Fighting The Good Fight: Why The Coming Conflict In Syria Is Unavoidable


For much of late August the world held its breath, as it became increasingly obvious that Bashar Al-Assad’s crimes against his own people and humanity at large could not go unanswered. Tensions in the Middle East have eased noticeably in the last few days however, thanks not only to the iron-willed determination of President Obama and poker-faced savvy of John Kerry, but the thousands of highly skilled people at the Department of State who spend each and day working to make the world a safer place.

But while much of the world may have exhaled in relief as another seemingly-unavoidable war was averted, the grim reality is that action can, will and must be taken to remove Bashar al-Assad from power and protect the Syrian people from further atrocity. Diplomatic sleight-of-hand tricks and demagogic media bluster on the part of tyrants, dictators and those who would destabilize the entire world will soon be exposed for the shabby acts of legerdemain that they truly are.

When the world is forced to return its attention to Syria, the horrific necessity of intervention will become tragically apparent, as a merciless tyrant once again turns his wrath on innocent civillians. Footage of women and children twitching in agony as clouds of nerve gas billow down crowded city streets will not simply disappear from the collective memory.

The enemies of world peace would do well to remember that while our reluctance to engage in conflict unless absolutely necessary can be exploited for a time, the United States of America’s resolve to use force, as a last and final resort to set right injustice in the world is what makes this nation great, what makes it exceptional.


  1. You are absolutely correct. We have seen too many times what happens when these tinpot dicatators are emboldened by lack of decisive action from the United States. And we have also seen how the green shoots of democracy take root in those places where the US has acted, such as Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I’m no Pollyanna – I realize how long and difficult the path from despotic wasteland to democratic wonderland is. And yet anyone who has shed the scales of crypto-anarchic libertarianism has to admit that all these places are better off, and the people are beginning to live freer, more prosperous, and above all, safer lives because of the United State’s willingness to get involved in other countries’ destinies.

    • Anti-war libertarians are cowards who are filled with fear. This explains their fascination with firearms and precious metals. They seem to believe that everyone is out to get them and that the financial system will collapse “any time now.”

      I say no to fear because I have THE AUDACITY TO HOPE, made possible by our great leader Barry Obama.

      We must bring this AUDACITY TO HOPE to all oppressed people in the world. We must free them from those rule them unjustly. This is our duty not because we are strong. It is our duty because it is the right thing to do.

      • Superb article once again Chauncey! I’d like to see libertarians and other “non interventionists” try to argue against preventing the use chemical weapons. As the world’s only superpower, America needs to draw a moral line and say that enough is enough. The use of chemical weapons is unprecedented and absolutely unacceptable. Countries NEED to be aware that there are consequences for this kind of behavior.

  2. I concur. There can be no limit to the exceptionalism of America. We have diversity and that is our strength. We’re much stronger than Syria and so we should use this strength to get our way with them, which is the RIGHT way.

    this power isn’t going to use itself, we have to commit and take bold action to use the power. This is a great time to live in, we have a knight in shining armor, Obama, who is wielding great power with the skill of a ninja. The United States has a role in everyone’s lives, just like the NSA does. How are we going to stop tyrants without this? I mean, cmon, 911 was yesterday and on this most holy of days, can we really forget the omnipresent, enduring threat of terrorism and the need to get Americanism into every nook and cranny? How long before Assad gives his terrorist friends a suitcase nuke or some kind of WMD that kills millions of people? How long before Iran or Russia invade yet ANOTHER nation or make war far from their shores? This is why America must be more active and more exceptional, to liberate the world from the tyrants it suffers under and place the world under the benevolent all-seeing eye of our government full of hardworking Peace Prize winners and skilled bureaucrats.

    • Trav,

      All of us who accredited are in agreement here.

      The problem we face is that the public has been deceived into an anti-war stance by the “alternative-media”; a bunch of conspiracy theorists who spread lies and distort the truth. There should be laws that allow only accredited reporters to tell the news so that the public will not be deceived and will come to the correct conclusions.

      • I don’t know what they are complaining about. This isn’t a war. Bombing a sovereign country isn’t a war. War is what bad countries do. America is exceptional and special. We bring democracy and liberation through kinetic action and servicing targets.

        I agree; we do need tighter control of media by government to ensure that the right message gets across. This is underscored by the other accredited article about disaster preparation. Government *must* act in a bold and courageous manner to rein in those who are terrorist sympathizers. Buying gold is like writing a check to Bin Laden, for crying out loud. I don’t know why people can’t see that, maybe they need to get off seditious sites like zerohedge and drudge and onto mainstream, acceptable media like MSNBC to get it. It’s a matter of time before a terrorist nation like Iran or Syria gives some extremists something like a lunchpail nuke and blows up the eastern seaboard with it. Unless we are constantly vigilant to stamp out the type of terrorism that state tyrants like Saddam were exporting all over the globe, this “Sum of All Fears” *will* happen. Will libertarians be stepping up to rebuild? I think not. We will need the firm and steady hand of government.

      • Bob,

        You may be aware that California has now enacted a law that prevents charlatans, agents-provocateur, and dangerous amateurs, such as Assange and Manning, from hiding behind the journalistic shield. At long last, one must be accredited to be a journalist!

        Once again, California leads the way, and the rest of the US will follow.

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        • don’t take it personally…if ZeroEdge was ever going to cash in on all the eyeballs, they had to appease certain powers that be and that meant eliminating any aspect of truth that was unpalatable. There’s a cost for going mainstream…got a term for that, I think it’s “selling out.”

          • Thanks, Trav …. I remember seeing you and MDB …. over at Xero Edge …. that’s where I picked up the link to here …. I hope this place doesn’t sell out …. I think Libtards …. and Libertards can get along …. we do share some areas …. where we just want the state to go away ?

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