Why Everyone needs to Study Critical Race Theory


Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is the study of systemic racism and how it relates to society, law and economics. The subject began in liberal universities in the 1980s, and has gained a lot of traction over the last three decades, as more attention has been brought to the rampant racism in American society. CRT has since been adopted by a large number of colleges, and is now offered as an undergraduate course at many progressive universities. However, CRT is yet to make it into school curricula, despite the demands of many progressive groups urging the states and Federal government to make it mandatory for young students.

In the 21st century, in an increasingly multicultural and diverse world, it is more important than ever that we are aware of details of racism, privilege and oppression, and how these govern how we should act. CRT examines the historical and current oppressions and exploits of various groups in society, and how these have contributed to today’s disparities in society. Without an awareness of the imbalance of power between the races in America, people do not know how to behave appropriately in order to show respect for, and not to offend, people of color.

Young children need to be aware of white privilege, and the responsibilities that this places on white people to provide resources and opportunities to people of color. People of color also need to be aware of their oppression and victimization in society, so that they are assertive enough to demand their rights and reparations for past wrongs. Without an education in CRT, many children will grow up believing that all races should be held to the same standards, despite the glaring inequities in society and the horrific past wrongs that need to be righted.

In order to function as a multicultural, diverse society, we need to be more racially aware. We need to raise our children to recognize their place in society, as either privileged or victimized, and then to work to correct these disparities. Children need to be aware of microaggressions, and that inappropriate behaviors, phrases, mannerisms and references can trigger oppressed groups and remind them of the horrors that their ancestors endured at the hands of their white oppressors. In order to progress as a society, the feelings of victimized peoples need to be nurtured and protected, because it is only through this healing process that America can begin to correct its dark and oppressive past.


  1. Total agreement. STEM should be outlawed because even after 50 years of affirmative action, nowhere NEAR enough has been done to make this an inclusive and safe degree pursuit for women and minorities.

    What do we need all these racist STEM people for anyway? Diversity is our strength, not STEM. WTF has STEM ever done for any of us? Everything we have was invented by blacks and native americans and then STOLEN from them. Like Manhattan…the natives built the Brooklyn bridge and Lincoln Tunnel and all of that, then the white people stole it for $5. That’s the legacy of STEM. And of whiteness.

    Critical Race Theory teaches people these facts about white privilege and white oppression as well as afrocentric truths like flying mind controlled pyramids and how they wuz kangz n sheeit. THESE are the things our universities should be focused on.

    What we all know now is the further we come to combat racism, the further we have to go.

    I have many POC friends and it’s clear when they speak that they suffer from racism and oppression ALL the time. For example, one told me of a racist incident where a white person was “too nice” to them. Clearly because they were black. Then in another incident a white person wasn’t “nice enough”…again clearly because they were black. I rend my garments daily in agony over how much racism and oppression PoCs suffer at the hands of white privilege.

    CRT illustrates how all of these interactions are a form of racism and oppression and how the mere existence of whites is oppression and creates “white supremacy” like in the USA where east Indians have the highest average household income and whites are far behind in 16th place, behind Taiwanese, fliipino, Japanese, Chinese, Pakistani, Indonesian, and so forth- WHITE supremacy and WHITE privilege. It’s everywhere and CRT exposes it for such.

    Our systems are institutionally racist to assist white people and put down ALL peoples of color. The income data from the US Census Bureau CLEARLY shows that. Whites in 16th place…how much MORE evidence do you need? From microaggressions to overt racism. Many whites are dutiful to squelch their microaggressions and be obsequious and prostrate to PoCs…but what does that leave? STILL MORE RACISM. We have to deal then with picoaggressions and after that femtoaggressions…the work NEVER ENDS. CRT shows us that. For example, how many whites knew that merely breathing is possible racism and white supremacy? CRT will show us the light and the way fOrward.

    • The world would be a better place if white people just checked their privilege. White people have so much unconcsious racism that they will never even be aware of unless they receive an education in CRT. Most of them don’t even know how hurtful and offensive they are when simply greeting and interacting with PoCs on a daily basis. CRT reveals that even programs designed to help PoCs are actually just driven by the desire of white elitsts to improve the image of the USA to other countries. People are so ignorant that they think holding people to ‘equal standards’ is the opposite of racism. No! That is the definition of racism! It fails to recognize privelage and oppression! White peopel REALLY need to check their privilege.

      • for me I knew I needed to check my privilege when I saw how the Census data demonstrated TOTAL white supremacy in the USA. East Indians at the top? WHITE supremacy. Followed by a bunch of Asian ethnic groups- WHITE supremacy. Whites in 16th place? WHITE supremacy!

        It hit me like a ton of bricks…all that oppression, all that bigotry. They wuz kangz…whites were not. Whites didn’t invent the mind controlled flying pyramid in Africa, PoCs did. My exposure to CRT has helped me check my privilege and realize that things aren’t as obvious as just “looking at the facts.” Facts can be hate.

        Now you might take the information I’ve given and assert that wait a minute, east Indians are PoCs by definition, but that’s just your WHITE SUPREMACY talking. It’s your privilege calling out to be checked. Best to heed its cries.

  2. This kind of politically correct crap is why Trump will win. Pushing this crap makes me and others LESS sympathetic not more.

  3. I am so excited! The Department of Diversity and Inclusion at my son’s university is really stepping up this year!

    They’re going to have Cultural Competency 101; LGBT Safe Zone Ally Training (comes with a placard that allies can display for all to see); Secular Safe Zone Ally Training for those who have been bullied by religious haters (read “Christians”); a Civil Rights March led by the African American Student Association (whites to the back please); a Drag Show in the main campus building; Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, including Day of the Dead (NOT Halloween); and training and support for the Saudi Student Club. Lord knows they need it!

    What a joy to be forking over $1000 a class to pay the salaries of the selfless social justice warriors in charge of these efforts, in particular “Dr.” MarTeze Hammonds, the illustrious Dean of the Department. I know my tall, fair, blue-eyed son will learn well how to bow and scrape and check his privilege to the oppressed peoples, like a good little straight white boy should.

    It’s every mother’s dream!

  4. This is really a well written pice. The best satire is the kind where the reader has to stop and wonder for a second of the author is pulling one over on them. Had me going for a minute. Actually, you still have me going. So which is it, clever saterist or clueless SJW moron? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • if you cannot tell then you need to check your privilege

      This is an accredited site for accredited news and opinion by accredited writers.

  5. tell me one more story about flying mind controlled pyramids.

    this is ludicrous.

    I am an expert on mind control system, and pyramids.
    they don’t work when airborne.

  6. The possessive neutral pronoun “its” does not have an apostrophe. Re-education Camp for you, MDB!

    Of course, I am fully conversant with the fact that being grammatically correct could be seem to be a white privilege related racist micro-aggression, nomesayin?

    Therefore, please accept my humble apologies for correcting what might merely have been a faulty autocorrect outcome – it was in no way, shape or means intended to reflect any sense of superiority or privilege by me over you or other readers who may have missed or even accepted the typo.

    Indeed, I would go as far to say that the use of correct grammar is overtly rayciss, and we really need to go further with younger children (more receptive minds) to directly and fundamentally replace the teaching of English with Ebonics.

    Only then can we all live as one! Diversity is our strength!