hater the more hatefully determined to hang on to my racist privilege I get. I’m wallowing around in a tub of racist hate and rubbing it all over my privileged half-white semi-Hispanic body. But do spin again, MDB.

  4. Islam is where we find the first institutional slavery by a society. The men were castrated and called eunuchs 900 years before slaves were transported to North America. The Pew Research Center confirms that in Non- Sharia counties there are 10’s of millions who support Sharia law. The Crusades in the Middle ages were a response to Islamism. The first foreign war the USA fought was against the Barbary Pirates from North Africa ( Islamist ). Today Sharia loving Radical Islamism is PURE EVIL and must be defeated. Million Dollar Bonus fails to see that and has his head up his arse.

  5. The homosexual half white, mass murdering marxist muslime satanic turd loved by democrats and in the White House, proves that the USA is an accepting pancultural beacon of Sodomite righteousness and is in the process of a classic Sodomite reset.

    • Maybe you can explain to me why the sodomites take sides with the Muslims who want to toss them off the nearest roof? Is the leftist hatred of freedom and reality that overpowering that it makes sodomites basically suicidal? Or is their suicidal tendency innate with their sodomy?

      • thanx for brilliant remarks. its all been explained by Moses -evil is called the first snake in bible.

        snake is death also called brainless animal reflex.

        sodomites are created or dominated by snake / evil / death / animal robot.

        and death is death is death hence as u elucidate these evil biorobots are suicidal and not to be trusted by those who choose life.

        • All I did was ask questions. Perhaps the questions answer themselves. I was also pondering the wording of the statement, “Frightening Rise of Islamophobia.” I happen to be much more “frightened” by the rise of Islamophilia. This is why a lot of people think that MDB is a troll. He has a funny way of putting things that suggest pure satire to people like me. I think what a lot of people call “trolls” are really just skilled and talented satirists.

  6. The West is not all contamined by islamophobia; there is one country exempted from this plague where tolerance is the norm, the ointed of the Lord, Israel.