Is the Family Still Necessary?


The traditional family is becoming less and less important in modern society. Many duties traditionally carried out by the “man of the house” are now catered for by our government. Women no longer depend on the oppressive patriarchal hierarchy for child support. Today they can safely rely on our welfare system and government schools for child support while they pursue their dreams. The role of the male in society is no longer to provide for the family; at least not directly. Instead the role of men and to a lesser extent women is to contribute to society by working hard and paying their taxes in order to fund the welfare programs that make single motherhood and the empowerment of women possible.

People are also relying less and less on family for monetary support. The sophisticated legislation we have developed over the last few decades has allowed our government to take care of needs that would previously have required a large network of friends and family, so that fewer people than ever fall through the cracks. Elderly people who haven’t managed to develop positive reciprocal relationships with their children (despite their best efforts) are now able to receive benefits from the government instead. Modern society makes sure that nobody is left without care or an income – even those people who society has rejected.


So am I saying that the family is bad? Not necessarily; only that it’s unnecessary in modern society. Children get the best care and education possible from our government’s child support programs and free schools with advanced curricula and dedicated teachers. Women can enjoy their lives free from boring long term relationships with “stable” and “reliable” men and the responsibilities of child care. Our intricate system of child care benefits and education allows men and women to pursue their careers and contribute to the tax base while engaging in satisfying but non-binding short term relationships. It’s a win-win-win for men, women and children which has never before been possible. Yet another example of how, contrary to popular conservative dogma, legislation and taxes can actually increase freedom for everybody.


  1. The sooner we realize …. the magic of socialism …. is that we are all just one big family …. the sooner we can achieve the economies of scale …. socialism promises …. in a people oriented …. all inclusive …. state family ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Bolshevik Bosom World Tour

    • I will say what MDB will not: the family is dangerous!

      Where do children learn to be freedom-hating terrorists? Families. Where do children learn to have white supremacist racist views? Certainly not from reading history books or observing day-to-day city life or watching WorldStarHipHop or First 48, but from FAMILIES.

      FAMILIES taught Hitler. FAMILIES taught Bin Laden. FAMILIES teach kids to hate America and to question their government.

      Why? Because families aren’t ACCREDITED. If they were, approved families would teach approved, acceptable, mainstream thought. There should probably be a license to raise a child and part of that license would be acceptance of diversity above all else and other APPROVED and ACCREDITED viewpoints. Scholastic performance would be deprecated, along with antiquated patriarchal white privilege behaviors such as manners, civility, and adherence to racist drug laws.

      Families are perhaps the biggest obstacle to progressive advancement as the television and other accredited outlets of truth cannot maintain control of parents and force them to teach what is accepted truth. Families? Those are obsolete throwbacks to eras where people CARED about stupid things such as kinship, blood relation and other racist, bigoted concepts. Families lead to racism and racism leads to another Holocaust. Anti-kinship organizations such as the ADL, La Raza, and NAACP, built around progressive sensibilities must continue their work to break down the families of those not in those organizations. This is the route to true progressive utopia

      • Trav, you are right. The family IS dangerous. In fact, ANY unregulated outlet of information is a danger to society. It’s amazing that in the 21st century, families are able to tell whatever lies they wish to children, with no oversight. Families are particularly dangerous because they are so secretive. People can’t get away with politically incorrect racist and sexist views in social situations, but ANYTHING can be taught within the family, and NOBODY knows about it.

          • yes. let us also contrast the family structure between groups. Blacks, and to a lesser extent Hispanics, are not given “opportunities” to have a family, as evinced by their frequently poor family structure. This disparate outcome is obvious evidence that families are in fact racist by their very nature as is any other thing which suggests that there are differences between groups or any other situation where there is a discrepancy in end results. (And before I hear this “Asians” thing as a retort, I simply reject the existence of this phony category because this group is NOT in beer commercials or in diversity ads or featured as President or a superhero genius inventor in blockbuster movies, therefore they do not actually exist)

            Families and the typical “beaver cleaver” structure are oppressive, white male racist patriarchy artifices intended to oppress minorities who are underserved and underprivileged by family.

            The height of the family was before the Civil Rights era. Now, thank goodness for the all-out assault on all these insanely oppressive things such as dignity and class, manners, etiquette, and all of those throwbacks to a thankfully bygone era of repression where people believed as taught by their families, that such behavior was somehow better than that displayed by other cultures.

            For everyone to be truly equal, groups such as ADL, La Raza, and NAACP must be helped to break down families further until they are finally wiped away and replaced by healthy government relationships and material consumption under the benevolent eye of highly-trained bureaucrats and police.

  2. In a perfect socialist world …. children will be conceived in the laboratory …. parenting is passe …. the biological donors …. from the frozen genetic bank …. won’t know each other (some are already dead) ….. and will never be burdened …. with knowing their genetic offspring …. nor the tedious and risky process …. of raising them ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Beach Master Sperm Can Be Diseminated For CenturiesTo Purify The RaceWorld Tour

  3. We can harvest the eggs of the most promising females …. fertilize them with the sperm of our best specimens …. all will rejoice in the offspring …. even the ugly and the stupid …. because the children are societies children …. and belong to all of us !

