Why Russia is the Greatest Threat to World Peace


A deluge of foreign policy experts, from high-ranking politicians to military specialists, have been sounding from the rooftops that Russia poses a serious threat to the west and its allies. Putin’s defiance and refusal to engage in peaceful negotiations with the US and NATO is putting foreign policy experts on edge, and making a non-military resolution of our disputes increasingly difficult. If Russia’s aggressive and hostile actions do not cease, experts have warned that we may be forced to take decisive military action. However, many ordinary citizens are unaware of why Russia poses such a great threat, so this article breaks down some of the events that have foreign policy experts so concerned.


In 2014, the Kremlin shocked the world by deciding to officially annex Crimea, an Eastern part of Ukraine. Violent Russian militias and secretive pro-Russian forces swiftly engaged the Ukrainian civilians who disagreed with this loss of sovereignty, and a full blown civil war broke out, which continues to this day.


In 2015, Russia allied with Assad’s brutal regime in Syria to crush the Free Syrian Army, a revolutionary group aiming to liberate Syria from Assad’s violent and oppressive rule. Assad’s atrocious human rights record speaks for itself, and highlights Russia’s callousness towards the suffering of the Syrian people and others affected by their actions overseas. 


In August of 2008, Russian-backed Georgian separatists in a disputed northern region of the country launched a series of unexpected and brutal artillery strikes against Georgian villages. The events shocked the international community, and highlighted yet again the volatile and violent nature of Russia’s overseas rebel groups.


In July of 2014, the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 passenger jet, was tragically and mysteriously shot down over the Russian-Ukrainian border, killing 283 innocent passengers. Russia denies its involvement in the incident, but numerous experts believe that Russian-backed rebels are the primary suspect.

Putin’s regime has always been corrupt, and known for disappearing journalists who dare to question his tyrannical rule. But now Putin’s aggression is extending beyond Russia’s borders, and threatening our very way of life. The west needs to be ready to take decisive military action against Russia if Putin’s hostile actions do not cease. As a the world’s greatest superpower, it is the responsibility of the US to work with its allies and NATO to quell any threat to global peace and stability by any means necessary. And as Americans, we need to stand ready to take up this challenge and stand firmly behind our military, if this course of action sadly proves necessary.


      • By “reputable media outlet”, are you referring to the hyper-interventionist, neo-con regime changers of the MSM?

        P.S. Does your shitty blog count as another “reputable media outlet” by calling itself the Accredited Times?

        • I’m referring to internationally recognized professional media outlets like CNN, the BBC, MSNBC and the New York Times. All of these outlets have consistently covered why Russia is a threat to global peace and security.

          • If all accredited news sources agree, then how can any of them be wrong, particularly if their news all originates from one, especially trustworthy source, like the White House or State Department? Our leaders are all elected; why would they lie to us, the people who voted them in??? IN MAKES NO SENSE!!! Unlike in Russia, a country built on lies and which can only maintain its ongoing existence with more deceit now that Putin has crowned himself Pope-for-Life.

            You’ve done a brilliant job here, MDB_, encapsulating years and years of Russian aggression as documented by numerous accredited sources, like the New York Times (the official “Newspaper of Record” – how can anyone doubt anything it says when it’s the newspaper of RECORD, for crying out loud???) and Debka.com

            I salute all our tireless, peace-loving politicians: Barack Obama (PRAISE HIS NAME!) Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nulandmanburgerstein, who have maintained calm, loving patience in the face of daily Russian aggressions against our good friends and allies. Unlike Republicans and other such Libertarians, they hate war, because they are enlightened thinkers; why else would Obama (PRAISE HIS NAME!) pull the troops out of Iraq? Why else did Wilson (the seer who helped usher in our Golden Age of Modernity thanks to the founding of the Federal Reserve***) get the US involved in WW1, if it weren’t for the fact that progressives understand that violence solves nothing???

            *** and no, silly conspiracy theorists, of COURSE the Federal Reserve is a government body! I don’t mean to be rude, but libertarians and other such anarcho-fascists must be very stupid not to realise the clue is in the name: FEDERAL!

  1. Well covered information.

    Russia’s aggression is clearly extending beyond it’s borders.

    While Nato follows all international liberal norms, and laws, Russia is rapidly becoming a threat to unfettered free markets as reported in Russian Insider.

    Putin Greenlights Economic Nationalists Who Oppose Current Liberal Globalist Policies http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/putin-nyet-neo-liberals-da-national-development/ri16051

    We need to stand ready to take up this barbaric challenge.

