Is It Time For A New World Order?


We are lucky to live in the 21st century. Never before has there been an age of such unbelievable prosperity. Through advancements in government education and economic planning, our leaders have created a world with near infinite prosperity. Unfortunately however, our globe is not without it’s problems. There are many global issues that threaten not only our economic prosperity, but in some cases our very existence. In order to overcome today’s global challenges, we are going to need to fundamentally reshape our governing institutions. This article covers a few of the global challenges and offers suggestions how to resolve them. overcoming these challenges will require significant sacrifices; many of the solutions I will propose will shock average readers. But we cannot continue to think at a local level, when today’s challenges are inherently global.

Climate Change


Scientists are increasingly worried about the rate at which CO2 is being emitted by human activity. Today’s global carbon footprint sits at 30,000,000 tons of CO2 per year. Scientists predict that this could rise five-fold over the next few years, with devastating consequences for the environment. Some scientists predict sea level rises of 8 meters or more if we do not take action. Many legislative attempts have been made to curb carbon emissions, but unfortunately none have succeeded. We need to seriously rethink the way we tackle climate change in order to protect the future of our planet.

The Solution:

  • Global Government
  • Carbon Tax
  • Subsidies for green initiatives



There are now over seven billion people on the planet, and scientist believe that we may have already exceeded the population that the planet can support. The population is not only increasing, but increasing exponentially, particularly in the third world. We need to seriously think about how to deal with this pressing issue. Natural resources are are rapidly being depleted, and at some point we are going to have to abandon our profit-based capitalist system and learn to share.

The Solution:

  • Global government
  • One child policy
  • Natural Resource Rations

Financial Instability


There are many frightening risks that threaten the stability of the global economy. Currency wars resulting from national currencies ravage economies and harm international trade. Bank runs threaten to overturn the banking system as more and more people start to question the safety of their deposits. Many corporations worry that consumers are not buying their products because financial institutions are unable to provide the necessary credit. Governments are worried about the threat of increasing interest rates on their ability to borrow and invest in their economies. The solutions as always to these global problems involve global legislation and a reshaping of our governing institutions.

The Solution:

  • Global central bank
  • One world currency
  • Global levy on bank deposits


In today’s globalized world, we face many global challenges. But if we redesign our governing institutions to enact and enforce legislation at a global level, we will be well positioned to tackle these issues and create a brighter future for our children. In order to move forward we need to sacrifice our pride and national identities, and do what is right for the future. Global leaders hold the key to global stability, but we first need to give them the tools that they need to enact supernational fiscal, monetary and social policy to create peace and stability for the planet and for our children.


  1. MDB,

    In Plato’s utopian construct, “philosophers [must] become kings…or those now called kings [must]…genuinely and adequately philosophize” (The Republic, 5.473d). In today’s reality that would mean that instead of being rules by politicians, we must be ruled by the best PhD’s from the best Universities. Only by allowing the most brilliant academic minds to rule do we stand a chance of survival as a species.

  2. MDB you are correct in your vision of how to control global economies, how ever you don’t extend your dialog far enough. The stupidity of private property will be a boulder in the stream of progress. The sooner private property is outlawed and confiscated the sooner the global leaders will be able to advance toward the goal of universal equality, safety and planetary happiness. Any means to reach this end must be employed regardless of the cost in human lives. Mother nature must be obeyed and served .

    You are a true visionary —

    • ZH is a wasteland now that they implemented their “discrimination” policy. There is some irony that they continue to chum the waters with articles on detroit or that congolese minister….

  3. A country’s or the global economy does not need “control”. And by ‘control’ what is meant is “CENTRAL control”. Imagine if the human body functioned by the brain controlling the workings of the other organs what an (unsuccessful) abomination you’d have. What the economy needs is a decentralized system with healthy Checks & Balances – just like in nature.

    And given human nature, since everyone likes to look after their own interest, it is also true that the rich & powerful also look after their own interests. They do so to the extent that they are now SO powerful, that they are subverting democracy and the government itself, toward their benefit, and for even bigger profits. They are like a cancer that has taken over the body. They are like weeds that have taken over the garden. The rich also need taxation and regulation — a financial Force of Gravity.

  4. MDB, you also need to address the Global Overpopulation.

    2 child rules won’t work in primitive societies until their societies change. Either that, or their mortality rates need to go MUCH higher.

    Reducing the global population — especially in over-populated countries — can not come by old-fashioned tools of ‘kinetic’ warfare. That is too inefficient, too devastating to structures and to nature. We need a really good global or regional PANDEMIC. Natural or man made. Preferably the kind that hits those with an IQ of <90 the most.

    The Pop needs to go to < 3B. Then nature could heal, and its resources would last the rest for centuries — if not millennia — if carefully managed with efficient technologies and green lifestyles.

    • If you believe that this is some kind of a “joke” I suggest you let the rest of us in on it. I find nothing funny about finally having access to LEGITIMATE news from ACCREDITED writers. Those of you who wish to sow your discontent on a site full of cynicism and trumped-up irony should try Zerohedge or one of those cesspools of subversion.

  5. Finally someone has the guts to stand up to the bully-boy libertarians and gold-bug terrorists, and demand what is needed: A world government with a modern constitution and the power & authority to handle these crucial issues.

  6. Anyone making negative comments about the content of the articles on this great new blog would do well to remember, before you spout off, that you are reading LEGITIMATE news from ACCREDITED writers

    • Additionally, any negative comments will be collected by NSA and analyzed by PRISM followed by deportation of the commentators to FEMA labor camps. No one should dare to criticize accredited news.

  7. NO its not time for a new world order. Its time for freedom to ring throughout the world. Communism and socialism have failed everywhere they’ve been tried. It is currently failing in the US. Don’t believe me? Ask the millions of dead dissenters that communists and socialists have killed if socialism and communism work.

  8. Excellent article MDB!… & congratulations on your new blog, btw… may i humbly suggest as a matter of political & religious symbolism, as well as simple expediency & logistical considerations, the capitol of this new one-world government should be situated somewhere *central*… – somewhere like a natural crossroads at the middle of the world’s major landmasses… somewhere in the middle-eastern levant would do very well, i should think… jerusalem, perhaps… tel-aviv?… – what say you all?… 😉

  9. Thank you! I think all bloggers and news agencies should have to be accredited by the government and uphold approved ethical principles before being allowed to publish. You make so much sense! Your website is proof to me that government accreditation should be mandatory, not voluntary. All those libertariantards and conservatards would be prohibited from publishing such monstrous lies against the president and the ACA if accreditation was mandatory.

  10. A great overall primer on problems and solutions but I must say I think you gave depressingly short shrift under Overpopulation to the very effective solution of mass die-off. Since developed Western countries are more likely to be able to weather the storm of global famine, it’s likely the greatest impact–and biggest losses–would be felt in emerging economies and those with populations of more primitive social development…win-win for the human race as Westerners then would comprise a larger slice of the population pot pie, as it were.

    In the future, please take a few moments to bring your readership up-to-speed on the exciting possibilities of mass die-off for re-balancing planetary population and putting us back on a more sustainable course.

    After all, it’s the West that has brought the world to its present state of culture and prosperity. Shouldn’t we have a second shot at the gold ring for our progeny?

  11. One clearly gains more utility from ones tax dollars the larger the institution. Maximum efficiency could only possibly be achieved with a new global currency and government. Ask yourself; do you get more from the hundred dollars you give to a local charity or the 20,000 $ you “give” to the federal government?