Is Free Speech Always Good?


In the aftermath of the shocking ‘Tea Party’ and ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests, many people are starting to question the value of ‘free speech’ and the right to protest. Although radical activists will insist that free speech is an essential component of a free society, the increasing prevalence of conspiracy theories and anti-government propaganda is leading many scholars and politicians to question its value as a principle. Baseless conspiracy theories undermine trust in our government and spread paranoia and distrust of politicians and the pentagon. Conspiracy theories are particularly harmful to society because they attract young people. When young disenfranchised youths start following conspiracy theories, they start to neglect their societal responsibilities and dedicate their lives to spreading hateful lies about government officials. Conspiracy theories turn productive responsible citizens into cynical nerds and predatory liars.

So where do we draw the line?

I think free speech should be allowed so long as it passes a few simple tests:

1. Is it a conspiracy theory?

2. Does it incite hatred toward government officials?

3. Does it incite protests with a hateful or nonconstructive message?

If the answer to these three questions is “no”, then you should be free to speak your mind. All other speech should be prohibited as a form of hate speech or incitement of violence and paranoia. Free speech laws aren’t supposed to stay constant. The founding fathers would have expected us to update our laws to suit our changing standards, and this is exactly what we should do.


  1. Opinions are like anuses. Everybody has one, and they mostly stink. Inasmuch as you cannot differentiate between ‘incite’ (v) and ‘insight’ (n) I suggest that your opinion regarding free speech needs wiping.

  2. Finally someone is willing to stand up and speak out on one of the most dangerous things in today’s society: People standing up and speaking out.

    • Thank you!

      We must think about the children!
      Who is thinking about the children?
      They must be protected from free speech.

  3. A brilliant, accredited opinion piece. Well-reasoned and detailed, this piece should be required reading for all would-be Constitutional Scholars.

  4. Free speech, like firearms, are okay within the confines of one’s own home. But, like firearms, free speech should be regulated when it is exercised in public for it may mislead and harm weak minds who are incapable of scrutinizing logical fallacies. This is where, I believe, government should step in and regulate the activity to guarantee a more “honest” discourse.

  5. This article should be shown to all High School students. They must but accustomed to the truth at a young age. Bravo.

  6. Free speech can be bad because it might make people upset and someone might get hurt.

    We need a government agency to promote peace and harmony. If all newspapers and websites were required to get government approval before anything is published we could avoid civil strife. Protecting people and keeping them safe is a good reason to regulate speech by wise government bureacrats.

  7. I recently discovered your blog and I can truthfully say, it’s good to be finally hearing the unattenuated truth from those with boobs on the ground. There are so many stories of government misduty and sheared incontinence that it is easy to come away with the feeling that perhaps the government may not be as totally on the side of the little wo/man as we all are disparate to believe.

    Getting ACCREDITED NEWS from those with ACCREDITED PERSPECTIVES is like a breath of fetid air on a sunny afternoon. I think of it as a mental anecdote to the exxxxxagerations of those without the agility to think with their vision…it’s a real shot in the head!

    Thanks for all you have done to us…it is depreciating.

    • I think all news sites and blogs should have to be accredited by the government. Then people would know the truth and support our president.

  8. ROFLLLLLL omg MDB you are my hero, I couldn’t stop laughing @

    “I think free speech should be allowed so long as it passes a few simple tests:

    1. Is it a conspiracy theory?”

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