The Three Most Progressive Pieces of Legislation of the last Century


It’s safe to say that America is a far more progressive country than it was 100 years ago. Our legislation has progressed from a few axiomatic documents to a sophisticated library of bills covering a vast, diverse and intricate range of issues. It’s pretty exciting to think about how much progress we’ve made. But what’s even more exciting is that legislation is now being passed faster than ever with legislative innovations such as relaxed use of the executive order, international governing institutions and supercommittees. Advancement in government legislation was the primary driver for economic growth over the last 100 years, and at the rate at which governing institutions are optimizing the modern economy, the possibilities are endless. This article reviews three of the most outstanding legislative achievements of the last 100 years.

The Great Society Programs

The great society programs were constructed by some of the most forward-thinking politicians of their time. The goal of the legislation was to eliminate poverty and inequality in America. The acts were founded on the novel concept of a “safety net”, which protected those who fell through the cracks by providing them with a decent standard of living and taking care of their basic needs. These acts were the foundation for many of today’s innovative poverty programs such as SNAP, EBT and the Community Reinvestment Act. Poverty programs now form the basis for America’s increasingly liberal economy, giving Americans a warm sense of security in the knowledge that they are safe in the event of a layoff or bankruptcy.

The Patriot Act

The patriot act revolutionized the way we think about terrorism. After 911, congress knew that we needed to drastically improve our national security. At the time legislators were largely powerless to fight against the onslaught of terror threats. Suspicious activity went unnoticed and terrorists boarded planes, plotted over telephone lines and bought dangerous chemicals all in broad daylight. The patriot act gave our officials the tools they needed to finally tackle terrorism in a meaningful way. All of a sudden suspicious activity was unveiled to anti-terror operatives with the power to tap phone lines and search emails. Terrorists were forced to retreat to more obscure and costly forms of communication such as encrypted messaging protocols. The patriot act was well overdue at the time, and has produced a safer society despite the increase in both foreign and domestic terror risk.

The Affordable Care Act

The affordable healthcare act is the product of many decades of social progress. Universal healthcare has been a primary goal of progressive Americans for at least fifty years, but it is only recently that progressive thinking has reached the critical mass necessary to pass this legislation. Although the affordable healthcare act is a historical achievement for progressive America, it is only the beginning. Canada and European countries have free healthcare, allowing people to get the treatment they need on demand at no cost whatsoever. Canadians and Europeans are shocked by America’s backward healthcare system, and progressive Americans feel an immense embarrassment that it has taken so long to pass this legislation. However, the passing of this act calls for celebration, and hopefully over the next few years progressives will build on this success so that future generations of Americans can experience the progressive dream of universal healthcare.


  1. We live in exciting times. Removing and relaxing barriers to regulation has increased regulatory efficiency. Our government can now put out more than twice as many regulations each day than previous administrations could put out. Once we have enlightenedregulations governing every detail of our lives we will finally achieve utopia on earth

  2. Hear hear! Very soon now everyone will be employed thanks to the Martial Law Implementation and the You Are Considered Guilty, Guilty, Guilty So Get Over It act’s of 2013! Thanks to the enormous staffing requirements of the byzantine process carefully designed by Senator Liebfraumilch each citizen (and I use that word lightly) will have a full time staff of five watching their every move. This is why DHS needs the billions of bullets – to guard all of the Chinese (mostly unwanted girls babies) that will be imported to fill the unfilled positions. Hooray for our side!

    • Hmmmm. I think you are being sarcastic. We don’t appreciate trolls here. I propose that all posters must be accredited before being allowed to post.

  3. MDB – you’re friggin’ crazy. These 3 milestones will be our undoing.

    The Great Society programs have already proven to be an economic and cultural failure.

    The Patriot Act has unleashed a torrent of ill-will and distrust of government amongst our citizens

    The Affordable Care Act will likely be the killing blow of these three milestones. Sending us into complete insolvency.

    I think you’re blind to the truth.

  4. This ability to pass legislation without quibbling debate is very successful! We need to ‘progress’ even more. Forward, I say!

    Just think what we could accomplish with more legislation – if there were no more evil obstructionists. We could soon be as progressive as North Korea, or juice the economy by great leaps forward like Chairman Mao! Think of the autobahns built by great leaders like AH!

    Forward I say! The obstructionists should be put into camps – we should concentrate these naysayers – make them work for their food.

    • MDB you shouldnt allow trolling in a government accredited website. I think Joe Steel is being sarcastic. North Korea isn’t as progressive as he claims, is it? I didn’t think so.

  5. Fantastic piece MDB,

    I can’t argue with the PATRIOT or Affordable Care acts but my third pick would be the Gold Reserve Act. This often overlooked piece of progressive legislation was decades ahead of it’s time and played a huge part in lifting America out of the depression.


  6. Hmm is this a Liberal trash, Liberal born and bred dope blog?or have I just stepped into the twilight zone?

  7. Whenever someone asks me, “What do you think of Obamacare.” I reply, whenever the government gets more involved, things get more efficient and the quality goes up. You would be amazed at how many people agree with this and want the government to take control of everything. I know you’re being sarcastic in the article, but alot of people will agree with the whole article, as if it’s true.

  8. where on earth is ch.6, 38 stat. 251 (1913)?!… – the lynchpin & foundation that made all these other wonderful achievements possible!… shurely shome mishtake, moneypenny?…

  9. I think we should fire all the Congress and Senate critters and just let our savior Obama make all the laws as he sees fit. Now THAT would be Forward Thinking!

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