    • “best” among us? You mean athletes and entertainers? Or do you mean those who break the law? In England, criminals have mean fertility of 3.91 offspring, whereas the ordinary people are at about 2.1. As long as diversity is enhanced, this is a positive outcome and anyone who disagrees is a racist.

    • I agree wholeheartedly and this is what Rethuglicans cannot grasp and what progressive democrats get: people are TIRED of hearing from working people how they are tired of sacrificing! Those who have incomes need to be forced to SHARE MORE with the underprivileged and underserved who have been “denied opportunity.”

      Remember, “you didn’t build that.” Other people did, especially minorities who sat around on their porches while you put in 18 hour days for years- THEY deserve their fair share for building it for you.

      Under this same principle, reparations are due minorities. Because they built America. I know you don’t ever see any dark faces in all those old industrial era pictures of men sitting on I-beams 1000 feet off the ground or emerging from coal mines or cutting timber, but trust me, that is only because they photoshopped OUT the minorities who were ACTUALLY doing all the work while the white men lashed them with bullwhips in between raping all their women. The only thing the white man built was the “school to prison pipeline” which serves to force minorities to break school rules that get them expelled, and eventually are severe enough to put them in prison. This pipeline is INSIDIOUS and should be dynamited.

  4. I applaud MDB’s courage in tackling an issue that even the most radical liberals are afraid to tackle. Family, like Gold and Religion, are barbarous relics that we need to learn to let go if society move forward to the next level.

    MDB challenges us to “think outside the box” and challenge the status quo. Let us start this revolution. Let us ALL BE EQUAL, under ONE FAMILY, under ONE GOVERNMENT.

    • Thanks for the kind words Bob! I wish we were one family, but unfortunately secretive patriarchal families would rather keep to themselves and tell lies about our government. This is another area where the NSA needs to get involved. If families have nothing to hide, then why are they so secretive and concerned about ‘privacy’? Privacy from what? Their own elected government?

      • privacy is a dangerous thing and we should seriously look into getting rid of it entirely. What function does it serve other than to facilitate the concealment of improper thought and behavior from the authorities?

        Families are formed how? By INDIVIDUAL preferences? We can’t trust individuals to know what’s best for themselves! How can we possibly afford such an oversight in this post-911 world where terrorism and danger and racism are everywhere?

        Government experts need to be MORE involved in the selection of families- think about this. FINALLY we can do away with monoculturalism. By forcing integration, just like the DOJ is doing with suits of towns that are too white and the Civil Rights Era which gave us busing and schools integration, we can achieve the happy multicultural future that evil racists are trying to deny us. Forced integration in schools gave suburban whites the benefit of access to diversity but even in the face of this, many of them still attacked their new schoolmates’ fists with their faces and other racist tactics. Diversity is our strength and access to diversity is priceless…consequently, the government should really think about imposing some kind of transfer tax to compensate those with diversity for their enrichment of those without. We MUST bail out Detroit and Baltimore and St. Louis and New Orleans as payback for all the benefits that diversity brought those formerly decrepit and debilitated monocultural cities.

        Families should not be immune from regulation either…whites who pair up to form a family MUST be scrutinized as any collection of white people is obviously a racist gathering as it lacks diversity. The government and media should encourage multicultural pairings to eliminate this racist scourge. There should ALWAYS be an element of diversity in any group of 2 or more people, otherwise, there is clear and obvious racism in play.
        White + white = racism
        white + black = beautiful enrichment and diversity
        black + black = beautiful enrichment and diversity
        black + black + black + black = beautiful enrichment & diversity

        Under this multicultural calculus, a white man and a white woman plus two white children is basically the Ku Klux Klan and this leads to a HOLOCAUST. Therefore, it must be eliminated immediately and “traditional” families are squarely in the way of this. Join government and major anti-racism organizations like ADL, La Raza, and NAACP, who represent specific groups of people which is perfectly ok, in destroying this hate.

        • You’ve overlooked heterosexuals. When two of them pair up to start a family, they should be scrutinized too. Perhaps even given sensitivity guidance.

    • yes, Bob…we are ALL part of the same race, the HUMAN race. Because we all bleed red. Don’t you haters tell me either that so do deer and every other organism that uses hemoglobin for oxygen transport, or give me any racist ignorance about the Lewontin Fallacy…that sort of stuff is obsolete, hate fact.

      We are ALL equal, and ONE big family in need of a father figure, or maybe just a big brother to keep us safe and to ensure there is “fairness” in “access” and “opportunity.” We cannot continue to allow whites to hoard access to family away from minorities who are “underserved” by them. It’s time for DOJ to get involved and force sharing of families for the underprivileged. Maybe to the point of importing masses of refugees from the oppressed third world into suburbia or even taking it a necessary further step, penalizing natural birth and encouraging or even mandating adoption of underprivileged youths.

      • … – all excellent ideas, trav, but i for one’d like to see our enlightened leaders in government go one better:

        – use eminent domain to appropriate the spouses and children of *ALL* of those privileged white males, and then redistribute them to all the deserving underprivileged young men of color, who are only trying to get a foot on the first rung of the family ladder in near-impossible circumstances, after all…

  5. The state is our family …. we don’t need two families …. just one …. the all inclusive socialist family …. where we are all brothers and sisters …. not strangers …. life is good …. everyone is invited ! BTW Million Dollar Bonus …. don’t forget to mention me over at Xero Hedge …. my fans will flock to Accredited Times !