    Spot on Accredited Times!

    • Thanks for the kind words. We all need to be prepared for the war that may be coming with Russia. I’m ready and willing to fight, but many patriotic Americans are unaware of the evil things that Russia has done and need convincing. And the pro-Russia talk from Trump is only confusing people.

      • With any luck, you will be the first casualty, most likely “fragged” by other soldiers in your unit.

  2. Nonsense, the US is the greatest threat to world peace by a long shot. The Ukraine incidents were in response to a CIA sponsored coup of a democratically elected government. Crimea was part of Russia since Katherine the Great and was only moved to the Ukraine in 1952, as an autonomous region, when both were part of the Soviet Union. A referendum was held while an illegitimate government was in power and the people of Crimea decided to go with Russia. Georgia started trouble there, again with CIA backing, Russia was defending its interests. The government of Syria asked for Russia’s help to defend itself against US funded aggressors. As far as shooting down the plane goes, what does Russia have to gain? It was likely accidentally shot down by Russian backed rebels fighting against a government forced upon them.

    Putin is not my favorite person and his government is corrupt but no worse then Hillary. That said, the actions you describe were either defensive in nature or at least within the scope of international law (Syria). Compared to the wars of aggression in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc. (war crimes under the Geneva convention) and regime changes carried out by the US/NATO, what Russia has done recently is minuscule. My theory is the powers that be in the US know the rein of the greenback as the world’s reserve currency (allowing the US to rape the world) is coming to an end and are trying everything they can to stop it from happening. Let’s hope they won’t go as far a triggering mutual annihilation.

  3. Putin will be very happy negotiating with Hillary once she is inaugurated and installed as our fearless leader. He will not be able to “act out” in Syria after the no fly zone is imposed by NATO (which is becoming a real asset to the US, without NATO, we might be ruled by the bear right now!!) Anyways, the UN will also provide us with all the legal authority we need to defeat the ruler of the evil empire (the evil empire is Russia, in case you got confused by recent event of the last decade). I will admit some mistakes were made, and we might have bombed some folks, we might have drone’s some weddings, we might have C130’d some hospitals, but these are honest mistakes and we always admit when we make mistakes, unlike Putin, who hides behind his pit bull Lavarov. Soon we will see the great statesman Kerry, make mince meat out of these two buffoons, (Putin and Lavarov). Soon we will see Erdogan bow down to Hillary, as she tidies up the ME and makes the world safe once again for democracy.

    Isn’t that what every one wants anyways? to live under a kind ruler like Hillary, who will take care of every client who has made the charitable donations to the foundation that will lead us out of the mess we are now in?

    • Glad you agree Pablito. I agree that Putin is in for a hell of a fight when John Kerry starts playing hardball. Hillary will send the most experienced and battle hardened ambassadors and negotiators to make sure that democracy prevails and tyranny falls.

    • Yep – sounds like baby-talk of totally hollowed out minds.
      Come on guys think out better US propaganda trolling.


  4. An outstanding example for what accredited journalism is meant to be.

    I would like to humbly add that Russia is infamous for it’s carbon boot print upon the earth and I will not at any time, debate the well established science of climate change. It is above reproach.


    Time to put a stop to the Russian’s climate crimes upon the Delta Smelt.


  5. MDB, thank you once again for your thorough, unbiased and insightful analysis of the potential problems containing the Russian Bear.

    Trump is clearly not man enough for this task, but President Hillary is going to be drawing lines in the sand, and shirt-fronting Putin even more forcefully than President Obama already has done.

    The entire world is in grave peril of Russian imperialist tendencies, and only President Hillary has the balls to stand firm against them.

  6. please stay away from us on Zero hedge, the stuff you write just makes me want to vote for Trump twice. You are likely a self hating unattractive overweight white person, who happened to be born with money, lucky for you, and living on family land, trust funded by a former slave owning great great grandpappy or perhaps just lucky dot com-er or maybe microsoft retiree who lives an hour outside Seattle, where traffic, homeless people and immigrants living 3 families to a house are only seen on TV … You got yours, I won’t give up my kids rights and privileges for the sake of giving a huge hand up to the starving millions. nuf sed.

  7. The only threat that Russia poses is standing in the way of the US imposing its selfish goals on the entire world. We have no right to dominate the world and everything we touch overseas turns to shit. Russia is doing the world a favor.